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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Avenged Sevenfold drummer dead

James "The Rev" Sullivan, drummer for US heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold, has died aged 28.

Sullivan, who co-founded the band in 1999, apparently died of natural causes at his home in California on Monday.

A statement on the band's website said Sullivan was "one of the world's best drummers, but more importantly our best friend and brother".

Avenged Sevenfold played the Reading and Download festivals in the UK. Their last album charted in the US top five.

The band picked up a Kerrang! magazine album of the year award in 2008 for their self-titled LP, and were currently working on their fifth studio album.

The statement added: "Jimmy you are forever in our hearts. We love you."

Monday, December 28, 2009

US man 'arrested' in North Korea

Some people just don't get it .
I am all for Seeing North Korea Open up and extend Basic human rights to its people ,But I'm not stupid enough to go lollygagin around China and tippy toein into North Korea !
Great job trying to get your point across , Almost noble , But Now you are under arrest in a not so friendly Communist country ! NOW WHAT ?

Should the U.S. drop tax Dollars to save your stupid ass ?... You did do this of your own free will !

Do you think Bill Clinton will Bail your Dumb Ass out ?.. Sorry Brother , You have the Wrong gear between your legs !

I Certainly hope you don't get treated to badly in that there labor camp ( If that is where you end up ) But really , Just because you are a "Christian Activist" It does not entitle you to any special treatment !
North Korean authorities have said they have arrested a US man who crossed into their territory.

The North's official KCNA news agency said the man had entered the country from China on 24 December. There is no official word on the man's identity.

However there have been reports that Robert Park, a US Christian activist, recently crossed into North Korea.

Colleagues say he wanted to highlight the country's human rights record and demand the release of prisoners.

"On December 24, a US citizen illegally entered the country across the North Korea-China border and has been detained. The person is currently undergoing questioning by a related agency," KCNA news agency said.

Associates of Mr Park reported that he had walked into North Korea from China across the frozen Tumen River.

They say he carried a letter urging the North's leader, Kim Jong-Il, to free political prisoners and improve human rights in the communist state, AFP news agency reports.

Earlier this year North Korea detained two US journalists on the border with China. They were released in August after four months in captivity.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Detroit Again !

Yeah Detroit Again ! If the FBI is not investigating everyone and everything Islamic related to Detroit then We have a Problem .
Why is Detroit Consistently In the News when it comes to terrorists?
We have the largest mosque in north America , And the largest concentration of muslims in the U.S..
(It seems obvious why , But )
and now we have to go through even more screening at the Airports ( Good thing I drove home for Christmas ) .
I say profile ! Profile the hell out of Muslim passengers on planes ! Especially when they are coming into the States , it has not been Your average white American Bible thumping , redneck right wing , Gun toting Male , doing this shit all the time , every time it has been a Muslim ! (Or Radical Islamist If that makes you feel Better )
I don't know what else needs to Happen , for profiling to become the Best security screening measure implemented at all Airports !
Police are conducting searches at a mansion block in London in connection with the inquiry into an attempted act of terrorism on a US passenger plane.

Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, a Nigerian being held after the flight to Detroit, is thought to have been a student at University College London.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the UK would take "whatever action was necessary" to protect passengers.

UK airport operator BAA said searches on flights to the US would increase.

Meanwhile, a statement on British Airway's website said Washington has revised its security arrangements for all travellers to the US and they would only be allowed one piece of hand luggage.

A BA spokesman said the directive meant US-bound passengers on all airlines would be subjected to additional screening.

"We apologise to passengers for any delays to their journeys. Safety and security are our top priorities and will not be compromised."

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Music!

And my favorite , The Grinch !


Christmas Music

Gary Hoey style,

Mexico arrests four over drug gang revenge killings

Mexico's National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) has urged better privacy regarding the identity of those who die fighting the drug cartels, as a means of avoiding reprisal attacks.

It Doesn't sound like they are doing a real good job of hiding anything in Mexico ,whith the cartels having everyone paid off from local government and Law enforcment to Mexicos Military and State politicians , how are you supposed to conceal someones Identity ?
Mexican police have arrested four people over the revenge killing of the family of a marine who died in a high-profile drugs raid last week.

The four are accused of helping the hitmen who killed the mother, siblings and aunt of marine Melquisedet Angulo within hours of his funeral on Tuesday.

He was hailed as a hero after he died during the raid that led to the killing of one of Mexico's top drug lords.

Authorities said the search for his family's killers was continuing.

The murder of Melquisedet Angulo Cordova's relatives in the state of Tabasco provoked widespread outrage in Mexico, with Mexican President Felipe Calderon saying the attack was "a cowardly and contemptible act of violence".

The family members were shot dead in their house just hours after they had attended his funeral.

