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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bomb Targeting Islamic Party Chief Kills Five In Pakistan

So if an Islamic party chief is not Islamic enough, then who is?
The Taliban target and try to kill everyone around them, when it comes to being like the Taliban...nobody stacks up.(Unless they are in Bodybags)

(AFP)--A bomb blast targeting an Islamic party chief killed at least five people and wounded 20 others in a northwestern Pakistani town Thursday, police said.

The bombing took place in the town of Charsadda close to the convoy of Maulana Fazlur Rehman, leader of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam party.

"At least five people were martyred including a police inspector and 20 others were wounded as the bomb blast hit a police vehicle deployed for security of the convoy," senior police official Nisar Khan Marwat said.

India Pummels Pakistan!

I don't understand Cricket, it seems very silly.

they all get wickets? it sounds like a STD.

But India shot Pakistan down for the 5th straight time.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Real Federal Pain in the Gas

The Obama said we need to reduce our fuel consumption... We need too...

Not the Government(They are not the We).

I guess we needed to conserve so that they could Splurge!

F**king Bastards.

President Obama's effort to reduce Uncle Sam's carbon footprint has resulted so far in nothing but hot air.

The General Services Administration's report, released this month, found that the federal fleet of vehicles -- not including military -- increased its gas consumption to 322 million gallons in 2010, up 7 percent from 301 million gallons in 2009, the largest yearly increase in the past five years.

The federal gas bill also soared 33 percent, from $704 million in 2009 to $939 million last year. In 2008, Uncle Sam forked over $952 million for gasoline, the highest total yet when gas prices had gone through the roof across most of the country. An average price of gas in 2008 was $3.25 per gallon. In 2010, the average was $2.78 per gallon.

Not surprisingly, the two agencies with the highest fuel bills by far were the U.S. Postal Service, spending $374 million, and the Department of Homeland Security and its 31,500 security and police vehicles, spending $263 million. The next highest bill came from the Department of Justice with $64.4 million.

Japan Report
Japan, Radiation, nuclear disaster, same words different day.

Facebook drops 'intifada' page for promoting violence

Facebook did not want to do this, but they were forced to. thanks in part to the work of Stable Hand, over at the Jawa Report.
If you read any of the stuff the facebook terrorists say, you will be disgusted (or should be)...

"Judgment Day will be brought upon us only once the Muslims have killed all of the Jews," a quote from the page read.

The Third Palestinian Intifada page had called for an uprising after Muslim prayers on Friday 15 May.

nothing short of talk just like the Nazis spewed before and during WWII.

So as usual this is Islam, it is what they are, what they do, what they live for.
350,000 people signed up to this Facebook page, because they all believe this.

Facebook has removed a page calling for a new Palestinian uprising against Israel after more than 350,000 people signed up to it.

The page which appeared on the social networking site was called Third Palestinian Intifada after two previous uprisings against Israeli occupation.

It was removed for featuring calls for violence, a company spokesman said.

Israel had raised concerns about the page. Facebook has helped spread calls for protests in Arab states.

The Third Palestinian Intifada page had called for an uprising after Muslim prayers on Friday 15 May.

"Judgment Day will be brought upon us only once the Muslims have killed all of the Jews," a quote from the page read.

According to AFP news agency, three new copycat pages have appeared, with more than 7,000 Palestinians signing up to them.

(I'm sure they all were not Palestinian!)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Iraqi insurgents kill dozens in Tikrit raid

Death and Destruction, Mayhem and Islam,
Kinda has a ring to it!

Can you say ALLAHU AKBAR!

The Washington Post
TIKRIT, Iraq — Uniformed attackers driving military trucks and armed with a car bomb, guns, grenades and suicide belts blasted their way into a provincial government headquarters in the northern city of Tikrit on Tuesday, killing at least 53 people in a highly organized raid, according to witnesses and local officials.

Over several hours, the attackers went room to room, tossing grenades down hallways and through doorways and killing local politicians and government workers with shots to the head, according to Iraqi security forces and two witnesses who escaped by jumping out of a second-floor window. More than 90 people were wounded, officials said.

After an hours-long firefight, Iraqi security forces — who called in U.S. helicopters and soldiers for support — entered the building, but there were no survivors inside. The attackers had either been shot or blown themselves up

Taliban overrun remote district

So again we wait for another spring offensive, and again the Taliban is positioning themselves for it.
The security forces run away without a problem and the people stick their heads in the sand, this is Afghanistan.

About 300 Taliban fighters on Tuesday overran the tiny capital of a remote and mountainous district in northeast Afghanistan, forcing police to retreat from their small outpost in the area, an official said.

The takeover was another indication of the deteriorating security situation in the north and east of the country, and a sign that the Taliban are preparing for a spring offensive against Afghan security forces and coalition forces.

Nuristan provincial police chief Shamsul Rahman said the insurgents took control of the main village in rugged Waygal district during a pre-dawn raid. He added that police decided to retreat and said they suffered no casualties. By taking its seat, the insurgents essentially took over control of the small district.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said the district was captured along with 12 police officers and their weaponry. He said the Taliban met little resistance and the rest of the police retreated in the direction of the provincial capital.

Death toll in Yemen ammunition plant rises to 150

Yemen is a country where carrying firearms is a national passion and guns outnumber the 24-million population by nearly three to one.

Nice, that means about 70+ Million Guns on the streets of Yemen.

So why are these people controlled by Al Qaida and the Militants like them?


The National
ADEN, YEMEN // The number of people killed in a massive blast and fire at an ammunition plant in south Yemen that was looted by al Qa'eda has shot up to 150, a local official said on Tuesday.

The final toll for Monday's explosion at the plant near the town of Jaar has reached "150 dead and at least 80 wounded," Ahmed Ghaleb Rahawi, sub-prefect of Jaar in the southern province of Abyan where the blast took place, said.

Around 20 women and several children were among the dead.

It was still uncertain whether the blast was an accident or caused by militants.

Japan nuclear...'maximum alert'

Son of a Bitch!
Can it get worse? probably, it is beyond the point of believing what is being said.
how can all the radiation being detected everywhere, be safe?
Leaking radioactive water, Plutonium in the soil, radiation being detected from Japan to Boston(Yes the U.S).
I guess we are supposed to just move along like good little sheeple, nothing to see, its no problem, radiation is good for you.

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has said his government is in a state of maximum alert over the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.

Plutonium has been detected in soil at the facility and highly radioactive water has leaked from a reactor building.

Officials say the priority remains injecting water to cool the fuel rods.

Mr Kan told parliament the situation at the quake-hit plant "continues to be unpredictable".

The government "will tackle the problem while in a state of maximum alert", he said, adding that he was seeking advice on whether to extend the evacuation zone around the plant.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Blasts at Yemen bullet factory kill at least 110

Wow, somebody not heed the "No Smoking sign" WTF!

(Reuters) - A series of blasts at a bullet factory in south Yemen killed at least 110 people on Monday when residents broke in to steal ammunition a day after clashes between militants and the army in the town, doctors said.

Witnesses said the blasts, possibly triggered by a cigarette, caused a massive fire in the factory in the town of Jaar in Abyan province, where al Qaeda militants and mainly leftist southern separatists are active.

"This accident is a true catastrophe, the first of its kind in Abyan," said one doctor at the state-run hospital. "There are so many burned bodies. I can't even describe the situation."

Doctors put the death toll at 110, but said that even arriving at a figure was difficult because the charred remains were difficult to count. They said some victims, including women and children, would be buried in a mass grave.

Scores were wounded, many suffering from burns, doctors said, and many bodies remained inside the factory, which also contained stores of gunpowder.

Suicide Bombing Kills 13 in Afghanistan

What a nice way to start off the work week, Having a Taliban suicide bomber splode his ass up while you were stacking pieces of ruble for a new building.

All to teach the people a lesson!

Officials in eastern Afghanistan say a suicide car bomber has attacked a construction company, killing at least 13 people and wounding 50 others.

Authorities said Monday the attack happened late Sunday in Paktika province, when the bomber detonated a truck full of explosives.

A provincial spokesman said the blast killed civilian workers at the site.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Daughter finds lost Father , Has his baby?

Some people are just meant to be neutered!

The Stir
It would have been a beautiful reunion story. Last year, Penny Lawrence, 28, set out to find her birth father whom she had never met. From her home in Ireland, she was able to track Garry Ryan, 46, down in Texas. They met, connected ... and then connected a little too much. She's now pregnant with his baby.

Coalition air raids hit Gaddafi's birth place

The government said the air strikes gave the rebels an unfair advantage in the conflict and it accused international forces, now under Nato command, of going beyond the UN mandate to protect civilians.

What a joke, now it is unfair because the shoe is on the other foot!

