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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Iran Israel Minister: Strike on Iran Could Be Necessary

I understand Mr. Yaalon's point, but who cares, that is the problem, who cares?
Only th U.S., Israel, and a small select few people believe that Iran Is going to be a problem once they acquire Nukes.
The rest of the world could care less, they would rather nut-hug Iran than talk bad about them.

MOSCOW – An Israeli Cabinet minister said the civilized world must take joint action to avert the Iranian nuclear threat, including a pre-emptive strike if necessary.

Moshe Yaalon — the minister for strategic affairs — made the statement in an interview with Russia's Interfax news agency released Monday ahead of a visit to Moscow.

"We strongly hope that the entire civilized world will come to realize what threat this regime is posing and take joint action to avert the nuclear threat posed by Iran, even if it would be necessary to conduct a pre-emptive strike," Yaalon was quoted by Interfax as saying.

Yaalon wouldn't discuss who might deal the strike, saying the entire world, not just Israel, must be concerned about the danger posed by a nuclear-armed Iran.

"An Iran possessing nuclear weapons would be a threat to the entire civilized world," he was reported as saying.

Yaalon's spokesman Ofer Harel told The Associated Press later Monday that the minister was repeating Israel's position that all options are on the table and not calling for anybody to attack Iran

Cease-Fire Breaks Down Between Yemeni Army, Tribes

Yemen is falling quicker each day, yesterday they were firing live rounds into the crowds it's a total mess there.
And the Al Qaida factor, yesterday they were talking about Al Qaida having full control of a large town close to the capital, and they are prepared to take over the whole country.

So what is the world going to do when Al Qaida has its own country?

SANAA, Yemen -- Heavy fighting resumed Tuesday in Yemen's capital between government troops and followers of the country's most powerful tribal leader, ending a brief cease-fire and again raising the prospect that Yemen's political crisis could veer into civil war.

Government forces attacked the heavily guarded home of Sheik Sadeq al-Ahmar, who heads the most powerful tribal confederation in Yemen and has turned against the embattled president to join the protest movement that has been seeking his ouster since early February.

Al-Ahmar's armed followers fought back and reoccupied several government buildings they had seized in the first round of fighting between the sides last week. There was no immediate information on casualties.

A resident of the capital, Talal Hazza, said an artillery shell exploded outside his home and another destroyed his neighbor's house.

Hazza says the fighting is preventing ambulances from reaching the wounded.

Beyond the capital, violence has erupted in the southern city of Taiz, which has been a hotbed of anti-government protests since the early days of the uprising against President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Soldiers backed by tanks and bulldozers have moved in to smash a tent camp in a central square in the city and also destroyed a field hospital that had been set up in anticipation of such an attack. A doctor who witnessed the attack said at least 20 people were killed on Monday.

Pentagon Pentagon: Cyber Attacks Can Count as Act of War

A new age of war.
the pentagon will have a tough go at even getting this off the ground, so many factors come into play that you have to consider when judging where a cyberattack originated.

Do I think that some cyberattacks are acts of war, hell yeah, a portion of them are directly targeted attacks and should be dealt with.
America is a little behind the times when it comes to fighting cyber warfare, when China actively recruits hackers to implement cyber attacks, why is the United States not doing the same?

WASHINGTON—The Pentagon has concluded that computer sabotage coming from another country can constitute an act of war, a finding that for the first time opens the door for the U.S. to respond using traditional military force.

The Pentagon's first formal cyber strategy, unclassified portions of which are expected to become public next month, represents an early attempt to grapple with a changing world in which a hacker could pose as significant a threat to U.S. nuclear reactors, subways or pipelines as a hostile country's military.

In part, the Pentagon intends its plan as a warning to potential adversaries of the consequences of attacking the U.S. in this way. "If you shut down our power grid, maybe we will put a missile down one of your smokestacks," said a military official.

Recent attacks on the Pentagon's own systems—as well as the sabotaging of Iran's nuclear program via the Stuxnet computer worm—have given new urgency to U.S. efforts to develop a more formalized approach to cyber attacks. A key moment occurred in 2008, when at least one U.S. military computer system was penetrated. This weekend Lockheed Martin, a major military contractor, acknowledged that it had been the victim of an infiltration, while playing down its impact.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Don't Forget what Today is About.

Thanks Vets.

And Thanks Dad.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lockheed Network Reportedly Suffers Security Breach

You would think they would have their database more locked down, it is not like it is unheard of to be attacked.
Cyber security Should be job #1 when it comes to defense Contractors.

Hackers may have infiltrated the networks of top US weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin Corp., The Wall Street Journal reported Friday, citing a person with knowledge of the attacks.

The security disruptions prompted the company to step up measures to protect its data. It wasn't immediately clear if any sensitive information was stolen or compromised.

Lockheed spokesman Jeffery Adams said the company, as a matter of policy, didn't discuss specific cyber threats or measures taken in response.

"However, to counter any threats, we regularly take actions to increase the security of our systems and to protect our employee, customer and program data," he said. "We have policies and procedures in place to mitigate the cyber threats to our business, and we remain confident in the integrity of our robust, multilayered information systems security."

Lockheed manufactures some of the most sophisticated US military hardware, including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and the F-22 Raptor. It is also a major international supplier of military equipment.

According to the person familiar with the situation, many employees were required to change their "SecureID" passwords. The move may have been prompted by an attack from hackers who may have penetrated the company's cyber defenses by using duplicate SecurID electronic keys made by EMC Corp.'s RSA security division.

Facebook Founder Zuckerberg Pledges to Only Eat What He Kills

So the big facebook guy wants to kill everything he eats and everyone makes a big deal out of it.
It is a pretty cool thing to do, I know plenty of people who do it all the time;it is their way of life.
You can go hungry if you can't hunt, so you have to have some skills.
I can hunt whitetail deer and turkeys right in my back yard, there is nothing like a real fresh turkey dinner, or a nice freshly dead venison backstrap.
While it is Honorable to attempt this, he is not special, I'm sure when he hunts it will be on a nice Game Ranch where he will be guaranteed a kill.

Killing it is one thing, is he going to gut it and clean it?

Maybe he should hook up with Ted Nugent, That would learn em.

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has publicly announced his new challenge for 2011 -- only eating meat that he has slaughtered with his own bare hands, reported Friday.

"I just killed a pig and a goat," he wrote on his private Facebook page earlier this month.

Zuckerberg sets a single new goal for himself every year.

In 2009, he wore a tie every day. Last year, he learned Chinese. Both were fairly innocuous, but his latest campaign has caused some consternation amongst his Facebook fans.

Fortune reported that Zuckerberg was introduced to the practice by Silicon Valley chef Jesse Cool in his home town of Palo Alto, California.