Tabasco Attorney General Rafael Gonzalez said the four people in custody, three men and a woman, had acted as lookouts during the attack and had transported money to pay the gunmen.

He also said some police officers may have allowed or helped the attackers to escape.
"We attribute this bloody crime to the Zetas group," Mr Gonzalez said, a reference to former elite soldiers turned hitmen.

The Zetas work with the Gulf cartel that controls much of the illegal drugs trade along Mexico's Gulf coast, but they are also aligned with the Beltran Leyva cartel that is based on the Pacific coast.

What a shock !

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cambodia to deport Uighurs despite persecution fears

As much as everyone does not like it , China has it's laws and rules .
you take your chance when you decide to break them !
PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - Cambodia plans to deport at least 20 Muslim Uighurs who fled China after deadly ethnic violence this year, a government official said on Saturday, despite concerns they will face persecution by Beijing.

The Uighurs, a Turkic Muslim ethnic group involved in rioting in western China that killed nearly 200 people in July, were smuggled into Cambodia in recent weeks and applied for asylum at the United Nations refugee agency office in Phnom Penh.

"The Cambodian government is implementing its immigration law. They came to Cambodia illegally without any passports or visas, so we consider them illegal immigrants," said Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Koy Kuong.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry had no immediate comment in response to the announcement, an official in Beijing said.

Human rights groups say they fear for the lives of the Uighurs if they are deported to China.

"Cambodia will be sending these Uighurs to a terrible fate,

possible execution and likely torture," said Amy Reger, a researcher at the Washington-based Uighur American Association.

She cited the case of Shaheer Ali, a Uighur political activist who fled to Nepal in 2000 and was granted refugee status by the United Nations. He was forcibly returned to China from Nepal in 2002 and executed a year later according to state media.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

5 young men slain on patio of home

Jaurez is an absolute mess ! " More than 40 People killed in the last week and Over 2500 for the year so far .
....El Paso Times
Five men were shot and killed Tuesday afternoon on the back patio of a house in west Juárez, said Chihuahua state police.

The men were slain by gunmen who fired 29 rounds at the home in the 2500 block of Galapagos in colonia 16 de Septiembre, police said. The men had not been identified but appeared to be in their 20s.

More than 40 people, including a 2-year-old girl, have been killed since Friday in Juárez. The girl, Melissa Vela Arellano, died Sunday at a hospital.

She apparently had injuries to her abdomen, but an autopsy will be performed to determine how she died, authorities said.

At least five women are among the recent victims. No arrests have been made. More than 2,500 people have been murdered this year in Juárez.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mexico drug killers dump 6 severed heads by church

The United States, which worries about the growing power of the cartels, says the rising death toll is a sign the drug gangs are weakening under the military crackdown.

HuH? the rising death toll is a sign the drug gangs are weakening ?
I Guess you could look at it that way , But I see it as well as , Many of you Do , that it is a Sign of the drug cartels Being able to get away with whatever they want...Murder , terror , Murder , Drug running , and some murdering !

And notice how Beheading And chopping off of limbs is Becoming the Favorite murdering technique of the Cartels ! Much like the Taliban , Al Shabaab and Al Qaida

DURANGO, Mexico (Reuters) - Suspected drug gangs dumped the severed heads of five police officers and a prosecutor outside a church in northern Mexico on Wednesday as killings from the latest cartel violence rose to more than 60 in the past three days.

The heads were left in plastic bags near the church in Durango state before dawn. They were discovered by trash collectors as blood ran out of them onto the street, the state attorney general's office said.

"These six were kidnapped on Monday night and then beheaded," said a spokeswoman for the attorney general's office.

The beheadings appeared to be a revenge attack by the powerful Gulf cartel and its Zeta hitmen for the killing of 10 gang members in Durango by the army last week, police said.

The battle between rival cartels over smuggling routes into the United States has killed more than 60 people across Mexico this week in the latest sign President Felipe Calderon's army-backed crackdown is only provoking more violence.

Drug gang members in Tijuana, across from San Diego, killed more than 20 people in the past 24 hours, chopping up and beheading victims, while drug murders have escalated in Ciudad Juarez on the Texas border. The city has become one of the world's murder capitals this year.

Drug gangs are becoming increasingly brazen despite a 49,000-strong troop presence across Mexico. In Calderon's home state of Michoacan in central Mexico, suspected drug gangs threw grenades near the state government palace on Tuesday, seriously injuring a pregnant woman and a young girl.

"The government has weakened and fragmented some of the major cartels, but in the progress has upset the balance of cartel power," said U.S. security consultancy Stratfor in a report on Wednesday. "The result has been an increase in violence as formerly allied cartels have been pitted against each other in battles of attrition," it added.

More than 16,000 people have been killed in drug violence in Mexico since Calderon launched his drug war in late 2006.