Gadaffy did not have a problem when he was bombing the hell out of his people.

Backed by the airpower of Western forces, the rebels in Libya say that they have seized control of Sirte, the birthplace of Colonel Gaddafi.

This comes after they re-captured a string of towns over the weekend following US, British and French air strikes on government positions.

There were also at at least nine explosions overnight in the capital, Tripoli.

The government said the air strikes gave the rebels an unfair advantage in the conflict and it accused international forces, now under Nato command, of going beyond the UN mandate to protect civilians.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sun Eruption

Very cool stuff, Well it's kinda hot stuff.

A NASA spacecraft watching the sun has caught a dazzling view of a solar eruption that launched a vast tendril of magnetic plasma into space.

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the sun tentacle, which scientists call a solar prominence, on March 19 as it erupted into space with a rounded, twisting motion.

The eruption occurred over five hours as SDO watched the sun in the ultraviolet range of the light spectrum, SDO mission scientists said in a statement. The solar observatory watched as the prominence twisted up from the sun and expanded, then became unstable. [Video: Round Eruption From the Sun.

Taliban Claim to Have Kidnapped 50 Afghani Policemen

How nice of the Taliban to kidnap Afghan police, people that are just trying to help out the country.
The rejects of Islam will probably kill these guys, and the rest of the country and the Afghan Government will stick their heads in the sand.

KABUL, Afghanistan -- The Taliban claimed Sunday that it kidnapped 50 Afghan policemen in northeastern Afghanistan -- part of the insurgents' murder and intimidation campaign against anyone affiliated with the U.S.-backed government.

Militants ambushed the policemen Saturday afternoon after being tipped off that they would be traveling in Kunar province, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said in an emailed statement to reporters. The policemen from Nuristan province had just finished their training to join the Afghan National Police, he said.

Kunar provincial police chief Gen. Khalilullah Ziayi confirmed that militants stopped four vehicles in Chapa Dara district and captured several dozen men. He did not know the exact number and said it was unclear whether all were members of the Afghan National Police or prospective recruits.

In the past, the Taliban have apprehended other policemen in Nuristan and other parts of the country, but then released them if they promised not to work with the police or the Afghan government, Mujahid said. This time, top Taliban military commanders in eastern Afghanistan will decide the policemen's fate after assessing the situation on the ground, he said.

Workers evacuated as radiation soars

"High levels of caesium and other substances are being detected, which usually should not be found in reactor water. There is a high possibility that fuel rods are being damaged,"

Fukushima Is full FUBAR.

WTF, Do these super smart Nuclear Physicists think all the signs mean?
Like they did not know what high levels of radiation for days on end meant, it is obvious that there is a containment breach, THE VESSEL HAS CRACKED AND HAS BEEN LEAKING RADIOACTIVE WATER INTO THE ENVIRONMENT!

So hear we are, we now have the worst Nuclear Disaster since Chernobyl! How much Radiation is going to spew out of this mess; nobody knows.

Radioactivity in water at reactor 2 at the quake-damaged Fukushima nuclear plant has reached 10 million times the usual level, company officials say.

Workers trying to cool the reactor core to avoid a meltdown have been evacuated.

Earlier, Japan's nuclear agency said that levels of radioactive iodine in the sea near the plant had risen to 1,850 times the usual level.

The UN's nuclear agency has warned the crisis could go on for months.

It is believed the radiation at Fukushima is coming from one of the reactors, but a specific leak has not been identified.

Leaking water at reactor 2 has been measured at 1,000 millisieverts/hour - 10 million times higher than when the plant is operating normally.

"We are examining the cause of this, but no work is being done there because of the high level of radiation," said a spokesman for the plant's operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco).

"High levels of caesium and other substances are being detected, which usually should not be found in reactor water. There is a high possibility that fuel rods are being damaged," the spokesman added.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Two schools blown up in northwest Pakistan

And yet again, more schools sploded up !

Man, the Taliban (or people like them) are really hell bent on keeping the people dumbed down, 500 schools have been reduced to piles of debris.

Yeah Islam, the Religion of perpetually ignorant.
PESHAWAR: Two government schools were blown up in northwestern Pakistan’s Sherkera and Matni areas, DawnNews reported.

Unknown assailants used explosives and destroyed the two schools in the two areas in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

It is pertinent to note that over 500 schools have been destroyed in attacks across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata).

Japan nuclear plant: Radioactivity rises in sea nearby

Don't eat the fish around Japan!
This is gonna but a big hurt on the Sushi market!

Levels of radioactive iodine in the sea near the tsunami-stricken Fukushima nuclear plant are 1,250 times higher than the safety limit, officials say.

The readings were taken about 300m (984ft) offshore. It is feared the radiation could be seeping into groundwater from one of the reactors.

But the radiation will no longer be a risk after eight days, officials say.

There are areas of radioactive water in four of the reactors at the plant, and two workers are in hospital.

The plant's operator says the core of one of the six reactors may have been damaged.

It has announced that fresh water rather than seawater will now be used to cool the damaged reactors, in the hope that this will be more effective.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan said the situation was "very unpredictable"

Defecating dog sparks US shootout

I always get pissed when I find piles of dog poop around my yard also, never wanted to shoot my Neighbor(or his dogs). But then again I don't live in Mississippi.

Two neighbours in the US state of Mississippi drew weapons and fired at each other as an argument over a defecating dog ran out of control.

Associated Press news agency said Jerry Blasingame, 60, has been charged with assault for shooting Terry Tehnet, 52, with a shotgun.

Mr Tehnet was angry because he thought Mr Blasingame's dog had defecated on his lawn, in a rural part of the state.

Mr Tehnet said he visited his neighbour to complain about dog "poop" on his property.

Mr Blasingame blamed him for shooting his dog the week before, Mr Tehnet said, and told him: "Just meet me at the levee and I'll shoot you down."

Mr Blasingame told AP he got his gun and drove off but Mr Tehnet did not follow so he returned to the neighbourhood.

The two men confronted one another again and each claimed the other produced a weapon first.

"He shot twice, I returned fire," said Mr Blasingame.

Mr Tehnet said Mr Blasingame opened fire first with his shotgun so he took his pistol from his car and fired back.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thousands of Christians Displaced in Ethiopia After Muslim Extremists Torch Churches, Homes

Supposedly Someone Pooped on a Quran, Now Muslims have their panties in a bunch threatening to kill Christians.
Same old Bullshit From Muslims, don't you dare desecrate the Holy Quran!

Thousands of Christians have been forced to flee their homes in Western Ethiopia after Muslim extremists set fire to roughly 50 churches and dozens of Christian homes.

At least one Christian has been killed, many more have been injured and anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 have been displaced in the attacks that began March 2 after a Christian in the community of Asendabo was accused of desecrating the Koran.

The violence escalated to the point that federal police forces sent to the area two weeks ago were initially overwhelmed by the mobs. Government spokesman Shimelis Kemal told Voice of America police reinforcements had since restored order and 130 suspects had been arrested and charged with instigating religious hatred and violence.

U.P. man headed to court over explosive found at Detroit federal building

The Detroit Police Bomb Squad took it to Belle Isle. There, police tried to open a metal cashbox in the bag, when personnel heard a "loud bang, saw a grayish smoke cloud arise ... and saw debris from inside the box fly through the air and spread around the explosion site,"

Three weeks inside the McNamara Fed building, And it was a live bomb?

The Detroit Free Press
An engineering graduate from Michigan Technological University who blames the government for his father's death will appear in federal court in Marquette today on charges that he tried to blow up the McNamara Federal Building in Detroit.

Gary Mikulich, 42, of Kingsford, who allegedly claimed he was once the "nominated president of the United States," was arrested Thursday after federal agents linked him to a suspicious tool bag found Feb. 26 at the federal building.

According to the criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court, an FBI employee noticed the tool bag that had been abandoned outside the McNamara Building and reported it to building security.

For an unknown reason, security officers with Federal Protective Services kept the bag for more than three weeks. On March 18, a security officer ran the bag through an X-ray machine and noticed "wires, electrical components and dense masses," the complaint said.

Japan Raises Possibility of Breach in Reactor Vessel

So Some of the Japanese Nuclear guys, believe a Containment vessel has been breached, this is not good for anybody.
If the bottom has cracked (From the earthquake) that means that all the water they have been pumping into it has been leaking into the ground, this would devastate the area for decades; ground water, soil, everything will be contaminated.
If it's the top, then we have Radioactive steam spewing into the atmosphere!
Does it get ant better than this?

The New York Times
The development, described at a news conference by Hidehiko Nishiyama, deputy director-general of the Japan Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, raises the possibility that radiation from the mox fuel in the reactor — a combination of uranium and plutonium — could be released.

