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Sunday, June 29, 2008

A must read!

I have been doing the You tube Smackdown thing for a while, I stumbled upon it through the Jawa Report! it's a great American thing to do!If you, like me Have the Hatred that was givin to me on 9-11 when 19 Douche Bags decided to change the world because some stupid ass book and its followers told them to ! you should Check out Quoth the Raven,
It is You Tube Smackdown, there is a great piece every American should read ! It will pump you up ! make you mad , energize you to do something about the flood of intolerance that is Islam! It compares to some of the Greatest speeches ever Written!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I Know its late ,I did not forget !Yes the best NHL team ever, Won the Stanley cup AGAIN! I have started school and it kinda sucks , it takes up an awful lot of my time !
All you Dicknoids that bash Detroit ,you suck Ass !
The Wings rule and you all Drool!
Yes it's a cheesy saying but you still Drool!
Now piss off and have a shitty day !

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Wait, Wait,Wait ,till the shit hits the fan!

1984 ,Flooded with Glam Rock , This was going on un-noticed ,Adrian Vandenberg the greatest unknown out there!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blind in Texas

An El Paso Hell Hole,I couldn't get Higher!
I loved these guys in the early 80's , they were great live!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hey Asshole ! SAYS

O.K. , CHINA still SUCKS ! Mr. Anonymous comment refuter!
learn to read and comprehend before inserting your foot in your ass!
yes China still sucks ! they kill their own people , the beat them , torture them , and are among the biggest human rights violators in the world ! They are systematically tearing down our country !NAFTA has allowed this and they take advantage of the situation by flooding our economy with scrap goods ,tainted food , for pets and humans ,Junk ,it's all junk ! they tear up their country to do this without thinking of the outcome ! I'm not for hundreds of thousands of people dying in a Disaster!NO they did not deserve to die ! you took the comment out of context ,it was a figure of Speech !
THEY DESTROY EVERYTHING , THEY ARE TRYING TO DESTROY THE U.S ,THEY WILL NOT STOP TILL THEY ARE BEAT BACK BEHIND THEIR WALL AND DIFFUSED !AND NOT EVEN AN EARTHQUAKE WILL STOP THEM ! and besides that I really could care less about them , I give them as much time of my day as they do me , when they show concern for me and or the united states , maybe I will change my mind!but right now FUCK THEM AND FEED THEM FISH!