The United States, which worries about the growing power of the cartels, says the rising death toll is a sign the drug gangs are weakening under the military crackdown.

But Mexicans are angry at the army's inability to stop the violence and have called for a withdrawal in some cities.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yemen rebels say air raid kills 120

Accusing the U.S. Of helping out with an Airstrike ? If the U.S. was involved a High Value Target was killed , That would be the only reason we would do this !
Seeing as how a High value target was not mentioned , it is probably unlikely !
But to the Douchbags of Somalia---->( The Cesspool of the World )
"Paybacks are a Bitch !"
SANAA (Reuters) - Yemeni Shi'ite rebels accused the U.S. air force on Tuesday of joining attacks against them, and killing at least 120 people in a raid in the north of the poor Arab state.

"The savage crime committed by the U.S. air force shows the real face of the United States," said the northern rebels, who often report attacks by the Yemeni and Saudi fighter planes, on their website. There was no immediate report of U.S. comment on the alleged incident.

The rebels, who are fighting the Yemeni army and forces of neighboring Saudi Arabia, posted videos on the Internet that appeared to show people trying to clear rubble covering human bodies.

On Sunday, the rebels said at least 70 people had been killed in a Saudi air raid on a market in the northern town of Razeh. The reports could not be verified as aid workers and media have limited access to the conflict zones.

U.S.-allied Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporter, fears the growing instability in neighboring Yemen could turn into a major security threat for the kingdom by allowing al Qaeda to gain a stronger foothold there.

Costa Rica latest stop for Mexican drug gangs

Again the U.S. fault , one day these Douchbags will realize it is their people that are doing the Smuggling and that it would be more their problem to "Fix" than ours !
Costa Rican police have seized close to 93 tonnes of cocaine between 2006 and 2009, nearly twice the amount the Central American country captured in the previous decade, according to Interior Ministry data.

"We are punished by our geography," Arias said, citing the growing trafficking activity as a major public security issue.

"I believe the United States has to make a much bigger effort to spend more in cutting down on (cocaine) consumption," he told a news conference.

Maybe so , But should the U.S. Always take the blame for what the Derelicts do in poor , underdeveloped , third world countries ?
Maybe they should "Make a much Bigger Effort " Combating the rejects who are smuggling the drugs !

Costa Rica sits halfway between the cocaine-producing Andes and Mexico, whose powerful cartels earn some $40 billion a year smuggling the drug to the United States and other developed countries.

Traffickers traditionally moved cocaine through Central America by plane or boat. They now are well implanted in Guatemala and also are using storage bases in Costa Rica, a nation long known as a haven of stability in a region blighted by street gangs and poverty.

"They're storing it here," said Public Security Minister Janina del Vecchio. "Now, they don't even have intermediaries but instead have Colombians here who leave the drug and the Mexican (cartels) pick it up."

Monday, December 14, 2009

Indiana School Removes 'Allah' From Holiday Show After Protests

The biggest problem here , they are involving Kids !
An elementary school in Indiana reportedly removed a mention of Allah in its holiday show after protests from a national conservative Christian group.

Lantern Road Elementary Principal Danielle Thompson told that school officials in Fishers, Ind., attempted to teach inclusiveness through the second-grade program that included portions on Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Las Posadas and Kwanzaa.

"It went off last night without a hitch," Thompson told the Web site. "Several families thought it was a nice program."

Thompson said officials removed the phrase "Allah is God," however, after the American Family Association complained about the program on its electronic newsletter. The alteration was made because no other deities were named in the program.

Shariq Siddiqui, executive director of the Muslim Alliance of Indiana, told the Web site that the decision to remove the word Allah was most certainly not inclusive.

"It's unfortunate if that was removed from the program just because of Islamophobic feelings," Siddiqui told the Web site. "Schools are a place where we should learn more about each other rather than exclude each other based on stereotypes and misconceptions."

Sorry Siddicqui , Schools are for learning important things like reading , Writing , Math , Science , And basic "Human Being" Skills , Not a place to learn about religion ! you have your Church or Mosque for that !

Siddiqui said "Allah" is the Arabic word for God and is used by Jews, Christians and others in Arabic-speaking nations.

what Arabic-speaking Nation Are you talking About that lets Jews And Christians live in it ?

Secret Document Exposes Iran's Nuclear Trigger

I wonder how Iran will spin this one ? It will be pretty hard to explain how a Neutron Initiator will be used for peaceful purposes !
Unless it is for those kind of peaceful purposes you get when you can incinerate your enemy !
Confidential intelligence documents obtained by The Times of London show that Iran is working on testing a key final component of a nuclear bomb.

The notes, from Iran’s most sensitive military nuclear project, describe a four-year plan to test a neutron initiator, the component of a nuclear bomb that triggers an explosion. Foreign intelligence agencies date them to early 2007, four years after Iran was thought to have suspended its weapons program.