One sign that a breach may have occurred in the reactor vessel, Mr. Nishiyama said, took place on Thursday when three workers who were trying to connect an electrical cable to a pump in a turbine building next to the reactor were injured when they stepped into water that was found to be significantly more radioactive than normal in a reactor. The No. 3 unit, the only one of the six reactors at the site that uses the mox fuel, was damaged by a hydrogen explosion on March 14. Workers have been seeking to keep it cool by spraying it with seawater along with a more recent effort to restart the reactor’s cooling system.

'Birthing tourism' center in San Gabriel shut down

Why is it legal to do this?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Iran Announces Launch of Its Unmanned Flying Saucer

Iran has a UfO? Uh Oh, we better watch out now!

You can also expect to hear of a rash of Butt probes coming from the Middle east!

Actual Photo of supposed Iranian UFO!

Break out the foil hats: Iran has built a UFO.

This photo accompanies an actual news release from Iranian news service Fars, which claims the Islamic Republic has built a flying saucer.

Of course, it's possible Iran's news agents chose to illustrate their announcement with a screen shot from a 1950s B movie. But the Fars News Service does not explain the photo's origin, simply stating that the flying saucer was unveiled in a special ceremony.

The ship is called Zohal -- Saturn in Persian -- and is designed for aerial imaging. Zohal has a data downlink and can fly in both indoor and outdoor spaces, according to the Fars News Service. The Daily Mail points out that Fars is a hard-line state-run news service. But with this photo, we can't help but think of the homophone farce instead.

Arab Countries on the Sidelines in Libya Campaign

Well really now, This has been obvious from the git go; Arab countries have cried out for America and other countries to come to the aid of the Libyan rebellion.
But not one Arab country has stepped up in any way to help out!
So typical of Muslim countries.
So in comes the Coalition of the willing, and where are the Arab countries now sitting around bitching over what we are doing!

This is why I have been saying we should let them take care of Libya themselves.

As America's NATO allies shoulder a greater share of the air war in Libya, the Arab countries that urged the U.N. Security Council to impose a no-fly zone are missing from the action.

Except for the small Persian Gulf nation of Qatar, which is expected to start flying air patrols over Libya by this weekend, no other members of the 22-member Arab League have so far publicly committed to taking an active role. The U.S. has sold many of these countries, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, billions of dollars in sophisticated military gear over the past decade to help counter Iran's power in the region.

Nearly a week into the campaign to prevent Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi's forces from attacking civilians, the United States increased the pressure on its NATO allies to take command of the campaign, suggesting the U.S. might even step away from its leadership role in a few days, even with the conflict's outcome in doubt.

Iranian cyber war?

Iran has expressed it's desire to head into a Cyber War, with everyone that is against them; This may be one of the first attempts to make a strike.
Iran will surely loose this one, unless the Obamasiah has anything to do with it.
This apparently was very close to being pulled off.

In a fresh blow to the fundamental integrity of the internet, a hacker last week obtained legitimate web certificates that would have allowed him to impersonate some of the top sites on the internet, including the login pages used by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo e-mail customers.

The hacker, whose March 15 attack was traced to an IP address in Iran, compromised a partner account at the respected certificate authority Comodo Group, which he used to request eight SSL certificates for six domains:,,,, and

The certificates would have allowed the attacker to craft fake pages that would have been accepted by browsers as the legitimate websites.

Syria unrest: Troops 'kill 10 protesters

Syria, not to friendly to protesters, especially ones attending a funeral!
It is just uncalled for you know, all that funeral going and stuff what do the people expect the Syrian Government to do?

At least 10 people have been killed and dozens wounded after Syrian police opened fire on people protesting against the deaths of anti-government demonstrators in Deraa, witnesses say.

Hundreds of youths from nearby villages were shot at when they tried to march into the centre of the southern city.

A Syrian human rights activist told the BBC that at least 37 had died.

Troops also reportedly shot at people attending the funerals of six people killed in a raid on a mosque overnight.

Before the violence on Wednesday afternoon, at least 12 people had been killed in clashes with the security forces in the southern city.

Pakistan suicide car bombing kills five

Those crazy Taliban Muslim rejects strike again, killing 5 innocent Muslims that were just trying to make it through another day in Pakistan.

suicide car bomb near a police station in a restive province of north-west Pakistan has killed at least five people, police say.

Some 25 people, including a policeman and some pedestrians, were injured by the blast in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, reports said.

The car exploded in Doaba, a town about 30km (18 miles) from Hangu district, reports said.

It is the latest in a series of attacks near the Afghan border.

The bomber had failed to strike the police station because of the security barricades outside the building, police said.

"The driver rammed his car into the barricades outside the police station causing a huge explosion. Rescue work is ongoing," Hangu police chief Rashid Khan told the BBC.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Afghan president urges Taliban not to burn schools but to join peace talks

And the Taliban replied with,

"What you mean, these womens deserves to haz there skoolz sploded up! they tryz to learn an stufz, Allah No like"

Good luck with this ploy Hamid, You just asked for the Taliban to target you again!

Washington post
Afghanistan’s president is again inviting the Taliban to join peace talks and pleading with them to stop attacking and burning schools in the war-torn country.

Hamid Karzai marked the first working day following the Afghan New Year holidays with an occasionally emotional speech at Amani High School in Kabul on Wednesday. He says education is key to rebuilding Afghan society.

Karzai also warned the Taliban that the Afghans are not scared of insurgent guns and bombs, and asked them to stop burning down schools.

Children die in Israeli attack, say doctors

Oh thats horrible I can't believe the Israelis or anybody else would do something like this!
5 members of Israeli family killed in cold blood

A big deal will be made of this as everyone forgets that an Israeli family was murdered while they sleep, three of them where children, one a three month old Baby who had its throat slit!

Yeah Israel is bad!(Sarc off)

Two Israeli military strikes on Gaza have killed eight Palestinians, medical officials say.

Two were under 18, while four were members of the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, according to the ruling Hamas militant group.

Israel apologised for the civilian casualties but said it would defend itself against rocket fire from Gaza, which has increased in recent days.

Militants fired a barrage of rockets into Israel on Saturday.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Allies Expand No-Fly Zone Over Libya

The Obamasiah has his hands full with this one, not that he wants any part of it; more from the pressure of his fellow politicians here in the states.
If any of this Libyan showdown goes downhill Obama will surely go with it.
And why can nobody decide on anything here? Qadaffy should stay? no, Qadaffy should go! I'm in charge now! no i'm in charge now! What a joke these assclowns can be.

The Wall Street Journal
The U.S. and its allies worked to expand the protective shield in the skies over Libya on Tuesday, while allies skirmished over who would take command of the continuing international operation.

Allied air patrols will soon cover the entire northern tier of Libya, enforcing last week's United Nations resolution authorizing military action to stop the Libyan leader from attacking civilian opponents, U.S. Gen. Carter Ham, current commander of the military campaign, said Monday.

The coalition would expand the no-fly zone from Benghazi, the eastern city that is the de facto capital of the beleaguered rebels, to the coastal oil-refinery city of Brega, to Misrata east of Tripoli, and eventually to Tripoli, he said.

Prime Minister David Cameron told Parliament on Monday that "coalition forces have largely neutralized Libyan air defenses and as a result the no-fly zone has effectively been put in place in Libya."

Crews Work to Restore Power at Japanese Nuclear Plant

Another day another attempt to restore power and cool the reactors.
What a mess, these guys have got to be exhausted.

Repair crews were back at work Tuesday seeking to restore cooling systems at Japan's quake-crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, a day after being evacuated as smoke rose from two of the plant's six reactors.

Officials said electrical power cables have been laid to all six reactors and that they hope to restore some functions at all the reactors within days. However it remains unclear how much damage has been done to the pumps used to keep the reactors' nuclear fuel rods from overheating, or how soon they can be repaired or replaced

Monday, March 21, 2011

Al-Qaida branch warns Libya rebels against America

Al Qaida speaks!
Oh yeah you guys we know that the U.S. just came in (At your request) and saved your pathetic ass's, please don't trust them, they once supported Momad Qadaffy, the will turn on you too!

Attention Al Qaida, momad turned over his new leaf all on his own! that weak speak ain't gonna work here.

Attention Libya, the U.S. once supported the group that turned into Al Qaida, they took all the training and arms they got from us and have been terrorizing the entire world including the Muslim part, every since.

Miami Herald
CAIRO -- The leader of al-Qaida's North Africa branch has urged Libyan rebels not to trust America and the U.S. role in the international coalition bombing Moammar Gadhafi's forces.

Abdelmalek Droukdel of Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb claims the same America now attacking Gadhafi turned a "blind eye" in the past on his crimes against Libyans.

Droukdel, also known as Abu Musab Abdul-Wadud, says America got Gadhafi to give up weapons of mass destruction and Libyan oil so he could stay in power. The statement was posted Monday on a militant website.