She directed him to some nearby farms and helped him kill a chicken, pig and goat.

"He cut the throat of the goat with a knife, which is the most kind way to do it," Cool told Fortune.

Zuckerberg started his kill-to-eat diet by boiling a live lobster.

His girlfriend Priscilla is also keen consumer and the two recently carved up a chicken together, eating the heart and liver and making stock from the soup.

According to Fortune, he posted a photo of the chicken on his Facebook page and listed all the meals he made from it.

Friday, May 27, 2011

36 killed in northwest Pakistan suicide bomb attack

The Taliban has been relentless with their suicide attacks in the past few weeks.
Still reeling from Osamas demise, they are splodin everybody up.
If Pakistan would have just put some effort into helping with the demise of the Taliban things could have been different for them.

Hey Pakistan, ENJOY.

The Times of India

ISLAMABAD: The death toll in a devastating suicide car bomb attack in northwest Pakistan on Friday rose to 36 as more bodies were pulled out of the rubble of buildings that collapsed when the attacker detonated his explosives-laden vehicle in a congested area of Hangu city.

Two more bodies were retrieved from the debris today, officials in Hangu said. At least 10 policemen were among the dead.

Over 50 people were injured in the deadly attack carried out by the Pakistani Taliban to avenge the killing of Osama bin Laden in a US raid on May 2.

The bomber detonated his explosives near several government offices and a court complex in the heart of Hangu city of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Masood Afridi said an estimated 450 kg of explosives was used in the attack.

Group of 8 Pledges to Aid Egypt and Tunisia

Take 20 Billion Dollars give it to a couple arab countries that have no government and have every radical Islamist group that exists fighting for some kind of power and what do you get...The next Al Qaida or Iranian regime.
Or something like that, it is obvious that the Muslim Brotherhood is actively trying to make waves in Egypt, the problem is that these Group of Eight rejects do not see the problem with it, just give them a few Billion dollars here and there they will like us...Not a Chance.

The New York Times
DEAUVILLE, France — Prodded by the United States, the world’s leading industrialized countries said here on Friday they would help revive the economies of Egypt and Tunisia, though they made no specific country-by-country financial pledges.

In a communiqué issued by the Group of 8 at the end of a summit meeting in this French seaside resort, the leaders said they had agreed to launch “an enduring partnership with those countries engaging in a transition to democracy and tolerant societies.”

The economic aid package will rely heavily on multilateral institutions like the International Monetary Fund and the European Investment Bank. The Group of 8 said those institutions could generate more than $20 billion in assistance, though it was not clear that money would flow to Egypt and Tunisia.

Representatives of the G-8 countries, who discussed the matter at a series of lunches and dinners Thursday and in working sessions that lasted until about 4 a.m. Friday, expressed concern that the reform movement risked being “hijacked” by Islamic radicals if the West did not help the two countries that touched off the Arab Spring to modernize their economies, two European diplomats who were present during the discussions said.

US lawmakers block China firms from Pentagon contracts

Ridiculously typical of the U.S. Government, passing a law where you don't need to.
It should be a given that anyone affiliated with any company that has dealings with China, including China itself should not be able to bid on any U.S, defense contracts!
Actually all our defense contracts should be bid on only by Americans and American companies, why would you want to potentially help out a potential enemy?
For some stupid ass reason the possibility has been there.

Lawmakers in the US House of Representatives have voted to bar Chinese defence firms from receiving Pentagon contracts.

The amendment was passed as part of a larger defense budget bill passed by the House in Washington on Wednesday.

It excludes all companies owned by or affiliated to the Chinese government from US defense deals.

The US Senate must also pass the bill before it can be approved by President Barack Obama.

Congresswoman Rose DeLauro, a sponsor of the amendment, said it would help guard US national security interests.

"With China making significant progress in the defense and aerospace industries, including a Chinese state-controlled company considering a bid for the contract for the next presidential helicopter, it is critical that we ensure US national security is protected and that the highly skilled jobs and associated technologies in these industries are not outsourced overseas," she said in a statement.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Saudi Facebook Campaign Calls for Men to Beat Women Drivers

Facebook is a new hangout and message board for terrorists, recent pages have popped up calling for the destruction of Israel, Facebook took one of them down but I believe there are still a couple of them up.
Now a new one for Saudi Arabia, Calling for the beating of women who "Plan" to drive in next months protest, 6000 people have liked it so far.

But the problem is Islam, more to the point the people of Islam, calling for the destruction of Israel, calling for the beating of women just because they plan to Drive... give me a break.
Islam is an abusive Religion, and should be treated as such.

A campaign on Facebook is calling for Saudi men to beat women who plan to drive cars in a protest next month, AFP reports.

"The Iqal Campaign: June 17 for preventing women from driving" advocates a cord be used to beat women who plan to drive. Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.

Some 6,000 people have "liked" the campaign on Facebook.

It was created in response to female activist Manal al-Sharif, who created a page calling for Saudi women to defy the driving ban on June 17.

The Facebook page, called "Teach me how to drive so I can protect myself," was removed after more than 12,000 people indicated their support. The campaign's Twitter account also was deactivated.

Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that bans women — both Saudi and foreign — from driving. The prohibition forces families to hire live-in drivers, and those who cannot afford the $300 to $400 a month for a driver must rely on male relatives to drive them to work, school, shopping or the doctor.

NASA Announces Pioneering Mission To Asteroid

Sounds exciting, and it could be if furtherr funding does not get cut from the NASA budget.
Osiris-Rex will not reach the near Earth asteroid designated 1999 RQ36 until 2020 (launch date 2016) it will be awhile.

Irish weather online
NASA will launch a spacecraft to an asteroid in 2016 and use a robotic arm to pluck samples that could better explain our solar system’s formation and how life began. The mission, called Origins-Spectral Interpretation-Resource Identification-Security-Regolith Explorer, or OSIRIS-REx, will be the first U.S. mission to carry samples from an asteroid back to Earth.

“This is a critical step in meeting the objectives outlined by President Obama to extend our reach beyond low-Earth orbit and explore into deep space,” said NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden. “It’s robotic missions like these that will pave the way for future human space missions to an asteroid and other deep space destinations.”

NASA selected OSIRIS-REx after reviewing three concept study reports for new scientific missions, which also included a sample return mission from the far side of the moon and a mission to the surface of Venus.

Mexico gang shootout in Nayarit state kills 28

And another country I will never go too.
I used to go to Tijuana when i was in High School, you had to watch your step but the worst that would happen was you might get in a fight, or the federalis would arrest you for being to drunk.(the drinking age was 16, Tijauna Tillys never carded though).
Now you have to worry about shootouts, kidnappings, being killed, what a mess down there.
another mass grave was found last week I have not heard a final total yet but something over a hundred bodies I believe.
Nearly 40,000 have been killed in Mexico now.