An Asian intelligence source last week confirmed to The Times that his country also believed that weapons work was being carried out as recently as 2007 — specifically, work on a neutron initiator.

The technical document describes the use of a neutron source, uranium deuteride, which independent experts confirm has no possible civilian or military use other than in a nuclear weapon. Uranium deuteride is the material used in Pakistan’s bomb, from where Iran obtained its blueprint.

"Although Iran might claim that this work is for civil purposes, there is no civil application," said David Albright, a physicist and president of the Institute for Science and International Security in Washington, which has analysed hundreds of pages of documents related to the Iranian programme. "This is a very strong indicator of weapons work."

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pakistan PM backtracks on Waziristan remarks

P.M Gilani had to Backtrack on this one , you can't talk tough and say in the headlines that this is going to be a "Big Battle" and then whimper out like this !
Doing so would show the world that he is weak/or maybe a little sympathetic with the Taliban ! I Personally think he sides with the Taliban A little , That's why these Offensives are AntiClimatic !
In televised comments from the eastern city of Lahore, Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani told reporters the military operation in South Waziristan had concluded and that the army may now shift focus to the Orakzai tribal region where militants are believed to have fled.

But Gilani later said though the army had captured Taliban strongholds in South Waziristan, the offensive had not yet ended.

"I may have said it in a different context," he told reporters in the city of Karachi in comments broadcast live by state-run television.

"Our army operation in South Waziristan is going on quite successfully ... and I can't tell any timeline (for its conclusion)."

Anti-militant offensives are handled by Pakistan's powerful army which has been reluctant to set any timeframe for such campaigns. The operation in South Waziristan, which borders Afghanistan, was the army's biggest in years involving 30,000 troops.

Pakistan's military says 589 militants and 79 soldiers have been killed in the South Waziristan campaign since it was launched in mid-October. Militants have hit back with bombings that have killed hundreds of people.

Security officials say many of the militants are believed to have fled South Wazirstan to Orakzai, North Waziristan and the Kurram tribal areas.

Cartels seek toehold in border community politics

Nice , Imagine what it would be like if the Cartels did this in every Community !
Maybe this is the reason for "Certain" Local And Government Politicians whose districts Run alongside the Border with Mexico , Defend Illegal Immigration so heatedly ?
Just sayin , but it always appears to be someone of Hispanic decent who calls everyone Who is Against illegal Immigration a Racist , these same "Politicians" also fight to have A "No I.D." voting system in Place , Basically giving Mexico's Citizens a voice in U.S. Elections !

I have always wondered why Hispanic Politicians Act the way they do when it comes to Immigration And other issues Concerning Mexico , Now maybe we have some insight as to why ?
....Las Cruces Sun News
EL PASO - Mexican drug cartels are helping elect and influence politicians in U.S. communities to advance their criminal activities, an expert on international gangs alleged.

Richard Valdemar, a retired California law enforcement officer, said authorities in California gathered intelligence showing the cartels are corrupting American politicians to gain a foothold in the Southwestern United States.

Previous investigations showed the Carrillo Fuentes, Arellano Felix and Sinaloan drug cartels targeted Southern California communities that included South Gate, Hawaiian Gardens and Bell Gardens.

"Their efforts to influence and control these communities began in the 1980s, but investigators did not detect the trend until the 1990s," said Valdemar, who retired from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department after 33 years in 2004. He also served on a multi-agency investigative task force for 12 years.

"Some of the communities got cleaned up and some didn't," said Valdemar, who appears regularly on TV specials about gangs and other organized criminals.

The influence of gangs on politics is not suspected in El Paso, but gang experts said it could easily happen here.

Valdemar, a veteran investigator said that in California, the Mexican drug organizations employed a method they had used in Mexico with success.

Cartels send representatives to U.S. communities to buy legitimate businesses, such as strip malls, restaurants, auto dealerships and used tire shops. Then, they invite

local politicians and police to receive free meals and discounts, until they can develop relationships with influential people.

"They could give an entire city council a million dollars, and fire police chiefs, city managers, city attorneys, and anyone else who opposes them," Valdemar said. "They got local laws changed so they could run nightclubs, liquor stores and other businesses without interference. They went after cities' towing contracts and other types of contracts."

Although the true source of the money is hidden, he said the cartels contribute cash to the election campaigns of politicians, and finance negative campaigns against their rivals.

They wait until a majority of elected offices are up for election in city councils, county commissions and water districts, and run a lot of candidates so they can seize a majority voting bloc.

Former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado made similar allegations in his 2006 book "In Mortal Danger: The Battle for America's Border and Security."

Friday, December 11, 2009

Pakistan may face new jihad, this time on Internet

Cost-free indoctrination by the Taliban and al Qaeda is readily available on sites such as You Tube, which one official said was used by the five Americans to try and contact militants.