It says "winds of liberation have started blowing in Libya" and urges Tunisians, Egyptians and Algerians to help their Libyan brethren fight Gadhafi.


Gadhafi forces in disarray

"We believe his forces are under significant stress and suffering from both isolation and a good deal of confusion."

Confusion not necessarily from having their ass's handed to them so fast though.

anyway another nice job by the U.S. and a few friends, now it looks like it is up to the Rebels; we shall see if they can pull it together or not.

Anyone care to take bets on this one?
WASHINGTON — A U.S.-led coalition has succeeded in scattering and isolating Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi's forces after a weekend of punishing air attacks, Pentagon officials say.

Gadhafi is not a target of the campaign, a senior military official said Sunday, but he could not guarantee the Libyan leader's safety.

American military authorities are moving to hand control of the operation to other countries.

Navy Vice Adm. William E. Gortney, staff director for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a Pentagon news conference there is no evidence civilians in Libya have been harmed in the air assault, code named Odyssey Dawn. Gortney also said no allied planes have been lost and all pilots have returned safely from missions that used stealth B-2 bombers, jet fighters, more than 120 Tomahawk cruise missiles and other high-tech weapons.

"We judge these strikes to have been very effective in significantly degrading the regime's air defense capability," Gortney said. "We believe his forces are under significant stress and suffering from both isolation and a good deal of confusion."

Bahrain and Iran expel diplomats

As Iran experiences protests they beat the crap out of everyone on the streets, they run them over with cars and shoot them where they stand.

Bahrain experiences protests they crack down on them, Iran tells them they are ignorant and unjust for doing so!
Islam the Religion of Hypocrites.

Iran has expelled a Bahraini diplomat in a retaliatory move, amid an ongoing dispute linked to anti-government protests in Bahrain.

Earlier, Bahrain had expelled the Iranian charge d'affaires.

Tehran has criticised Bahrain's Sunni rulers for using troops from other Gulf states to help control mainly Shia protesters.

Bahrain has accused Iran, the main Shia power in the Gulf, of interference in its internal affairs.

Both countries withdrew their ambassadors earlier this week.

"After the illogical and incomprehensible actions of the Bahrain government, especially expelling one of our diplomats, as a reprisal the attache at Bahrain's embassy has been summoned and told that one of the embassy's diplomats must leave Iran," Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said.

Referring to the "legitimate demands of the population", he said that the "repression of peaceful protests and illogical actions only aggravate the crisis and deepen wounds".

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Croatian Woman Living in Kentucky Arrested for Alleged War Crimes in Yugoslavia

As a soldier in the Croatian army, she killed a prisoner and tortured others by forcing them to drink human blood and gasoline, authorities said.

Nice woman, Sounds like she needs to be put away for good.

STANTON, Ky. -- The arrest of a Croatian woman in small-town Kentucky for alleged war crimes two decades ago in the former Yugoslavia "brings her long run from justice to an end," a U.S. marshal said.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert E. Wier appointed Azra Basic, 52, a lawyer Thursday and ordered her held without bond pending an April 1 status hearing. Prosecutors argued that no bail amount would guarantee Basic's presence in court.

Federal agents arrested Basic on Tuesday. A complaint filed by U.S. Attorney James Arehart accuses Basic of committing crimes at three camps near the majority-Serbian settlement of Cardak in Derventa.

The Croatian woman locals in Stanton knew as "Issabella" settled years ago in this rural, hilly area and took jobs bathing elderly nursing home patients and working at a sandwich factory.

This week, acquaintances were shocked to hear the secret that Bosnian war crimes investigators said Basic has been hiding for two decades. As a soldier in the Croatian army, she killed a prisoner and tortured others by forcing them to drink human blood and gasoline, authorities said.

49 mortars fired from Gaza into Israel

Watching the news this morning there was no mention of this whatsoever, a bit of everything else including the Ivory Coast Mortar shelling.

but this doesn't even get a mention!

Jerusalem post
Hamas claims responsibility for 10 of the mortars; Palestinians report IDF tank shells hit the Strip; barrage of projectiles explode in Eshkol, Sedot Hanegev, Sha'ar Hanegev regional councils, one building damaged.

In a time-span of 15 minutes Saturday morning, 49 mortars exploded in the Sedot Hanegev, Eshkol and Sha'ar Hanegev regions of the western Negev. Hamas' armed wing, the Izzadin Kassam Brigades, claimed responsibility for 10 of the mortars fired.

UN condemns attack in Ivory Coast

And the Ivory coast still in turmoil!
ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast — The United Nations yesterday blamed forces loyal to President Laurent Gbagbo for a mortar attack a day earlier that left at least 25 people dead.

UN officials said they were investigating the attack, which they said could be a crime against humanity.

Gbagbo’s refusal to cede power after apparently losing his reelection has sparked the crisis.

The UN said in a statement that at least six mortar shells were fired from a nearby military base. About 40 people were wounded. Abidjan, Ivory Coast’s biggest city, has for weeks seen daily battles that have left hundreds dead.

Contaminated food found near nuclear plant

Don't worry people, the food is O.K. it just has a little bit of radiation in it!

The thing about this that bothers me is they keep saying Radiation really is not a problem, I hope the Japanese people are not gullible.

Japanese officials have found abnormal radiation levels in several food products in the area surrounding the troubled Fukushima nuclear power plant.

The discovery came as the country was rocked by another strong aftershock just as officials said they were making progress in their battle to contain the nuclear crisis and cool the power plant.

There have not been any reports of damage and no tsunami warning was issued following the 6.1 magnitude earthquake.

Milk and spinach in the affected region has been found to contain radiation levels high enough to breach food-safety laws.

But chief cabinet secretary Yukio Edano says there is no immediate risk to humans.

"Even though you continue to consume these product for a year, a total radiation level that will be taken inside the body will be comparable to one run of CT scan," he said.

war plane shot down over Benghazi

Qadaffy thought a cease fire was just for shooting people with guns, They did not say anything about a cease Bombing!

The Telegraph

Libyan rebels shot down the aircraft that was bombing their eastern stronghold, with the opposition accusing Muammar Gaddafi of ignoring the ceasefire and launching an air and sea assault.

The Libyan government has denied that their forces are involved in any military action in or around the eastern city.

Mussa Ibrahim, a government spokesman, said: "There are no attacks whatsoever on Benghazi. As we said, we are observing the ceasefire and we want international observers to come.

Friday, March 18, 2011


So were in were out what the hell is going on?

Libya is a mess very few people want to deal with, Obama said we will not go in but now CNN is saying we will; I'm confused, it's Friday, It's early the World is going to hell, I may start drinking soon!

Equipment Headed to Iran Suspected to Make Nuclear Weapons

Of course it is not anything to do with Nuclear weapons, Iran says they are not working towards a Bomb; the nuclear power facility is for energy use only!(Sarc off)

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Malaysian police said Friday that they had found equipment they suspect could be used to make nuclear weapons smuggled on board a ship headed to Iran.

National police chief Ismail Omar told The Associated Press that the cargo was seized from a Malaysian-registered ship traveling from China to Tehran while it was docked at a central Malaysia harbor. Authorities are investigating whether the equipment could be used to make nuclear weapons.

Malaysian International Shipping Corp. confirmed in a statement to the AP that police confiscated two containers from the MV Bunga Raya Satu on March 8. It said a freight forwarder had declared the contents as "goods used for liquid mixing or storage for pharmaceutical or chemical or food industry."

A little more on Libya!

The U.S. So far is staying out of this, France is spearheading it!

So good luck to them.

The New York Times
Eurocontrol, Europe’s air traffic control agency, said in Brussels on Friday that Libya had closed its airspace.

In Tripoli, government minders told journalists that they could not leave their hotel for their own safety, saying that in the aftermath of the United Nations vote, residents might attack or even shoot foreigners. The extent of the danger was unclear. On previous Fridays, the minders have sought to restrict foreign journalists so they could not cover demonstrations after midday prayers on the Muslim holy day.

Journalists who have used taxi cabs to sneak away from their minders say some of their drivers have been detained for several days or more. A government spokesman told journalists who inquired about the drivers that the journalists should not have put them at risk and nothing could be done.

On the ground, forces loyal to Colonel Qaddafi unleashed a barrage of fire against the rebel-held town of Misurata in the west of the country while one of the colonel’s sons, Seif el-Islam, was quoted as saying government forces would encircle the rebel stronghold of Benghazi in the east.

Fran├žois Baroin, a French government spokesman, told RTL radio that airstrikes would come “rapidly, within a few hours” following the United Nations resolution late Thursday authorizing “all necessary measures” to impose a no-flight zone.