A shootout between rival Mexican gangs has left at least 28 people dead, officials say.

The gunfight took place at a crossroads near Ruiz in the Pacific coast state of Nayarit, some 800km (500 miles) north-west of Mexico City.

Police found 28 men dead and four wounded when they reached the scene, which was littered with bullet shells.

In Michoacan state, drug gang violence has forced more than 1,000 people to flee their villages, officials say.

US withdraws diplomats from Yemen amid clashes

Why we still had anybody in Yemen is a wonder, other than say some CIA, or some other covert operatives that should be lets say "Hunting".
And if you are an American and you think it is a good idea to travel to Yemen you may need your head examined.
I would love to see the Pyramids in Egypt, but I am never going there now, Video and pictures will do for me.
Yemen is one of the Biggest cesspools in the world, only beaten out by Somalia, as an American you are always a target.

The US has ordered all its non-essential diplomats and family members of embassy staff to leave Yemen as fighting there escalates.

Medical sources say 72 people have died in three days of clashes between tribal fighters and government troops.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh has again said he will not step down and leave Yemen, despite mounting protests.

He has so far refused to sign a transition deal that would see him resign in favour of a unity government.

The US State Department has also warned Americans against travelling to Yemen.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Millions of girls lost to selective abortion in India

“Increases in selective abortion of girls are probably because of persistent son preference combined with decreases in fertility,”

Decreases in Fertility?...But Boys and Boys don't make Boys!

Weird things go on in other countries, Males are preferred in certain places over females.
It makes you wonder, there is going to be a lot of boys growing up with a lot less girls around.
PARIS: Sex selection of foetuses in India has led to 7.1 million fewer girls than boys up to age six, a gender gap that has widened by more than a million in a decade, according to a study released Tuesday.

In Indian families in which the first child has been a girl, more and more parents with access to prenatal ultrasound testing are aborting a second female in the hope that a subsequent pregnancy will yield a boy, said the study, published in The Lancet.

The increasingly lopsided ratio of girls to boys is larger in wealthy households than poorer ones, the researchers reported.

Between 1980 and 2010, they estimate, four to 12 million girls were aborted because of their sex.

“Selective abortion of female foetuses, usually after a firstborn girl, has increased in India over the past few decades, and has contributed to a widening imbalance in the child sex ratio,” they conclude.

The female shortfall for the zero-to-six age bracket was 6.0 million in 2001, and 4.2 million in 1991.

“Increases in selective abortion of girls are probably because of persistent son preference combined with decreases in fertility,” the authors say.

Suicide truck bomb razes Pakistan police station

The Taliban strike again, they must be really pissed that the U.S. was able to sneak into Pakistan and take Osama Bin Laden out, literally.

You would think that with all this retaliation you would hear of the Pakistani Military going after the Taliban, But they don't they only respond to the Taliban.

Four people have been killed and 22 others wounded in a suicide lorry bomb attack on a police station in Peshawar, in north-west Pakistan.

The force of the blast flattened the building, police said. Emergency workers were searching for bodies and survivors in the rubble.

The building was close to Pakistani army facilities and the US consulate.

Pakistani Taliban said they carried out the attack, several of which have taken place since Osama Bin Laden was killed.

Palestinians say Netanyahu speech will not bring peace

And Palestine goes with its default Statement...

There will never be peace in the Middle east, not because of Israel because of the ignorant uneducated rejects that live in Palestine. I understand being stupid, but why is there so many stupid people in Palestine?

When you are told not to launch your little rockets into another country or you will be killed, And you do it anyway, You are going to die.

when you say things like ..."the destruction of Israel is the only answer" What do you expect?

When Israel celebrates its anniversary and every country around it goes ballistic and tries to breach all the fences, do they expect Israel to just let it happen?

Words do not come together to describe how these ingrates are, stupid comes close but it is an insult to stupid people.

Palestinian officials have dismissed Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to the US Congress, saying it will not lead to peace.

A spokesman for Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas said Mr Netanyahu had created "more obstacles".

Mr Netanyahu had told the US Congress that Israel was "willing to make painful compromises" to achieve peace.

But he rejected US President Barack Obama's call for a peace deal based on pre-1967 borders, plus land swaps.

Reacting to the speech, Abbas spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina said: "What came in Netanyahu's speech will not lead to peace".

He said there was "nothing new" in the speech, "except that he is adding obstacles on the road towards a genuine, serious, lasting and comprehensive peace".

Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said the speech proved Israel could not be a partner for peace in the region.

Mr Erekat said Mr Netanyahu was seeking to "dictate the results" of negotiations before they had begun.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Afghan blast 'kills 10' labourers

That will teach those pesky construction workers, teach em a damn lesson for Osama bin Laden getting the permanent dunk tank treatment!

Islam, How Pathetic!

At least 10 road workers have been killed and 28 injured in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar when their truck hit a roadside bomb, hospital officials say.

No group has said it carried out the attack. Last week gunmen shot dead 35 highway workers in Paktia province.

Road workers are frequently targeted by Taliban militants.

The Taliban recently declared a "spring offensive" of attacks. This is the fourth attack in as many days.

The labourers, who worked for a local construction firm called Nisa, were on their way to work when the blast went off in rural Panjwayi district of Kandahar province.

According to the health director of Kandahar, Abdul Qayum Khan, 18 of the 28 injured are in critical condition.

Tepco confirms extra partial fuel rod meltdown at plant

"Based on our analysis, we have reached the conclusion that a certain amount of nuclear fuel has melted down,"

At least they finally admit to what everyone has already known.

Now what is the extent of these "Partial Meltdowns" that is the bigger question.

Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) has confirmed the meltdown of extra fuel rods in reactors at its damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant.

The company said that the rods were in its Number 2 and Number 3 reactors.

Tepco has been trying to contain radiation from the plant, crippled by the 11 March earthquake and tsunami.

The company said that it planned to stick to its timetable of getting the radiation under control by January.

Tepco's announcement came on the same day that a team from the United Nations' atomic watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), kicked off a visit in Japan.

Missed Him By That Much

Dammit, so close.
They are saying it was just an accident, but who really knows with the way the control all the news in Iran.
Oh well, Maybe next time.

One person has been killed and at least 20 hurt in an explosion at a refinery in Iran during a visit by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iranian media say.

He was not hurt in the blast and went on to make a televised speech to mark the opening of the oil refinery, in the south-western city of Abadan.

A technical problem caused the blast and then a fire, Fars news agency said.