You Tube ? Yes that is right , these little wannabes watched You tube Videos to get all " Gay for Jihad , With all the thousands of videos taken down by "You tube Smackdown " there are still plenty of recruiting style videos on You Tube to see !
The internet is not a new frontier for Terrorists , But it is a growing front line , One that will only get worse , If not kept in check .
(You Tube Smackdown , is currently on strike)
ISLAMABAD: The detention in Pakistan of Americans seeking to contact militants and join holy war through the Internet suggests the country may need more than security crackdowns to contain threats from an insurgency.

The five men, students in their 20s from northern Virginia, were detained this week in the city of Sargodha in Punjab province, 190 km (120 miles) southeast of Islamabad, security officials said.

The suspects were being investigated for possible links to a Pakistan-based group suspected of carrying out high-profile attacks and with links to the Taliban and al Qaeda. Laptops, cellphones and maps of Pakistani cities were seized from them.

'It's a very difficult job to dismantle such networks which operate through the Internet. Their mode of communication was the Internet and email. All five and their contacts were using the same password and just putting their messages in draft and weren't sending them,' said a Pakistani security official.

'It's very difficult to detect them. If the FBI could not detect these types of messages, how can we? It's not an easy job.'

The possibility of having to track down militant networks on the Internet could not have come at a worse time for Pakistan. It is already struggling against militants who seem to carry out bombings at will, killing hundreds since October and raising questions over the stability of the nuclear-armed country.

Islamabad also faces mounting pressure from Washington to root out militants that cross the border to attack US-led troops in Afghanistan.

Radicalisation starts thousands of miles away from the strategic region. Some security officials say the Americans had intended to go fight in Afghanistan.

Two were of Pakistani origin. Officials said one of the Americans was of Egyptian origin, one of Yemeni origin and another of Eritrean origin, illustrating how the Internet can spread militant networks across continents, undetected.

If young men are leaning towards leaving behind the West to seek jihad, the Internet offers a variety of videos, made by some of the world's deadliest militant groups, to help them decide.

Cost-free indoctrination by the Taliban and al Qaeda is readily available on sites such as You Tube, which one official said was used by the five Americans to try and contact militants.

Videos romanticise what could be a violent future.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

High- Ranking Al Qaida leader Reportedly Killed

Absolutely Awesome ! I hope they keep expanding on the predator strikes , they seem the only thing that really gets the " Big Guys " .
Just a little curious about the newly revealed RQ-170 "The beast of Khandahar " Or the Sentinal ( Yes it is Official now ) , They say that the "R" designation stands for purely operational , Troop Support , That's great .

Obama Recently announced that the U.S. will increase the Predator drone Attacks throughout Pakistan And into Baluchistan Afghanistan ! also Extremely great .

So is the Beast of Khandahar purely for "Recon" Purposes to support this ? Probably , But from the Looks of this BadAss Drone , it could be Modified With Weapons
After all the predator was purely for Recon When it was first introduced !

Either way Dead Bad Guys !

A high-ranking Al Qaeda figure reportedly was killed Thursday in a U.S. drone aircraft attack in north Pakistan.

The attack, first reported by NBC News, was officially denied by Pakistani officials, though sources told Fox News that neither Usama bin Laden or Ayman al-Zawahiri were among those killed.

Pakistani media report six militants were killed in the attack, including four foreign fighters, a classification in the tribal areas that typically refers to Al Qaeda.

The attack was part of the expanded use of Predator drones recently authorized by the White House, sources told Fox News, though the drone attacks, which began during the Bush Administration, never have been officially confirmed because of political sensitivity in Pakistan.

The Obama administration reportedly is talking with Pakistan about expanding the program from Waziristan to Baluchistan, a controversial move since it is outside the tribal areas near the Afghanistan border.

Baluchistan is where Afghan Taliban leaders are believed to be hiding.

The administration's decision corresponds with Obama's announcement last week to send 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, lawmakers lashed out at Pakistan last week as an unreliable ally in the Afghan war that could spare the U.S. its bruising fight with Al Qaeda if it wanted.

"They don't seem to want a strategic relationship," New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez said of the government in Islamabad. "They want the money. They want the equipment. But at the end of the day, they don't want a relationship that costs them too much."

A crucial ally in fighting the Al Qaeda terrorist network, Pakistan is also a major recipient of U.S. aid. President Obama and Congress recently approved a $7.5 billion aid package for economic and social programs in Pakistan in a bid to strengthen the civilian government there.

But many in Congress have grown skeptical that Islamabad is doing all it can to drive out Al Qaeda forces hiding along its mountainous Afghan border.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ahmadinejad Reportedly Claims U.S. is Blocking Return of Mankind's Savior

“We have documented proof that they believe that a descendant of the prophet of Islam will raise in these parts and he will dry the roots of all injustice in the world,”

Spoooky !