But he insisted the military action “is not an occupation of Libyan territory.” Rather, it was designed to protect the Libyan people and “allow them to go all the way in their drive, which means bringing down the Qaddafi regime.”

Pakistan army chief Kayani in US drone outburst

"It is highly regrettable that a jirga [meeting] of peaceful citizens including elders of the area was carelessly and callously targeted with complete disregard to human life," he said.

A Jirga, A meeting of Peaceful Citizens?
Or a meeting of Taliban commanders and all around bad guys supporting the Taliban?
Either way you want to look at it,I say Too Bad Pakistan.

Pakistan's army chief has condemned the latest raid by US unmanned drones as "intolerable and unjustified".

In a strongly worded statement, Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani said the attack, which killed about 40 people, was "in complete violation of human rights".

Most of the victims were believed to be civilians attending a tribal meeting near North Waziristan's regional capital, Miranshah.

Tension has been growing in recent weeks between the US and Pakistan.

UN backs action against Gaddafi

Well they took there sweet ass time, now what?
I Think this is one everybody should stay out of! Qadaffy needs to go(Preferable with a bullet in his head) But it is sickening when once again we have to come in a bail out a Muslim country as the other Muslim countries around Libya sit back and cry like little bitches!
When is a Muslim country going to stand up and help another Muslim country?

The UN Security Council has backed a no-fly zone over Libya and "all necessary measures" to protect civilians short of an occupation.

It was not immediately clear what form intervention would take and when it would begin, though France signalled that action could start soon.

The resolution appears to give legal weight to attacks against Col Muammar Gaddafi's ground forces.

Col Gaddafi's forces have recently retaken several towns seized by rebels.

Rebel forces reacted with joy to the UN resolution in their Benghazi stronghold, but a government spokesman condemned UN "aggression".

Loyalist forces are bearing down on Benghazi, home to a million people.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

US unarmed drones track drug gangs in Mexico

Unarmed? I guess.
It would be better if they were armed.

The US has been sending unarmed drones over Mexico since February to gather intelligence on major drug cartels, the Mexican government has confirmed.

The flights were made at Mexico's request and were supervised by the Mexican air force and other agencies.

It is the latest sign of growing US involvement in Mexico's campaign against violent drugs gangs.

Mexico confirmed the missions had been taking place after they were revealed by the New York Times newspaper.

Most of the drone flights have been over northern border areas, the scene of much of the drug-related violence that has left more than 34,000 dead since late 2006.

Pakistan drone strike 'kills 12' in North Waziristan

Nice one, That's getting your moneys worth.

At least 12 suspected militants have been killed in a drone strike in the Pakistani tribal region of North Waziristan, officials say.

The US missiles hit the Datta Khel area approximately 40km (25 miles) west of the regional capital, Miranshah.

Those killed were believed to be linked to Taliban commander Hafiz Gul Bahadur, unnamed intelligence officials say.

The area is a stronghold for militants linked to al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

It is the second drone attack in the same area in as many days. On Wednesday a missile strike killed five suspected militants in Datta Khel.

Abbas says he is ready to meet Hamas in Gaza to end division

Back to the old ways of terrorism then eh?
If you thought it was a mess in the Gaza Strip now, wait till these idiots try and hold Elections!

The L.A. Times
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday declared a new initiative to end the division in the Palestinian ranks. He announced at a meeting in Ramallah of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Central Council that he is ready to travel “tomorrow” to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip to end the split.

"I am ready to go to Gaza tomorrow to end the division," Abbas said, "and form a government of independent nationalist figures to prepare for presidential and legislative elections, as well as elections for the Palestinian National Council [the PLO’s parliament-in-exile], within six months or as soon as possible.”

Abbas called on Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas leader who heads the government in Gaza and is a former prime minister whom Abbas had fired in 2007, to make the necessary arrangements with other factions in Gaza to meet him at the Erez crossing between Israel and Gaza. Abbas said he hopes the arrangements will be ready in the next few days.

British detectives smash global paedophile

I thought it was bad that NAMBLA was around to do this here in the States, but the U.K has there own uncle pervy boy lover site too.

I wonder how many of the derelicts will be let go due to some liberal ass clown thinking they have the right to do what they due just because?

SCOUT leaders, football coaches and a police officer are among more than 100 suspected paedophiles arrested in the UK after the world’s biggest internet child sex ring was smashed by British police.

Others from every walk of life were arrested worldwide after undercover officers posing as paedophiles infiltrated a website with more than 70,000 members that served as a global meeting place for perverts.

They discovered it operated as a shop window for those who wanted to discuss and share their depraved interest in sex with young boys.

Paedophiles linked through the website held days out in London and Brighton during which they took pictures of children to post online, British investigators revealed yesterday.

Others travelled the country, meeting up with other paedophiles to share victims.

American child abusers flew to Europe to join attacks on young boys in Britain and Holland.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

National Guard troops to leave Mexico border in June

Why not it is safer than it has ever been Right?
So No problem ! Move along Sheeple.

USA Today
WASHINGTON — National Guard troops that have helped beef up security along the southwestern border since last summer will leave as planned by the second week of June, the commander of the Arizona Guard told a House panel Tuesday.

Maj. Gen. Hugo Salazar, adjutant general of the Guard in the state, said that the mission has gone well and that his troops have helped the Department of Homeland Security monitor the border and gather intelligence against the transnational crime cartels that smuggle drugs, weapons and cash across the border.

Matt Chandler, a spokesman for Homeland Security, said Tuesday that soldiers have helped seize over 14,000 pounds of drugs and apprehend 7,000 illegal immigrants. He said the southwestern border today has more enforcement manpower and technology than ever, much of which has been added while the National Guard has been assigned there.


Son of a Bitch!

My main Machine is dead, it went chernobyl!

Working on a dinosaur right now, will be out the rest of the Day, maybe even tomorrow
Whatever you know !

#1 Infidel out, Going jihad on my computer!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Iran Calls Saudi Troop Presence in Bahrain ‘Unacceptable’

“We expect their demands be fulfilled through correct means,”

Are they joking?

As Iran pulls out all the stops to beat their people down when they get upity, they are telling Saudi Arabia to cool it, the people have the right to protest and demand things?

What a bunch of Douchebags!

The New York Times
MANAMA, Bahrain — A day after Saudi Arabia’s military rolled into Bahrain, the Iranian government branded the move “unacceptable” on Tuesday, threatening to escalate a local political conflict into a regional showdown with Iran.

Protesters, some masked against tear gas, refused to leave Pearl Square on Monday after learning that Saudi troops were coming.

“The presence of foreign forces and interference in Bahrain’s internal affairs is unacceptable and will further complicate the issue,” Ramin Mehmanparast, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman told a news conference in Tehran, according to state-run media.

Even as predominantly Shiite Muslim Iran pursues a determined crackdown against dissent at home, Tehran has supported the protests led by the Shiite majority in Bahrain.

“People have some legitimate demands and they are expressing them peacefully,” Mr. Memanparast said. “It should not be responded to violently.”

“We expect their demands be fulfilled through correct means,” Mr. Mehmanparast added. Iran’s response — while anticipated — showed the depth of rivalry across the Persian Gulf in a contest that has far-reaching consequences in many parts of the Middle East.

Japan Nuclear Crisis Deepens

Oh Boy!
What next? All four reactors at the Fukushima nuclear power facility are done, never to be used again.
At least two of them are in Meltdown mode (Probably already full meltdown)

The hope is that the Containment vessels will hold what is left of the molten nuclear fuel rods within their walls.

But even those may have been compromised from the amounts of Radiation being detected, 200 miles away!

The crisis at Japan's damaged nuclear power complex in the northeastern part of the country is worsening. Top government officials acknowledge further, significantly higher radiation leaks and explosions at a total of three reactors.

Tuesday morning, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan delivered a nationally broadcast message to citizens, after a third reactor building explosion was confirmed in Fukushima.

Urging the public to heed his words calmly, Kan acknowledged one of the damaged reactors is facing a much higher risk of releasing radiation into the atmosphere...

The top government spokesman said radiation detected at another damaged reactor, the Number Three unit, was at a level that could harm people.

The highest brief spike of radiation levels at the crippled Fukushima plant was equivalent to eight times the dose an average person would absorb in a year.

The Tokyo Electric Power Company announced that the cooling system had failed at the Number Two reactor of the Fukushima complex. The cooling equipment had been damaged by last Friday's magnitude nine earthquake and tsunami.

The utility says all workers from the Fukushima plant, except those involved in the emergency pumping of water to cool the reactors, have been ordered out of the facility...

The Kyodo news agency quotes an official at the company saying it is possible that some parts of the rods holding nuclear material have melted. If confirmed, that would be a new and more alarming worry for Japan.