Thick smoke was seen rising from the refinery but the fire was under control, the semi-official agency said.

Another news agency, Mehr, said the explosion was caused by a gas leak and some employees inhaled toxic substances.

In August last year, Iranian authorities denied that an explosive device had been thrown at Mr Ahmadinejad's convoy near the city of Hamedan.

Mr Ahmadinejad is currently involved in a power struggle with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, after the latter reinstated the intelligence minister the president tried to sack.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Taliban denies reports of Mullah Omar's death

So the Taliban Says the Big Mullah Monkey, Mullah Omar is not Dead yet!
Who knows what brought this on, it would be awesome news if it was true that he was dead, but something is probably up if they are talking about it.

The Los Angeles Times

KABUL, Afghanistan—
A Taliban spokesman on Monday vehemently denied a swirl of rumors that the movement's spiritual leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar, had died or been killed, but Afghanistan's main intelligence service said he had disappeared from his Pakistan hideout.

The Taliban spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, said by telephone that Omar -- the one-eyed, self-declared "commander of the faithful" who has long been thought to be hiding in Pakistan -- was alive and well in Afghanistan, directing the group's military campaign.

Nonetheless, the wildfire-like spread of the reports -- aided by social media such as Twitter -- reflected the intense degree of speculation surrounding Omar's fate, which has dramatically heightened since Navy SEALs killed Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden three weeks earlier in his Pakistan hideout.

Tornado kills at least 89, leaves 'total devastation' in Missouri town

And speaking of Mother nature, She sure can be a bitch!

This has got to go down as the worst tornado season ever, bigger, deadlier, just miserable.

The Los Angeles times
Joplin, Mo.—
A powerful tornado slammed into Joplin, Mo., on Sunday, killing at least 89 people as it ripped the top off a hospital, sheared parts of the roof off a high school and turned homes and major retail stores into heaps of rubble.

City manager Mark Rohr announced the death toll before dawn Monday outside the wreckage of the hospital, confirming the fears that officials had expressed earlier. The twister cut a nearly six-mile path through the middle of the southwestern Missouri town of 50,000 on a day that a series of turbulent storms swept through the Midwest.

"It's total devastation," Gov. Jay Nixon said Sunday as he dispatched the National Guard and emergency rescue teams in a race to find survivors.

Ash cloud moves towards UK airspace

Awesome display of Mother Nature.
Airlines and airports have been warned to expect ash from an erupting Icelandic volcano to arrive in UK airspace by Tuesday, with the possibility that it could affect Heathrow airport by the end of the week.

Europe's air traffic control organisation, Eurocontrol, told airlines and airports on Monday that particles from the Grimsvötn volcano could reach Scotland by 1am on Tuesday and southern England by Thursday or Friday, depending on wind direction.

An aviation industry source said if the volcano continues to erupt at same intensity ash cloud could reach the west of the UK on Thursday or Friday, but the Met Office has low confidence in the forecast because of a prevailing low pressure system.

Amazing High Speed.

26 Tera-bytes a Second! Son of a bitch that is fast.
I can't wait for the trickle down effect of this.

Is somebody working on a laser modem yet?

Researchers have set a new record for the rate of data transfer using a single laser: 26 terabits per second.

At those speeds, the entire Library of Congress collections could be sent down an optical fibre in 10 seconds.

The trick is to use what is known as a "fast Fourier transform" to unpick more than 300 separate colours of light in a laser beam, each encoded with its own string of information.

The technique is described in the journal Nature Photonics.

The push for higher data rates in light-based telecommunications technologies has seen a number of significant leaps in recent years.

Mopping up the Taliban

Been out for a few days, haven't even watched the news.
The world is still here, everything is still the same, Muslims are still going crazy and Obama is still the President.
Fishing and drinking is good!

Pakistani troops have ended a siege by militants who attacked a naval base in the city of Karachi, navy sources say.

The troops are now said to be "mopping up" after the raid, which has left at least 12 soldiers dead.

The attackers were said to have taken hostages after storming the Mehran naval aviation base overnight. Some militants may still be in the compound.

The Pakistan Taliban says the raid was to avenge Osama Bin Laden's killing by US special forces on 2 May.

"It was the revenge of martyrdom of Osama Bin Laden. It was the proof that we are still united and powerful," Ehsanullah Ehsan told Reuters news agency.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day Trip

Taking off to Harsens Island today, Helping a friend Do some work on his garage and Maybe some fishing and drinking!
Enjoy your Friday.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

China Does Not Have The Capability To Challenge The U.S."

So will General Chen Bingde be having a stay at a re education Camp?

Something is not right with this, China never condones any talk like this.

Never trust a Communist.

China's top military officer said Wednesday that his country lacked the equipment and directives necessary to challenge the U.S. militarily.

"Through my visit over the past couple of days in the United States, I am surprised by the sophistication of the U.S. military, including its weapons and equipment and doctrines and so on," People's Liberation Army leader General Chen Bingde said. "I can tell you that China does not have the capability to challenge the United States. As a matter of fact, the reconnaissance activities along China's coast by U.S. military aircraft and vessels are seen in China as deterrents."

For emphasis, the general added, "What I'm trying to say is that we do not have the capability to challenge the United States."

Chen made the comments at a joint Pentagon press briefing with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mike Mullen, in response to a question about potential exaggerations in some U.S. media circles regarding China's military capability. The briefing followed two days of what both military leaders described as positive meetings about U.S.-China military relations.

Iraqi city of Kirkuk hit by deadly bombings

Kirkuk, about 180 miles (290km) north of Baghdad, has seen violence linked to ethnic divisions in the past.

Now we are going to call it Ethnic Division!
Now the Ethnic People are the ones Blowing up the police?
That has always been Al Qaida's role but now it is because of the Different Arab ethnicities.

Islam the religion of Lunacy!

Bombs targeting security forces in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk have left at least 17 people dead and injured dozens more, officials say.

There were reports of at least three bombs, with two exploding in quick succession near a police station.

Many of the casualties were police officers who rushed outside after the first bomb went off, one official said.

Kirkuk, about 180 miles (290km) north of Baghdad, has seen violence linked to ethnic divisions in the past.

Al-Qaeda releases posthumous message

Oh yeah, I can see it now.
Just like when a famous musician dies and they find old tapes of their recordings, stuff they did not feel was very quality or they just never finished.

so we could be seeing this for a long time to come.

unless the Navy Seals got it all!

But I bet there are a lot of loose tapes around that some little jihadi has been rubbing one out too for years.

A recording purported to have been made by Osama Bin Laden shortly before he died has been released by al-Qaeda.

In the message, he praises the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt and speaks of a "rare historic opportunity" for Muslims to rise up.