So some Documented proof is in their Hands ? I sure would like to see this ! What is it about Doomsday Theories and whackos all around the World ?
Preaching like he is a Prophet of Doom , Ahmadinejad makes himself look like one Giant Asshole , How ANYONE could take this Major Asswipe seriously is Beyond comprehension !
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claims the United States is attempting to thwart the return of mankind's savior, according to reports from Al Arabiya, a television news station based in Dubai.

Ahmadinejad reportedly claims he has documented evidence that the U.S. is blocking the return of Mahdi, the Imam believed by Muslims to be the savior.

“We have documented proof that they believe that a descendant of the prophet of Islam will raise in these parts and he will dry the roots of all injustice in the world,” Ahmadinejad said during a speech on Monday, according to Al Arabiya.

"They have devised all these plans to prevent the coming of the Hidden Imam because they know that the Iranian nation is the one that will prepare the grounds for his coming and will be the supporters of his rule," Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying.

Ahmadinejad continued the rant by claiming there have been plots by both the West as well as countries in the East to wipe out his country, according to Iranian news Web site Tabak.

"They have planned to annihilate Iran. This is why all policymakers and analysts believe Iran is the true winner in the Middle East," Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying by the site. He also alleged that foreign nations seek to control Iran's oil and natural resources.

"In Afghanistan, they are caught like an animal in a quagmire. But instead of pulling their troops out to save themselves, they are deploying more soldiers. Even if they stay in Afghanistan for another 50 years they will be forced to leave with disgrace — because this is a historical experience," Ahmadinejad reportedly said.

"They know themselves that they need Iran in the Middle East, but because of their arrogance they do not want to accept this reality. They are nothing without the Iranian nation and all their rhetoric is because they don't want to appear weak."

Monday, December 7, 2009

Iran opposition clashes with police

Ah , A Muslim Country in turmoil ! So Nice to See .
I expect that Mousavi will be hunted down like a dog , and he probably will disappear , the Mullah Monkeys Are not going to put up with his Urging the people along in these protests !
But here you have the usual Iranian B.S , Shooting live rounds ( At least no reports of anyone killed this time ,So far )beating everyone and Arresting others !
What a nice place to live !
TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian security forces fired warning shots in Tehran on Monday and beat opposition protesters among thousands seeking to renew their challenge to the government six months after a disputed election, witnesses said.

The security forces fired shots into the air as they clashed with supporters of opposition leader Mirhossein Mousavi at a state rally marking the killing of three students under the former Shah, the reformist website Mowjcamp said.

"Security forces are beating demonstrators, men and women. Some of them are injured and bleeding," said one witness in Tehran's central Haft-e Tir square.

The June 12 presidential election, which secured President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's re-election, sparked Iran's worst unrest since the Islamic revolution three decades ago and exposed deep divisions in the establishment. Authorities deny allegations of vote-rigging.

Journalists working for foreign media were told by officials not to leave their offices to cover stories from Monday until Wednesday, but witnesses told Reuters hundreds of riot police battled protesters in various Tehran squares to disperse them.

"Some people who took part in illegal gatherings on Monday have been arrested by police," said Tehran general prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi, the semi-official Fars new agency reported. "They are being interrogated."

He did not specify how many people had been arrested.

Witnesses said some of the Tehran protesters chanted "death to the dictator".

HaHaHa... No Death To America ?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Swiss minaret ban reversal vote in pipeline

This gets Interesting now , A proposal is being drawn up to be brought to a vote , To overturn the 57% approval of a ban On Minarets .

MoMo Qadaffy , says Voting against Islam , Has done Al Qaida a great Favor , And is Playing into their Hands !

And the U.N Is Upset because this is a Human rights violation to no end , And the ban is Oppressive to Muslims everywhere !
ZURICH (Reuters) - Swiss liberals are considering a new referendum to overturn the ban on building new minarets in the country, Sunday papers reported, as Libya's Muamar Gaddafi warned the ban played into the hands of terrorists.

Club Helvetique, a group of over 20 Swiss intellectuals, will draw up an action plan to overturn the ban, which has drawn widespread criticism abroad and prompted hundreds of people to take to the streets this weekend in Zurich, Basel and Berne.

"A new initiative is the most democratic way of achieving this," constitutional lawyer Joerg Mueller told Sonntag.

But the ban Initiative was done in a Democratic way , no one was forced to vote on it !

Voters adopted the ban in a referendum a week ago, defying the government and parliament which had warned the right-wing initiative violated the Swiss constitution, freedom of religion and a cherished tradition of tolerance.