Tokyo Electric says there are also big problems at the Number Four reactor, which had previously had its fuel rods removed but still contains spent fuel. A fire has been extinguished there from an apparent explosion of a fuel container, which damaged the reactor's ceiling. Radioactive steam has been released from that reactor.

Monday, Japan asked for assistance from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Japanese domestic news reports says small levels of radioactive iodine and cesium have been detected in the Tokyo metropolitan area, about 250 kilometers to the southwest from here in Fukushima prefecture.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Suicide Bomber Kills 33

More Muslims killed in a terrible suicide bombing perpetrated by Muslims!
Islam The Religion of Peace!
Oh the humanity!

Washington post
KABUL - A suicide bomber targeting an army recruiting center in northern Afghanistan killed at least 33 people Monday afternoon, Afghan authorities said, in one of the deadliest attacks here in recent months.

The bombing in Kunduz Province, where the Taliban is attempting to make inroads, comes four days after the provincial police chief was killed in a suicide bombing.

At least 42 people were wounded in the 2 p.m. blast.

The Taliban took responsibility for the attack in a text message sent to journalists.

U.S. commanders say the Taliban is likely to step up high profile attacks this year in an effort to show that military setbacks in the south have not put it on the defensive.

The Al Qaida Cosmo!

Excellent, Jihadi women now have a mag to get all the latest trends in make up and Fashion along with the latest trends in suicide vests.
Some of the first articles cover how to please a Mujihadeen, Being obedient is of utmost importance, you know how them future martyrs get when they are getting close to their mission!
Also a special feature in the first issue how to handle a bad situation when you catch your man with the neighbors Goats!

Would-be female Islamist extremists Sunday were awaiting copies of Al Qaeda's newly-launched women's magazine, which mixes tips on skin care with articles on marrying suicide bombers and waging electronic jihad.

Al Shamikha magazine -- its title means "The Majestic Woman" -- features beauty and fashion tips alongside articles on "marrying a mujahedeen" and carrying out suicide attacks.

The first issue of the glossy 30-page publication, which must be ordered online, was released in recent days by the Al Qaeda-affiliated Al Fajr Media Center.

Its cover features the barrel of a sub-machine gun next to the image of a woman in a veil. Inside, there are exclusive interviews with martyrs' wives who praise their husbands' decisions to die in suicide bombings. Many other articles have female authors.

Three killed in US drone strike in North Waziristan

The third strike in a little over a week! Bring it on.
MIRAMSHAH: At least three militants died Monday in a US missile strike on a vehicle in a tribal town in northwestern Pakistan near the Afghan border, security officials said.

The drone fired two missiles on a suspect vehicle and initial reports suggest three militants were killed, according to a security official, requesting anonymity.

Another official confirmed the attack and said it took place about 10 kilometres east of Miramshah, the main town in North Waziristan, a region infested by Taliban and al Qaeda-linked militants.

A security official in Peshawar city said the missile targeted a moving car and killed three militants.

Indian navy captures 61 pirates in Arabian Sea

Nice one, 61 less pirates on the open sea.
The Indian Navy scores big with this catch, and taking the rejects to Mumbai to be prosecuted even nicer.

The Indian navy captured 61 pirates who jumped into the Arabian Sea to flee a gunfight and fire on the hijacked ship from which they had staged several attacks, a navy statement said Monday.

Two Indian navy ships also rescued 13 crew members from the fishing boat Sunday night, nearly 695 miles (1,100 kilometers) off Kochi in southern India, the statement said.

The pirates had hijacked the Mozambique-flagged Vega 5 in December and had used it as a mother ship — a base from which they staged several attacks in the vast waters between East Africa and India.

A patrol aircraft spotted the mother ship Friday while responding to another vessel reporting a pirate attack, the Indian navy said. The pirates aborted the hijacking attempt and tried to escape in the mother ship.

When the Indian ships closed in Sunday night, the pirates fired on them. The hijacked vessel caught fire when the Indian navy returned fire, the navy said.

The pirates as well as the crew members jumped into the sea from the burning vessel, but were taken out by Indian sailors, the statement said.

Clinton aide quits over Manning's treatment

Nice one CNN, P.J. Crowley did not quit over Bitch boy Mannings treatment, He quit because of his stupid Mouth !
Manning has at times had to sleep in his panties because he has been Suicidal! They
Don't want him to hang himself or something like that.

It is like a standard operating procedure for inmates on suicide watch!

You know they used to say if you cant do the Time, Don't do the crime!

P.J. Crowley should at least understand this, but seeing as how he does not have a problem with people committing Treason, and thinks they should be treated as a hero instead, He now has no job!

Washington (CNN) -- P.J. Crowley abruptly resigned Sunday as State Department spokesman over controversial comments he made about the Bradley Manning case.

Sources close to the matter said the resignation, first reported by CNN, came under pressure from the White House, where officials were furious about his suggestion that the Obama administration is mistreating Manning, the Army private who is being held in solitary confinement in Quantico, Virginia, under suspicion that he leaked highly classified State Department cables to the website WikiLeaks.

Speaking to a small group at MIT last week, Crowley was asked about allegations that Manning is being tortured and kicked up a firestorm by answering that what is being done to Manning by Defense Department officials "is ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid."

Crowley did add that "nonetheless, Bradley Manning is in the right place" because of his alleged crimes, according to a blog post by BBC reporter Philippa Thomas, who was present at Crowley's talk.

"The unauthorized disclosure of classified information is a serious crime under U.S. law," Crowley said in a statement Sunday. "My recent comments regarding the conditions of the pre-trial detention of Private First Class Bradley Manning were intended to highlight the broader, even strategic impact of discreet actions undertaken by national security agencies every day and their impact on our global standing and leadership.

US aircraft carrier reportedly sails into radioactive cloud

So if the USS Ronald Reagan at 100 miles of the coast of Japan sails through a Radioactive cloud, what is really happening at the Fukushima Nuclear power plant.

The Jerusalem Post

Pentagon expected to announce that USS Ronald Reagan and sailors onboard were exposed to a month's worth of radiation in an hour; no signs of ill effects yet.

The US Pentagon was expected to announce that US sailors on the USS Ronald Reagan, an aircraft carrier were exposed to radiation when the carrier sailed into a radioactive cloud off the coast of Japan, according to a New York Times report.

US government officials told the NY Times that sailors and other military personnel onboard were exposed to a month's worth of radiation in an hour's time. They added that US helicopters flying humanitarian missions some 60 miles north of damaged Japanese reactors were coated with particulate radiation. The aircraft were washed off.

Second Explosion at Reactor as Technicians Try to Contain Damage

Son of a bitch, what a nuclear mess.
Reactor #3 now gone, Reactor #2 on it's way The core was partially exposed to the air.

The New York Times
TOKYO — A second explosion rocked a troubled nuclear power plant Monday, blowing the roof off a containment building but not harming the reactor inside, while cooling systems failed at a third reactor, Japanese officials said.

The explosion underscores the difficulties Japanese authorities are having in bringing several stricken reactors under control three days after a massive earthquake and a tsunami hit Japan’s northeast coast and shut down the electricity that runs the crucial cooling systems for reactors.

Operators fear that if they cannot establish control, despite increasingly desperate measures to do so, the reactors could experience meltdowns, which would release catastrophic amounts of radiation.

It was unclear if radiation was released by Monday’s explosion, but a similar explosion at another reactor at the plant over the weekend did release radioactive material.

Live footage on public broadcaster NHK showed the skeletal remains of the reactor building and thick smoke rising from the building. Eleven people had been injured in the blast, one seriously, officials said.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said that the release of large amounts of radiation was unlikely. But traces of radiation could be released into the atmosphere, and about 500 people who remained within a 12 mile radius have been ordered to take cover indoors, he said.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Clash in Northwest Pakistan Kills 11

Oh yeah, to bad most of them were innocent people! Civilians!

But they did it in the name of Allah, so that's cool.

No harm, move along Muslims nothing to see here.

PARACHINAR, Pakistan -- Police say 11 people have died after gunmen ambushed a van in a stretch of northwest Pakistan covered by a new peace deal.

The dead included eight civilians. Police then killed three suspected gunmen.

Police official Mir Chaman Khan says the attack happened Sunday in Hangu district along the main road from Kurram tribal region to Peshawar city. The road had recently reopened after four years of closure due to the strife among the tribes, who hail from the rival Sunni and Shiite sects of Islam.

Medicare scams infect Detroit as recruiters use poor to steal millions

I love Detroit, It ain't the Nicest city I have ever lived by but it ain't the worst either.
A problem that is not unique to a city like Detroit "Corruption", every since the days of former Mayor Coleman Young, the city has gone downhill; though it has its moments that make you think it will turn around.