The 12-minute audio message appeared on a video posted on Islamist websites, and has been translated by the US monitoring group SITE intelligence.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rash of bomb scares is keeping Detroit squad busy

A new trend in Detroit? I have noticed there have been an increase in reports of suspicious pakages, and bombs lately, NOT in Detroit because you would not want the people around here to Know!
You might as well keep people in the dark over something like this.
A tool bag containing explosive materials discovered outside a federal building.

A backpack left behind at a TV news studio.

A suspicious object found at a scrapyard.

Those are just a few in a rash of bomb scares across Detroit in recent months.

The Detroit Police Bomb Squad has been called out about 25 times since the beginning of the year -- compared with about eight by this time last year, said Inspector Don Johnson Jr., who is in charge of homeland security, which oversees the bomb squad.

Sometimes, investigations reveal there was no threat. But increasingly, the squad -- which also assists other communities in the region -- is discovering explosive or incendiary materials when it has to render a suspicious device or object safe, Johnson said.

Mexico: 500 migrants found in trucks in Chiapas

Just think, How many of these ever got through to the U.S.?

But hey don't worry about it the Obama and the napolitano have it under control.

More than 500 illegal migrants have been discovered crammed into the trailers of two trucks heading from Mexico towards the US.

The 513 migrants, from Latin America and Asia, were were found travelling in "inhumane" conditions, police said.

Four people accused of smuggling the migrants were arrested, officials said.

The discovery, made in Mexico's southern Chiapas state, is one of the biggest cases of suspected human trafficking, police say.

The migrants were discovered using X-ray equipment at a checkpoint, about to be smuggled illegally into the US, police said.

They travelled for hours clinging to nets strung inside containers, according to the AP news agency.

Though there were holes for air punched in the floors of the containers, the migrants lacked air and water, they told AP.

"We were suffering, it was very hot and we were clinging to the ropes," one Honduran migrant said.

'Ten dead' at protest over Nato raid

The pure Genius of Islam!
Protesters pissed of about a NATO raid where 4 Insurgent Taliban type guys were Killed, decided to raise some hell and go about smashing other peoples property, oh and killing people!

yes in Islam when you riot you must kill people, and when you are rioting because of people being killed you must kill at least twice the amount of original dead!

Yeah Islam!


At least 10 people have been killed in northern Afghanistan during a protest against an overnight raid by Nato and Afghan forces, hospital sources have told the BBC.

About 40 demonstrators were injured in the clashes in the city of Taloqan.

Security officials said some of the demonstrators were armed.

They were protesting against the raid in which four people - who Nato said were insurgents - were killed.

An official in the city said that the Afghan National Army and a rapid reaction force had been deployed in the city and the situation was now mostly under control.

The official said that some of the 2,000 demonstrators were armed and had destroyed public and private property. He said reinforcements had been called into Taloqan from neighbouring Kunduz province.

The violence appears to have begun when protesters angered over the night-time raid placed the bodies of those killed in the main square of Taloqan.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Iran to blind criminal with acid in 'eye for an eye' justice

This is one of those crimes that really need to be Punished, This Woman's whole life has been Changed because this POS, could not handle a little rejection!

The only problem I have is with what they are doing to the Guy, They are rendering him Unconscious and letting the Victim put a few drops of Acid into his eyes literally blinding eye for an eye.

I think they should take it a step farther, have him stand before her fully conscious and let her throw a cup of acid into his face so he may feel what it is like to have your face melt off.

The Guardian.CO.UK

In a literal application of the sharia law of an eye for an eye, Iran is ready for the first time to blind a man with acid, after he was found guilty of doing the same to a woman who refused to marry him.

Majid Movahedi, 30, is scheduled to be rendered unconscious in Tehran's judiciary hospital at noon on Saturday while Ameneh Bahrami, his victim, drops acid in both his eyes, her lawyer said.

Bahrami who had asked for an eye for an eye retribution in the court, was disfigured and blinded by Movahedi in 2004 when he threw a jar of acid in her face while she was returning home from work. "He was holding a red container in his hand. He looked into my eyes for a second and threw the contents of the red container into my face," she told the court in 2008.

According to Iranian media, Bahrami's lawyer, Ali Sarafi, has said: "A very good sentence has been given and an appropriate method has been adopted so that the convict will be blinded by few drops of acids in eyes after he is rendered unconscious."

Pakistan Lodges Protest Over NATO's Violation Of Airspace

Boo Fricken Hoo!

Crybabies in Pakistan are gonna Bitch and whine about everything now.

The Wall street Journal

ISLAMABAD (AFP)--The Pakistan army Tuesda lodged a "strong protest" with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Afghanistan over what Pakistan says was violation of its air space by two helicopters, a military statement said.

"Pakistan army has lodged a strong protest and demanded a flag meeting" with NATO officials, the statement said.

"Two NATO helicopters violated Pakistan air space today at Admi Kot Post, North Waziristan, in the early hours of the morning.

"The troops at the post fired upon the helicopters and, as a result of exchange of fire, two of our soldiers received injuries."

Monday, May 16, 2011

Cartel Violence Deterring U.S. Businesses From Opening in Mexico

Huh! But the Napolitano says all is good on the Border and everywhere else in Meixco, And The Obamasiah Agrees!

I don't know why any one is bothered but beheadings and rampant murder and kidnappings, they all must be racist!

MCALLEN, Texas – Dozens of Mattel Inc. employees were on their way to another day of work making Power Wheels in Mexico's industrial heartland when gunshots erupted around them and a grenade ripped into one of their buses, killing one worker and wounding five.

The battle between drug traffickers and the army near the city of Monterrey last week was the sort of violence that is frightening U.S. companies away from new investments south of the border, where organized criminals are increasingly turning to kidnappings, extortion and cargo thefts despite a government offensive against drug cartels.

"These acts of violence are not happening in a vacuum; they're happening in the street that could be right out in front of your building. Bullets get shot and they have to stop somewhere," said Dan Burges, a senior director at Freightwatch Inc., an Austin-based cargo security firm.

As a result, only half of the U.S. firms surveyed recently by the U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce said they would go ahead with new investment plans in Mexico and several companies, including Whirlpool Corp., have recently announced they would put new factories elsewhere citing concerns about safety.

Israel to complain to UN over Syria, Lebanon

"denounce this act of violence and Israel's disregard for Lebanese sovereignty and UN resolutions."

So the Lebanese start crossing the Border into Israel, Israel Protects its border from the Terrorist state, It turns ugly Israel Opens fire, Kills a few people...and Lebanon says Israel violated their Sovereignty!

Damn Jooos How dare they protect their Country from Terrorists!