In a Democratic society , The Will of the people is supposed to rule , even with the Opposition to the Movement by the Government !
( If not you Have , Iran Not Switzerland )
In overturning this referendum , The most intolerant religion and people , will have a stronger foothole to Impose their ways upon Switzerland ! Islams view ... To Kill or convert all nonbelievers !

Two complaints questioning the legality of ban had already been handed to Switzerland's Federal Court, Sonntag said.

Libya leader Gaddafi said the ban had done a great favor to al Qaeda militants, who would use it to attract recruits in a holy war against Europe, news agency SDA reported.

"The activists are now saying: 'we told you that they are our enemies...join al Qaeda and declare jihad on Europe '."

O.K. MoMo now thinks of Al Qaida As Activists ?

Politicians from the SVP, Switzerland's biggest party, and the conservative Federal Democratic Union gathered enough signatures to force the referendum on the initiative which opposed the "Islamisation of Switzerland."

Its campaign poster showed the Swiss flag covered in missile-like minarets and the portrait of a woman covered with a black chador and veil associated with strict Islam.

"The Club Helvetique is an association of bad losers," Sonntag reported SVP Vice-President Christoph Blocher as saying.

And an Association of the Blind .


The United Nations last week denounced Switzerland's constitutional ban on building minarets as "deeply divisive," "clearly discriminatory" and at odds with the country's obligations under international law.

Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey said the Iranian government had summoned the Swiss ambassador to explain the situation.

"I don't know of any evidence of terrorist threats so far," she said. "We are doing everything to prevent the situation from escalating."

Switzerland, a country of 7.7 million, is home to more than 300,000 Muslims, mainly from Bosnia, Kosovo and Turkey, but has just four minarets.

7.7 Million people in Switzerland and only 300,000 Muslims ? WTF .
When you read everything being said in opposition to the Ban , You would think There was a Larger Number of Muslims in Switzerland !
Regardless of that , I fear Switzerland Will Give in !

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Twelve die in drug war shootouts in Mexico

Sunday Their will be a "Peace" march held in Jaurez , The people holding the march have kept their names out of the news for fear that they will be Killed ,
Other activists and some outspoken students have been killed recently because of their opposition to the Drug Cartels !

In the 4 years since Calderon has taken Office 15,000 people have been killed throughout Mexico , 4000 plus just in the Jaurez area !
MONTERREY, Mexico (Reuters) - Twelve people were killed in related gun battles in northern Mexico on Friday, one of the highest death tolls from a clash in the country's drug war in recent months.

Shooting broke out when soldiers approached a ranch during an operation near the city of Monterrey, military and local authorities told Reuters. Seven gunmen were killed in the shootout, they said.

Other gunmen, thought to be part of the Zetas drug gang, escaped the ranch and were chased by security forces, leading to another shootout that killed five people, including a bystander.

"So far we have 12 dead confirmed," a police source said. "Eleven were drug gang members and one was a civilian."

Since President Felipe Calderon took office in late 2006, more than 15,000 people have died in the drug war, which is tied to a fight between rival cartels for control of the lucrative trade.

Massive army deployments in cities such as Ciudad Juarez on the U.S. border have failed to quell the violence.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Pakistan mosque attacks kills 30

Muslim's Killing Muslim's , The Muslim way !
At least 30 people have been killed and many injured in a coordinated attack at a mosque in the city of Rawalpindi, Pakistani military officials say.

Reports suggest there was an initial suicide attack during Friday prayers followed by a series of explosions.

Ambulances have rushed to the scene in the busy Qasim Market area of the city.

The Pakistani security forces have been targeted in a series of recent attacks. Nineteen people were killed in an army base attack in Rawalpindi in October.

Military spokesman Maj Gen Athar Abbas said the attack appeared to have been coordinated.

"There were certainly more than one attacker, so there is a possibility that some of them may still be hiding in the vicinity."

The BBC's Orla Guerin, in Rawalpindi, says helicopters are hovering over the city, suggesting the security forces are still looking for attackers that may be on the run.

The area around the mosque has been heavily cordoned off by police.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mexico City police free dozens of "slave workers"

What a lovely damn country , South of our Border .
Kind of like Somalia !
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexican police freed 107 people on Thursday who were imprisoned and forced to work in a clandestine factory in the capital, the prosecutor's office said.

Police raided the factory, which made clothing clasps, after several months of investigation following the complaint of a worker who had escaped from the facility.

Twenty-three people were arrested.

Mexican media reported the freed workers were suffering from malnutrition and showed signs of physical abuse.

Most were indigenous people from the south of the country and drug and alcohol addicts rounded up from Mexico City's streets, a spokeswoman for the city prosecutor's office said.

Some were lured into the factory with the promise of jobs. Investigators were also probing allegations that police officers helped round up some of those held in the factory during routine street patrols, Mexican media reported.