Then you get Douchebags like these people, ripping off and raping anything and everyone in sight, yes it happens in other cities, but dammit if it does not make Detroit look worse.

Detroit Free Press
Detroit has become one of the nation's "new frontiers" for Medicare fraud with many scams run by operators fleeing a federal crackdown in Miami.

Authorities say operators use recruiters to target poor men on Detroit streets, at soup kitchens and in homeless shelters. They shuttle them in vans to clinics set up for the scams or run by licensed providers trying to bilk the system for bogus treatments or for care never rendered or needed. Operators take their Medicare information in exchange for $50 or more.

Detroit's unemployment rate makes it a particularly vulnerable target. Authorities have identified at least $120 million in fraudulent billings in metro Detroit.

The businesses investigated include physical therapy clinics, home health care agencies, medical equipment providers and podiatry offices. More regulation and prosecution is needed, some attorneys say.

"It's like banks without an alarm system," said David Haron, a Troy attorney who specializes in Medicare and Medicaid fraud, referring to the ease with which some medical businesses are established.

US backs no-fly zone over Libya

I understand that the Arab countries want a no fly zone established over Libya, Why the hell is there not one Arab country willing to jump in and help out?

Leave it up to the U.S. and NATO forces, while the Arab countries sit back and feed the Flames of hatred to the U.S. by telling all the people we are trying to Occupy Muslim lands again!

Maybe it is Time for Muslim countries to stand up for there own, instead of sitting back and bitching that nothing is being done to help.

Al Jizeera
The United States has thrown its weight behind the Arab League's call for a United Nations no-fly zone over Libya, where government troops backed by fighter jets are battling rebels seeking to remove Muammar Gaddafi from power.

Washington, which would play a leading role in enforcing any no-fly zone, called the declaration an "important step", but it stopped short of commitment to any military action and made no proposal for a swift meeting of the UN Security Council.

The Arab League's call for a no-fly zone was announced on Saturday by Oman's foreign minister, Youssef bin Alawi bin Abdullah, at a press conference which followed a meeting of the bloc's ministers in the Egyptian coapital, Cairo.

Amr Moussa, the bloc's secretary-general, said the League had decided that "serious crimes and great violations" committed by Gaddafi's government against his people had stripped him of legitimacy.

But it was not clear if the League's call for a no-fly zone would provide the unequivocal regional endorsement that NATO required for military action to curb Gaddafi.

IDF hunting for perpetrators of brutal Itamar killings

Just incredible. Palestinian murderous rejects bust into a families home and murder them with a knife, even killing a three month old baby.

It is just disgusting what these people do!

Jerusalem post
A mother, father and three of their children were stabbed to death late Friday night by at least one suspected terrorist who infiltrated the Itamar settlement southeast of Nablus.

The killings occurred shortly after 10 p.m., when one or two attackers jumped the fence that surrounds Itamar and broke into the home of Ruth and Udi Fogel, aged 35 and 36, respectively. The attackers went room to room, stabbing the parents, a three-month-old girl, Hadas, and two boys, Elad, three, and Yoav, 11.

Two other children – aged two and eight – were in a side room but were not attacked.

The family’s oldest child, 12- year-old Tamar, was out of the house at the time.

The IDF immediately launched searches in nearby Arab villages as Palestinians reported that a faction of Fatah’s al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade had claimed responsibility.

Several dozen suspects were arrested in Awarta, Sanur and Zabada as soldiers conducted searches with the aid of unmanned aerial vehicles that provided surveillance from above.

As the attackers used knives rather than rifles or pistols, and because of other characteristics of the killings, the IDF believes it was not carried out by an organized terrorist infrastructure but more likely was the work of one or two people who could, though, be affiliated with one of the larger Palestinian terrorist groups.

Japan battles partial nuclear meltdown

A Partial Meltdown at two reactors, not good but hopefully not as bad as it could be.
they have pumped sea water into the containment pits that hold the Nuclear fuel rods, this has destroyed the reactors forever, but it was apparently their only hope of cooling the cores down.
Japanese nuclear experts are working to contain a partial meltdown at an earthquake-stricken nuclear power plant north of Tokyo, as fears grow that the death toll from Friday’s massive quake and tsunami could reach the tens of thousands.

Yukio Edano, Japan’s chief government spokesman, said there was a “significant chance” that radioactive fuel rods had partially melted in two reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility, 240km north of the capital.

However, Mr Edano said the radiation levels measured outside the plant, operated by Tokyo Electric Power, did not suggest a major health threat.

“I am trying to be careful with words ... This is not a situation where the whole core suffers a meltdown,” Mr Edano said.

A partial meltdown, experts said, would likely mean that some portion of the reactors’ uranium fuel rods had cracked or warped from overheating, releasing radioactive particles into the reactors’ containment vessels. Some of those particles would have escaped into the air outside when engineers vented steam from the vessels to relieve pressure building up inside.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yemen police fire on protests

More Muslim Unrest!
It is only fitting that some Muslim countries are in turmoil.
Rampant corruption, terrorism, human rights violations, daily shootings suicide bombings, Senseless murders, stonings...

Islam The Religion Of Peace

The Associated Press
SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Yemeni security forces fired live bullets and tear gas on two pro-democracy demonstrations Saturday, killing three people — including a 15-year-old student — as the government clamps down on a growing protest movement, witnesses said.

The violence began with a pre-dawn raid on a central square in the capital, Sanaa, where thousands of pro-democracy protesters have been camped out for the past month to demand the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. An ally in the Obama's administration's fight against al-Qaida, Saleh has been in power for 32 years.

Doctors and eyewitnesses said security troops surrounded the square with police cars and armored personnel carriers shortly after midnight and began calling on protesters through loudspeakers to go home. At 5 a.m., security forces stormed in, firing tear gas and live ammunition.

One protester died from a bullet to the head, which may have come from a sniper on the rooftop of a nearby building, witnesses said. Abdelwahed al-Juneid, a volunteer doctor working with the protesters, said around 250 people were wounded.

"We were performing dawn prayers when we were surprised by a sudden hail of bullets and tear gas," said Walid Hassan, a 25-year-old activist. "The protesters began throwing rocks at security ... it was total mayhem, a real battlefield."

Deteriorating security situation panicking Pakistanis

13 Pakistanis a Day are Killed!
And all because of the Corrupt Government of Pakistan appeasing the Taliban and giving them what they want!
How do you stop out of control Terrorists?
Well, Predator drones work real well!
Maybe some serious firepower from people in Pakistan that are sick and tired of the non stop terrorist attacks?
But with weak Minded people the Terrorists attacks will continue, Pakistan is just another Muslim country that is a Lost cause.
ISLAMABAD, March 12 (Xinhua) -- The current worsening security situation in Pakistan is spreading panic among the countrymen and government high-ups as due to the rise in number of terrorism activities, bomb blasts, suicide attacks and target killing incidents an average of 13 Pakistanis die every single day.

A Pakistani research center on Friday reported that over the past seven years, since war against terrorism shifted to Pakistan from Afghanistan, total fatalities in terrorist violence stand at 33,467 Pakistanis.

In only 2010, almost 7,435 Pakistani people and security personnel were killed in 473 bomb blasts including 49 suicide attacks, the research center said.

At least 200 people have been killed and more than 600 injured in more than 150 smaller or bigger terrorist attacks throughout the country.

Nuclear Meltdown ?

Holy shit, Watching this yesterday it appeared not to be good, as the day went on they kept upping the warning.
Though they are not saying a Meltdown has occured, uh it appears it has.

There was more left of the containment building at Chernobyl!


An explosion occurred at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi power station north of Tokyo, destroying the walls of the No. 1 reactor building, NHK Television said. The report came after the government said a reactor may be melting.

Smoke was rising around the nuclear reactor after an aftershock from yesterday’s quake struck, Ryohei Shiomi, a spokesman at the country’s nuclear safety agency said by phone.

The spokesman said several people were injured during an aftershock that struck around 3:30 p.m. Japan time, adding he had no further information. Tokyo Electric Power Co., which operates the plant, said it had no information, when contacted by Bloomberg News.

Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said earlier that a nuclear reactor in the Fukushima Dai-Ichi power station, about 220 kilometers (140 miles) north of Tokyo, may be starting to melt down after Japan’s biggest earthquake on record hit the area yesterday.

Fuel rods at the No. 1 reactor at the plant run by Tokyo Electric Power Co. may be melting after radioactive Cesium material left by atomic fission was detected near the site, Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, spokesman Yuji Kakizaki said by phone today.

“If the fuel rods are melting and this continues, a reactor meltdown is possible,” Kakizaki said. A meltdown refers to a heat buildup in the core of such an intensity it melts the floor of the reactor containment housing.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan Issues Emergency at Nuclear Plant

Not good, They are now telling residents to evacuate the area, and inspectors are suiting up in Radiation suits.
Apparently they can not get water into the core to cool it down!