What is this world coming too when terrorists are getting killed for terrorizing.
The Israeli delegation to the United Nations announced Monday that it will file a complaint to the UN Security Council against Syria and Lebanon regarding Sunday's Nakba Day border clashes, Army Radio reported.

Israel said it wants to file a complaint against Syria and Lebanon for violating international law and violating UN Security Council resolutions when Nakba Day protesters from Syria and Lebanon clashed with IDF forces and infiltrated into Israel.

Earlier, the Lebanese delegation to the UN filed a complaint against Israel after the Lebanese army said that 10 people were killed and 112 were wounded in Maroun a-Ras when IDF troops opened fire on demonstrators trying to cross the border.

Beirut officials called on the UN to "denounce this act of violence and Israel's disregard for Lebanese sovereignty and UN resolutions."

Two demonstrators were killed in clashes near Majdal Shams on the Syrian border and between three and 10 people were killed in Maroun a-Ras on the Lebanese border.

Headless bodies found in northern Guatemala

Vacationing in Guatemala anytime soon?

Hey mister tourist would you like to buy some of my fresh picked Bananas and Mangos? Oh those aren't mangos... excuse the Human heads, the damn Kids these days.

Its about as nice as Mexico or say Afghanistan and Pakistan hell even Somalia and Yemen! Drug wars, Beheadings what a mess.

The decapitated bodies of at least 25 men and two women have been found near Guatemala's border with Mexico.

The bodies were discovered on a ranch in Peten province, 500km (310 miles) north of the capital.

Police said the killings could be linked to a battle between drug gangs fighting for control of the area.

Mexican cartels are increasingly moving into northern Guatemala, an important transit point for drugs smuggled from South America to the US.

"This is the worst massacre we have seen in modern times," police spokesman Donald Gonzalez told Reuters.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Taleban using child bombers

'Our mullah told us that when we carried out our suicide attacks, all the people around us would die, but we would stay alive,'

The Mad Mullahs of Afghanistan, more like pussies of Afghanistan.
Too chicken shit to do anything themselves they send kids to blow themselves up and try to kill others.
Real brave Taliban.
this is but another example of what is wrong with Islam.

The Straitstimes
KABUL - THE orders from their religious teacher were clear: Go to Afghanistan, strap on a suicide vest and kill foreign forces.

With that, 9-year-old Ghulam Farooq left his home in Pakistan with three other would-be boy bombers and headed into eastern Afghanistan.

They were told there would be two members of the Taleban waiting for them at the Torkham border crossing in Nangarhar province. Instead, members of the Afghan intelligence service who had been tipped to the boys' plans arrested them at the border.

'Our mullah told us that when we carried out our suicide attacks, all the people around us would die, but we would stay alive,' Farooq said on Saturday, sitting inside a juvenile detention facility in the Afghan capital.

World India mothers accused in honor killing of 2 brides

"We killed them because they brought shame to our community. How could they elope with Hindus? They deserved to die. We have no remorse," Khatun, one of the mothers, was quoted as saying by the Indian Express newspaper after her arrest Friday.

More Religion of peace and tolerance.
No remorse because they deserved to Die!

Two Muslim mothers in a northern Indian town have been arrested on accusations they killed their daughters for dishonoring the family by eloping with Hindu men, police said Sunday.

Newlyweds Zahida, 19, and Husna, 26, were strangled when they returned home after getting married to men of their choice, said Anil Kumar Kusan, a police officer.

Marriages between Hindus and Muslims are not common in India and are frowned upon by both communities, although there are more instances of inter-religious marriages among the educated urban population...

Most victims of such killings are young adults who fall in love or marry against their families' wishes. In some cases, village councils order couples killed who marry outside their caste or religion.

While there are no official figures, an independent study found around 900 people are killed each year in India for defying their elders.

17 Arsons, 4 Days, 1 Detroit Neighborhood

Burning down the houses in Detroit, usually a Halloween pastime (Devils Night) but when the houses sit vacant bad things happen in them.
Crackheads, vagrants and gangs like to hang out in them, they party sell drugs rape the neighborhood girls.
Burning them down is a way to prevent it.

DETROIT, Mich. - It's known as Detroit's forgotten neighborhood left to burn and decay.

The neighborhood is under attack by a fire bug, hit by 17 arson fires in four days. The people who remain are begging authorities for help, reports.

"They started like two fires the other day, back to back. The firemen left, then there was another one that started. So it was really bad," resident Charlita Kreft said.

The fire starter is making his rounds on Detroit's east side where now there are literally just shells of houses on some blocks.

"To have an area that has been so hard hit in the past, we had a few fires back in August that really hit the area badly, and then to just have the number of fires that keep happening and happening. The majority of the fires have been proven to be arson," Detroit Fire Capt. Steve Kirschner told

US charges six with aiding Pakistani Taliban

The six are accused of conspiring to provide material support to a conspiracy to murder, injure and kidnap people abroad and conspiring to provide support to a terrorist organisation, the Pakistani Taliban.

But Ikram Khan, another son of Hafiz Khan, said his father was too old and unwell to be involved in a plot.

"None of my family supports the Taliban. We support this country,"

Yeah,Yeah,Yeah, we have heard it all before, And Islam is the Religion of Peace.

So again we have Muslims in America, Imams no less, suporting terrorists.
When all we hear is how Muslims in America do not do these kinds of things.
But there you go.
Taqiyya( the Islamic art of Lying ) is also practiced by Muslims.
So what are you going to believe?

Authorities in the US have charged six people with providing financial support to the Pakistani Taliban.

Three are US citizens, including two imams at Florida mosques, while three are at large in Pakistan.

The news comes amid heightened tension in relations between Pakistan and the US following the US raid that killed al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

The four-count indictment against the six people was announced by Wifredo Ferrer - US attorney for the Southern District of Florida - and local FBI agents.

The indictment mentions financial transfers of $50,000 (£30,000) but Mr Ferrer said evidence suggested this was "the tip of the iceberg".

The three Florida citizens were named as Hafiz Khan, 76, and his sons Irfan Khan, 37, and Izhar Khan, 24.

Hafiz Khan is the imam at the Flagler Mosque in Miami, while Izhar Khan is the imam at the Jamaat al-Mumineen Mosque in nearby Margate. Officials said their mosques were not suspected of wrongdoing.

Ali Rehman, Alam Zeb and Amina Khan, who live in Pakistan, were also charged.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reports of Prison Rapes of Iranian Dissidents Spark Call for Protests

From a country that is brutally harsh on Gay men, hanging them in public without trials; They thrive on raping men in Prison!

As Iranian students call for demonstrations on Sunday as a sign of solidarity with jailed student leader Majid Tavakoli, the blogosphere is buzzing over another imprisoned figure who has written an incendiary letter exposing the sordid details of sexual assaults against political prisoners and others.