Mexicans trying to migrate to the United States are being increasingly targeted by Mexico's ruthless organized crime groups that have expanded into kidnapping and extortion in recent years.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ahmadinejad: Not A 'Damn Thing' Israel Can Do to Stop Nuclear Program

Iran Is Nuke Proof ?
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said there isn't a "damn thing" Israel can do to stop its nuclear program, Reuters reported.

"The Zionist regime (Israel) and its (western) backers cannot do a damn thing to stop Iran's nuclear work," Ahmadinejad said in a televised speech, according to Reuters.

Iran said Wednesday it will enrich uranium to a higher level on its own, the latest indication the country was rejecting a U.N.-backed proposal aimed at thwarting any effort by Tehran to make material for a nuclear weapon.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made the comment after expressing frustration with the ongoing negotiations over the proposal that Iran exchange the bulk of its low-enriched uranium for more highly enriched fuel rods to be used in a medical research nuclear reactor.

Low-enriched uranium can be used as fuel for nuclear energy, but enriched to much higher levels, it can be used as material for a weapon. Iran currently has one operating enrichment facility that has churned out around 3,300 pounds of 3.5 percent enriched uranium over the past years, but the country needs fuel enriched to 20 percent to power a medical research reactor.

"I declare here that with the grace of God, the Iranian nation will produce 20 percent (enriched uranium) fuel and anything it needs itself," Ahmadinejad told a cheering crowd of thousands in the central city Isfahan. "We told them, give us the 20 percent fuel (in an exchange)," he said. "But then they started adding conditions. So we said, if you want to give us the fuel we'll take it. If not, then fine and goodbye."

Ahmadinejad, in a speech Tuesday night, indicated Iran was through negotiating the nuclear issue.

"We were interested, from the beginning, in solving all the problems related to the nuclear issue," he said. "Now, the issue, in our opinion, is over."

With that kind of Attitude , Iran May be Over .

Islamist rebels claim Russian rail bombing

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Islamist militants on Wednesday claimed responsibility for a bombing that derailed a Russian express train, killing 26 people, and vowed further "acts of sabotage" in a letter posted on a rebel website.

Friday night's attack on the luxury Nevsky Express running between Moscow and St Petersburg was the worst in Russia outside the North Caucasus in five years and raised fears of a new wave of bombings in major cities.

"This operation was prepared and carried out...pursuant to the orders of the Emir of the Caucasus Emirate Doku Umarov," the website said, quoting a letter it said it received from Islamist rebels.

Umarov is Russia's most wanted guerrilla leader and leads a jihad insurgency which aims to free the mainly Muslim North Caucasus from Moscow's rule.

A second, smaller bomb detonated by mobile phone injured Russia's top detective as he visited the crime scene on Saturday. The Investigative Committee said its chief Alexander Bastrykin was hospitalised as a result of the blast but would not comment on his condition.

The militants' letter said the train bombing was part of a campaign of sabotage against strategic economic targets.

"These acts of sabotage will continue for as long as those occupying the Caucasus do not stop their policy of killing ordinary Muslims," the letter said.

And if the "Ordinary Muslims" stop all their terrorist activities which kill innocent people , And just plain get over themselves , maybe things would be better ?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Russia shifts stance on Iran, Ahmadinejad defiant

Very good news , Not that I don't think Iran is going to back down , I'm Positive they Won't !

It is all going to come down to who has the Bigger " Pair ".
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia will join any consensus on more sanctions against Iran, a senior Russian diplomatic source said on Tuesday after Tehran declared it would expand nuclear activity in defiance of a U.N. rebuke.

It was a thinly veiled Russian warning to Iran of waning patience with its failure to allay fears it aims to develop atom bombs in secret, and hinted that Iran could no longer rely on Russia to stop tougher world action against it.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad voiced defiance on Tuesday, saying sanctions would have no effect and that no more talks on the nuclear dispute were needed with the West. Speaking on state television, he also criticized Russian action.

Governors of the U.N. nuclear agency passed a resolution on Friday censuring Iran for covertly constructing a second enrichment plant near the holy city of Qom, in addition to its IAEA-monitored one at Natanz, and demanding a construction halt.

Tehran said on Sunday it would build 10 more uranium enrichment sites -- a pledge that Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday was "not a bluff".

Speaking of Islam !

Switzerland ? No , Dearborn Michigan !
This mosque ,The Islamic center of America , Has been around awhile , Construction of this Shithole , I mean Mosque ,took a long time !
It was started way before 9/11 ever occurred , after 9/11 it sat boarded up and really looking like a dump ! Never really found out what was up ! But I have My suspicions .
Led by Imam , Sayeed Hassan Al-Qazwini , He is one of the 40 Muslims denied the boarding of a plane in Germany back in 2007 , they were trying to return home after the Haaj .
This is also The largest Mosque in North America.