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Friday, February 29, 2008

Gooooo Kwame!

Detroit mayor , Kwame Kilpatrick, has finally been asked to step down and leave his corrupt position as Mayor , corrupt thats what I said , He has consistantly lied about his "sex scandal " and many other item's to numerous to mention ( my fingers would cramp up!) . the Detroit city council when finally faced with actual documents of sexually explicit "text messages" that he flat out lied about under oath, and documents pertaining to the 8.4 million dollar "police whistle blowers"(three of them )pay out ,that was also denied ! the council had no choice but to ask him to step down!
Finally ! maybe someone can now do something about the dilapidated Detroit ! I doubt it though
they will no doubt elect a new "corrupt mayor" as they always seem to do !
what a shame!


What was that ? you want to what ?
I saw this at the jawa report ! pretty scary these dem's are !

Monday, February 25, 2008

And even hillary has a problem!

Hillary clinton , wow what a tool !
N.A.F.T.A , the single most destructive thing billblow did while in office ! took away our job's .
you can say what you want about it , it doesn't matter to me ! look around you , here in Michigan alone , thousand's upon thousand's of lost MANUFACTURING JOB'S ! yeah some of them from stupid ass car company's that just dont get it , but still allowing a full fledged COMMUNIST country take our job's right and left is flat out treason in my book , and Hillary backed it then and later she said it was one of billblow's greatest acheivement's (2004), maybe it's time to repeal it now you think? China is moving in such a way to possibly " take over the world " just pay attention to the news and anyone could see it ! I could be wrong but Booosh tried to repeal it in his first year of office , and dem's wanted his head , like I said I could be wrong ? N.A.F.T.A has systematically stripped the U.S. of job after job after JOB ! and still the Dumocrat's think it's great , we as a people dont understand ,so they think well listen up ASSHOLE'S if you are so concerned about AMERICA
then repeal N.A.F.T.A now and stop the import of COMMUNIST good's to AMERICA !

Your still gay for Obama ?

wow ,what can you say now ? Barrack Husein Obama ! wow nice photo op you had a while back !
you know if you dont want people to think your a certain way ( muslim ) then you should not act a certain way! (muslim ) ! then to top it off , louis farrakhan , one of the biggest asswipe's in the U.S
speak's about you like your a messiah or something ! you got it tough now, talk about the last nail in the coffin , for fuck's sake , well we will see ! maybe there is enough people out there that are gay for this guy that he might stand a chance ? hope not!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gay for Obama

NOT me , but a whole bunch of people are just flat out gay for Obama!
look at all the people at his rally's , wow ,it's like these sheep are hypnotized by the man !
I dont get it , they say he has a plan ? what plan ? change ! o.k. what is he going to change?
I havent heard any specific's yet ! so what is he going to change ?
I have a plan also! it's to cut off all funding for illeagal alien 's (welfare, medical ,schooling ,etc)
also I would like to stop all money being sent to those middle east countries that dont like us !
why not ,what do we get ? a bunch of crazy islamic fuktards that want to kill us !
Obama and Hillary may have a plan , but that plan is not going to help the U.S.
A socialistic health care plan will do nothing more than enable more people to suck the system dry!
Hey why not repeal N.A.F.T.A? doing that alone would start to bring the economy back on it's feet! but that would be ignorant, china might suffer!
So people will still be gay for Obama , the economy will still strugle along ,taxe's are inevitably going to go up (under dumocrat rule ) and the sheep wont get it at all ! IT MAKE'S ME SICK!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Kwamie the thug !

Hey Kwamie - shut up will you ,your being an asshole now ,
when detroit was having their problems bringing in the casinos ,I was for it the whole way ,saying how ignorant it is of people to boycott casino's on religous belief's , or just the whole people will gamble their life savings away thing ! I was just plain iritated that people would stand in the way of progress!
Now that another town (Port huron ) is trying to bring casino's in to it's city ( for the same reasons Detroit did ) you are against it ! How ironic ,and just plain ignorant !
who the hell are you ,or for that matter the jackass's your in cahout's with ( rep.john conyers, rep.donna christenson /from the virgin islands?,rep .shelly berkley nv . all dems !) come on , you cant be serious ! your town has turned into a shithole ! nobody wants to go there , the crime alone is reason enough for me to stay away ! pull yor head out of your ass for once and help out other's in this state , Detroit doe's not run Michigan ! and neither doe's somebody from the virgin island's get over it you are going to bring this town and the entire state of michigan down with you , because of your arrogance , step asside and let progress commence!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

code pinko!

Well, well ,isn't it funny how when the going get's tough , the tough back down like the little bitch's they are !
What is code pinko going to do now ? hopefully they will go and take a shower !
I'm sure they are going to keep fighting for their communist agenda , that's all they know how to do ,bitch up a storm ,get everyone in a tizzy , and find something else to whine about !
They will try to get their way ,even if they have to destroy everything around them !(much like Muslim extremist's!) they are pitifull little loser's in a pitifull little town full of pitifull smelly hippie's ! and that's just the city council !

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hey code pinko

The retarded city of berkley thinks it is so cool and hip that it can do whatever it want's , f'ing hippies should take a damn shower once in awhile! what the hell is wrong with these people ? code pinko, come on ,every damn protest group in the world suck's ass outloud ! I dont believe in everything our gov does either ,
but to protest the military ! the same people who have fought for the right for them to protest!
this makes me sick where do they get off ( obviously they dont , that's why they are uptight!)
berkley should just shut up and go away ! they are nothing but a bunch of burnt out hippie douchbags! its not the sixties anymore asshole's!
I think any group or city that decides to go this route ,should loose all federal funding ,everything , welfare ,road , disaster ,you name it they should loose it ! fucking communist puke's do not deserve the same benifits as normal americans ! Imagine it hippie's without welfare ! maybe all the local veteran's (real american's ) can go and protest against these dried up tart's and make it difficult for them ,maybe wave american flags in there faces that would truly be a site to see!