Journalist Mehdi Mahmoudian, serving a five-year prison sentence in Rejaie Shahr prison, wrote a September 2010 letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The letter has just been published on Kaleme, a website close to Mir Hossein Mousavi, the man who challenged President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the last elections.

Mahmoudian, a member of the Society for the Defense of Prisoners’ Rights, which advocates “democratic interpretations of Islam,” says it is his religious duty to alert Khamenei’s attention to the abuses taking place in prison. Most shockingly, he writes in great detail about men being raped in the prison.

“Throughout the different quarters of Rajaei Shahr prison, sodomy has become a commonplace routine occurrence. And it seems that to lessen the dangers of contamination, prison guards provide health products to inmates.”

Mahmoudian does not use the word condoms, but that is the implication when he discusses “health products.” His letter goes on to say “anyone with a little beauty of the face, but who lacks physical strength in his arms or money in his account to pay extortionists, will be paraded in different rooms, and each quarter has a boss who will make money from this, and after a while can sell him to another.”

According to the account of one political prisoner, a young man was raped seven times during a single night. “In the morning, when he complained about this to the guards, he was transferred to solitary.” Mahmoudian claims prison guards effectively use inmates as “rent boys,” selling them off for as much as $250.

We Have Found bin Laden’s Porn

So we all know that Osama Was a porn fanatic, but what was he into?

Maybe goats, But maybe he was straight ?

Nah, He definitely Was not straight, Goats yes, Little boys yes, older boys yes, Women not so much.

Osama bin Laden lived for as long as five years in a compound with no internet or phone communications. He found ways to occupy his time.

Intelligence officials sifting through the contents of bin Laden’s captured hard drives have made quite the discovery. “The pornography recovered in bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan,” Reuters reports with an admirable deadpan, “consists of modern, electronically recorded video and is fairly extensive.” This is a great day for America.

If this is a CIA information operation — and how could it not be? — it’s the greatest one of all time. In public, bin Laden is the pious, self-proclaimed vanguard of a violent Islamic uprising. Alone in his compound, he’s beating it like it owes him cash.

Pakistan condemns Bin Laden raid and US drone attacks

Most of us would love to see ties between Pakistan and the U.S. severed, Especially when it comes to aid!

Pakistan has never really been on our side in any of this'

They have never liked or approved the drones, so while we are still in Afghanistan, we can continue with those.

They appear to love the Taliban more than ever so I say let em have em, see how things are in a year of the Taliban still bombing and killing civilians all the time.

Pakistan's parliament has called for a review of the country's relationship with the US over the American commando raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.

During a long joint session held to debate the US operation, MPs called for an independent investigation.

They unanimously passed a resolution urging a ban on Nato transit convoys unless the US ends drone attacks.

The session followed Friday's double suicide bombing that killed 80 people in north-western Pakistan.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Man beheads woman in Spanish supermarket

Wow, the freaks really are everywhere, Crazy ass Bulgarian man suffering from SJS in spain?
What was he going to do with the womans head if he had gotten away? Sicko.

Herald sun

A MAN has randomly attacked and beheaded a woman in a supermarket on the Spanish resort island of Tenerife, officials say.

The suspect, believed to be a homeless Bulgarian man with a police record, was detained by security guards after he ran out of the supermarket with the blood-soaked head in his hands.

A witness told broadcaster Cadena Ser that he saw the man drop the woman's head on the pavement after coming out of the store.

"I parked my car and saw a man running out with something bloody in his hands and a security guard chasing him. He threw it to the ground, it almost hit me and what he had been carrying was a woman's head," the unnamed witness said in a radio interview.

Regional Interior Ministry delegate Dominica Fernandez said the suspect is believed to have entered the shop, stolen a knife which he then used to assault and behead the woman, whose identity hasn't been released.

'Sinaloa cartel head' Martin Beltran held

Why they capture these guys is beyond me, does the Mexican Police think these asswipes would be so nice to them if they were caught?

Hey Mexican Police, give them the Bin Laden treatment!

Mexican soldiers have captured a man they say is a suspected leader of the powerful Sinaloa drug cartel.

Martin Beltran Coronel, known as "The Eagle", is said to have succeeded the late Ignacio Coronel, one of the cartel's leaders who was killed in a shoot-out last July.

Three other people were arrested with him.

Soldiers also seized weapons, jewellery and more than $400,000, (£247,000) in cash, army officials told reporters.

The operation targeted drug-trafficking from Central and South America.

Pakistan bombings: Taliban admits Shabqadar attacks

Blogger was down this morning so I could not post anything.
nice of the Taliban to kill whoever they want to retaliate for Osama Bin laden being given a post Mort-um Swimming lesson!

They will probably send suicide bombers in to a kindergarten school to teach those little bastards a lesson if we where to kill Mullah Omar!

F'n Douchebags you learned us on this one!

Twin bomb attacks on a paramilitary force academy in north-west Pakistan have killed 80 people, police say.

At least 120 people were wounded in the blasts at the training centre for the Frontier Constabulary in Shabqadar, Charsadda district.

After early suspicions that one of the bombs was planted, police said both blasts were suicide attacks.

The Pakistani Taliban said they carried out the attack to avenge the death of Osama Bin Laden earlier this month.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bin Laden journal seized in Pakistan raid

Al Qaida says...
“Do not think of the battle superficially. What is coming is greater and worse, and what is awaiting you is more intense and harmful,” Wahishi said, according to a translation by the US-based SITE monitoring group.

Oh I'm so Skeeered!

Dear Al Qaida Goat humpers,
Do not think for one second that the U.S, Military is done with your Ignorant Dumb Ass's ! What is waiting for you is more horrible than you could ever Imagine!
But don't worry about the Excruciating pain, It will be most swift for you! It will be very intense and Ugly for you.
Just make sure you group yourselves with your Mujihadeen Butt buddies, Remember there is Safety in Numbers!

Have a nice day,Sleep Well
Predator Drone Advocate
“One of the shots went through an ear and out through the eye socket. Or it went in through the eye socket and out – then exploded,” he said. “That caused the brains to hang out of the eye socket, so that was pretty gruesome.” Inhofe said he had no doubt the man was bin Laden. “Absolutely, no question about it. I’ve seen them. That was him. He’s gone. He’s history,” he said.

In deciding not to release the pictures to the public, the White House expressed fear that they would inflame sentiment in the Middle East and be used as a propaganda tool against the United States.

Al qaeda-inspired insurgents in Yemen and Somalia have threatened to avenge the killing of bin Laden by US commandos and are chillingly warning the West of a bloodier jihad to come.