The Wall Street Journal

TOKYO—The Japanese government issued an official emergency at one of the country's nuclear plants Friday after a massive earthquake automatically shut down its reactors and caused problems with its cooling system, but said there are currently no reports of radiation leakage.

"There are no reports of leakage from any nuclear power plants at the moment and no signs of any leakage," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said Friday. As a result of the state of emergency, the government will set up a special emergency task force to deal with the situation.

At Tokyo Electric Power's Fukushima Daiichi plant, three reactors shut down automatically as designed after a magnitude 8.9 earthquake struck off the northeast of Japan on Friday afternoon. The quake also caused diesel-powered generators used to cool the reactors to stop operating, leaving the utility company with a shortage of coolant to bring the reactors to a safe temperature.

Cry Baby Ellison !

Man Up Keith, your Muslim friend was killed by Radical Islamic Extremists you are now defending!
Don't be such an Ignorant Liberal assclown!

Real telling yesterday, The democrats were dead against these hearings the Republicans were for them?
Tells you who is looking out for you in politics.

New York High School Student Allegedly Pours Acid on Classmate's Head

Kids are so Nice these days!

A Brooklyn, N.Y., teen admitted to police that she poured acid on a classmate’s head in hopes to burn the victim’s eyes out, reported the New York Post.

Zhanna Smsarian, 16, allegedly sat behind the victim, Albina Eshimbaeva, 15, in chemistry class at Fort Hamilton High School on Wednesday and allegedly poured a bottle of diluted hydrochloric acid over Eshimbaeva’s head, the Post reported. Classmates said the girls have a history of bad blood.

Once poured, the acid dripped down the girl’s head and into her eyes. But the quick-thinking teacher doused the girl’s eyes with water and rushed her to Staten Island Hospital’s burn unit, where staffers said the girl would have been blind if not for the teacher’s reaction.

Japanese Tsunami Videos

Quake, Tsunami Hit Japan Causing ‘Major’ Damage

Holy crap!
Watching the incoming video and what a mess, parts of Japan are just being devistated.

Reports are that all U.S. Military are safe, others not so good , 32 Dead right now and that will definitely rise throughout the day.

Hawaii and the west coast next.

Japan was struck by its strongest earthquake in at least a century, an 8.9-magnitude temblor that shook buildings across Tokyo and unleashed a tsunami as high as 10 meters, engulfing towns along the northern coast.

At least 26 people were killed by the 33-foot wave and many are missing, according to state broadcaster NHK Television, which showed footage of waves sweeping away buildings and vehicles as far as 1.5 kilometers inland. Airports were closed and bullet train services suspended. More than 4 million homes are without power, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said.

“Major damage occurred in the Tohoku area” north of Tokyo, Prime Minister Naoto Kan said in a nationally televised address after convening an emergency response team. “I call on citizens to act calmly. Especially those who are near a beach, please evacuate to higher ground to avoid the tsunami.”

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wisconsin Senate GOP Votes to Strip State Workers of Collective Bargaining Rights


Being a former Union worker, I have no sympathy for any of the Wisconsin protesters, Unions are one of the most corrupt institutions in America; where else can you have a job you have to pay for?

Union dues must be paid every month(If you don't they send you nice little letters informing you to do so, Or else) A weekly working dues is taken out of your check, you do not have a choice in this either, it is part of your package, and I'm not sure of some other Unions but the Carpenters Union makes you pay into an Apprenticeship program, for some of the biggest rejects to go to school for free And attempt to learn a skill(then you have to work with their pathetic ass's in the field and retrain them to actually know how to work, oh the pain).

It is time the Unions get a little dose of welcome to the Real world!

Bypassing Democrats hiding out in Illinois, Wisconsin Senate Republicans voted Wednesday night to strip state workers of their collective bargaining rights.

Republicans voted 18-1 to pass the stripped-down budget bill in a hastily arranged meeting. None of the Senate Democrats were present.

The State Assembly is expected to vote on the bill Thursday.

All 14 Senate Democrats fled to Illinois nearly three weeks ago, preventing the chamber from having enough members present to consider Gov. Scott Walker's so-called "budget repair bill" -- a proposal introduced to plug a $137 million budget shortfall..

Political Fear' Stifling Debate Over Radical Islam

How Exciting, Today is the start of the radical Islamic hearings and there are several protests being planned for them.

If Muslims cannot stand up for their religion and say that they have a problem within it, then they should just sit down and shut up, we will take care of it from here.

One only needs to take a look around the world, listen to what is being said, and compare it to what is being seen in America when yet another wannabe Jihadist is arrested.

Is there a problem elsewhere in this country from radical rejects that decide to take things into their own hands and kill people for their Beliefs? YEP, and those rejects are dealt with like they should be.

But because of that it does not give Islam a free pass.

Suck it up Muslims, People are committing terrorist acts in the name of your religion!

Relatives of two young men who were lured away by Islamic radicals plan to tell a House committee Thursday that Muslim leaders in America "brainwashed" and "manipulated" their family members, and that "political fear" is preventing people from talking about Islamic extremism.

The witnesses are part of the panel Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., plans to call at a controversial hearing on the threat posed by radical Islam in the United States.

King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has faced persistent and vocal criticism from groups and lawmakers who claim he is unfairly targeting one ethnic group. One Muslim activist on Wednesday said King is "unfit" to lead the committee.

But King has defended his plans and, according to remarks prepared for the hearing, will accuse his detractors of spreading "rage and hysteria." He plans to claim that backing down now "would be a craven surrender to political correctness."

Two witnesses are expected to provide a first-hand account on how their relatives were exploited by Islamic radicals.

Melvin Bledsoe, whose son allegedly attacked an Army recruiting center in Arkansas, said in written testimony -- which Fox News has seen -- that Americans are ignoring the issue.

"There is a big elephant in the room, but our society continues not to see it. This wrong is caused by political correctness. You can even call it political fear," he said.

Bledsoe plans to describe how his son, Carlos, was radicalized when he went off to college in Nashville, Tenn. In his testimony, he explained how his son's personality changed and how, when he returned home for the holidays in 2005, he told his family he converted to Islam. From that point, he changed his name and eventually traveled to Yemen.

"Some Muslim leaders had taken advantage of my son. But he's not the only one being taken advantage of. This is going on in Nashville and in many other cities in America," Bledsoe plans to say. "In Nashville, Carlos was captured by people best described as hunters. He was manipulated and lied to. That's how he made his way to Yemen."

Sudan army, Darfur rebel clash kills 17

Just one of the many ongoing uprisings in the world, more specific a certain part of the world that is just in turmoil.

(Reuters) - Darfur rebels attacked a Sudanese army supply convoy in the insurgents' mountainous Jabel Marra stronghold, leaving at least 17 people dead, the military said.

No one was immediately available for comment from the rebels group named by the military -- a faction of the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) loyal to Abdel Wahed al-Nur which walked out of peace talks in 2006 and has refused to return.

Fighting has rumbled on for eight years in the remote western territory in the face of a string of failed ceasefires, international pressure and campaigns from celebrity activists.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Targeted civilian killings spiral in Afghan war

75% of all civilian death, committed by the Taliban!
And yet the Afghan People overwhelming side with them!

This is the reason that Afghanistan will be a lost cause once all the troops pull out!
Civilian assassinations were up 588 per cent and 248 percent in Helmand and Kandahar provinces respectively, the main strongholds of the Taliban and the focus of a US troop surge. –Photo by AFP

KABUL: Targeted killings of civilians in Afghanistan doubled last year, the United Nations said on Wednesday, as an expanding insurgency strikes at Western efforts to build up the Afghan government and security forces.

Of 462 assassinations in 2010, half occurred in Taliban strongholds in the south, where the United States says it has made most gains from a troop surge aimed at turning the tide of the almost decade-old war.

In an annual report on the conflict’s civilian toll, the United Nations said there had been a 15 percent rise in the number of civilians killed to 2,777 in 2010, continuing a steady rise over the past four years.

Insurgents were responsible for 75 per cent of those deaths.

Abductions rose 83 per cent, and violence continued to spread from the south to the north, east and west, the report said.

Civilian deaths in the north, in particular, rose 76 per cent.

But the most “alarming” trend, it said, was a 105 per cent increase in the targeted killing of government officials, aid workers and civilians perceived to be supportive of the Afghan government or Nato-led foreign forces.

The tactic threatens to undermine further the handover of responsibility for security to the Afghan government, police and army starting this year, as Washington and its Nato allies seek to draw down their combined 150,000-strong force.

In many parts of Afghanistan, local governors live behind sandbags on US military outposts and government officials rarely travel to the areas they are supposed to run.