US drone strike kills seven in N. Waziristan

More drone strikes please!
“A US drone fired two missiles on a militants’ vehicle in the Datta Khel area of North Waziristan,” one Pakistani security official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

“Seven militants were killed,” the official added. Another local official confirmed the strike and the toll, saying: “The target was a pick-up van.”Intelligence reports from the area, which were not confirmed by more senior officials, put the death toll as high as eight and said the dead included “foreigners” – a euphemism for Afghan Taliban, Uzbek militants or al Qaeda.

On Tuesday, a similar strike killed four militants near Angoor Adda village in the neighbouring district of South Waziristan and last Friday eight suspected militants were reported killed by US missiles in North Waziristan.

Senators Hope to Force Guantamo Prison to Remain Open

This is not going to sit well with the Obamasiah or his peoples, he told them all he will close Gitmo; How is he going to look if it stays open.

The other thing, It makes sense to keep Gitmo open; that is why they want it closed.


If a bipartisan group of senators gets their way, the U.S. prison facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Gitmo) will remain open indefinitely, this in the face of recent comments from Attorney General Eric Holder that he remains committed to closing it, a bipartisan goal that has since eluded the administration. Lawmakers told reporters Wednesday that the treasure trove of intelligence material found at Usama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan makes it all the more urgent that it be made clear in U.S. law where captured unprivileged enemy belligerents are to be taken.

Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., and Kelly Ayotte, R-NH, introduced legislation Wednesday that states that the naval station "shall be a location for the detention of individuals in the custody or under the control of the Department of Defense who have engaged in, or supported, hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners on behalf of al Qaeda, the Taliban, or an affiliated group."

"There is no pathway forward when it comes to closing Guantanomo in the foreseeable future. It's not going to happen," said Graham, a military lawyer who has long maintained that the prison should be closed, though he has recently changed his view saying that no alternative detention facility has emerged.

Lieberman said, "The bottom line is, Guantanamo is still open and will remain open as far as we can see forward, and we need it to remain open. Once we acknowledge that reality in law...we can turn out attention to taking action that is focused on another goal which is using the prison as best we can to keep our country safe."

Two Men Arrested Over Alleged Terror Plot in New York

The Terrorists sure love New York.

Don't know what they were plotting against, But glad they were caught.
Now waterboard their monkey ass's and send em to Gitmo!


Authorities late Wednesday reportedly arrested two men believed to be plotting a terrorist attack in New York.

Officials did not immediately disclose what had led to the arrests, but WNBC reported that NYPD intelligence officers arrested the men during a sting operation where they tried to buy guns and grenades.

The pair are expected to be charged under the state's terrorism laws and the case will be prosecuted by the Manhattan district attorney's office.

The identities and nationalities of the men were not confirmed.

One law enforcement source told the newspaper they were U.S. citizens, while another said they were of North African descent.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Syria army fires on residential areas

Syria, such a nice country ruled by a Dictator who cares about his people.

Or so the U.N. thought, But now they have reconsidered letting Syria join their little council on Human Rights.

But China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Pakistan are all Okey Dokey with the U.N.


The Syrian army has been firing on residential areas in the central city of Homs, as it attempts to end a continued uprising in the country, reports say.

homs, syriaThe city has seen some of the largest anti-government demonstrations in recent days.

One witness reported hearing loud explosions and automatic gunfire throughout the night and early Wednesday, adding that residential areas were being shelled.

Activists, speaking to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity, said security forces also opened fire on anti-government protesters in southern Syria Tuesday night, killing at least three people.

Rights groups say more than 750 people have been killed since the government crackdown began in mid-March.

Osama Bin Laden Family = Cry Babies

"summarily executed without a court of law"

Boo Friggin Hoo! With a side of Too F-in Bad.
Your Daddy was a Islamic reject who deserved nothing better than a Good old fashioned American Bullet in his skull!

As for that trial... He should have surrendered to Navy Seal Team Six when he had the Chance.

So too Bad.

The sons of Osama Bin Laden have criticised the US authorities for carrying out his "arbitrary killing".

A statement given to the New York Times newspaper said the family wanted to know why the al-Qaeda leader had not been captured alive.

Relatives who survived the 2 May raid in Pakistan should be freed, it said.

Another statement appeared on a jihadist website saying the burial of Bin Laden at sea "demeans and humiliates his family"...

It said that in absence of a body or photographic evidence, the family were not convinced he was dead.

But if he was dead, it said, they were questioning "why an unarmed man was not arrested and tried in a court of law so that truth is revealed to the people of the world"...

The statement also said the US decision to bury Bin Laden's corpse at sea had deprived the family of performing religious rites.

A slightly different version of the report was published on a jihadist websites, said the SITE Intelligence Group.

It said US President Barack Obama was "legally responsible" for clarifying "the fate of our father" and that the sea burial "demeans and humiliates his family and his supporters".

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pakistan Will Allow U.S. Officials to Question Osama Bin Laden’s Widows

Besides the Obvious question of who was helping you all shack up in Pakistan, I would have a few questions of my own to ask!

1, Did Osama Allow you to Talk?

2, How long has he been suffering from "Limp Dick Syndrome"?

3, How long has he been Taking Viagra?

4, How often did he say to you "Not tonight dear, I have a Headache"

5, How often did he Service the Goats, Instead of you?

And I'm sure there are other questions But we will leave those up to the Professionals!


Pakistan will allow the U.S. to question the three wives of Osama bin Laden who were with him in the compound where American commandos killed the al-Qaeda leader last week, granting a measure of cooperation amid tensions following the raid.

The Obama administration expects to get access to the women soon, based on a response from the Pakistani government, a U.S. official said yesterday on condition of anonymity. The specific timing of the access wasn’t set, the official said.

The decision followed verbal skirmishing between the two countries. Pakistani officials have said that the U.S. should have informed Pakistan of the operation in advance. U.S. officials have questioned how much Pakistani authorities knew about bin Laden’s presence in their country.

Pro-Gbagbo militia 'massacred civilians'

Talk about some sore losers.
Hey our guy lost lets go kill a bunch of People...Muslim outrage?

Some 200 people, mostly civilians, have been killed by retreating militiamen and Liberian mercenaries loyal to ousted Ivory Coast leader Laurent Gbagbo, officials say.

The killings happened last week in coastal communities as the fighters headed for the Liberian border, the defence department said.

The claim has not been independently verified.

Mr Gbagbo was last week questioned over alleged human rights abuses.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pakistan Vows 'Zero Tolerance' in Bin Laden Probe, Obama Questions Complicity

Pakistan's ambassador to the United States vowed Sunday that "heads will roll" following an investigation into how Usama bin Laden was able to hide out for years in a military city in northern Pakistan

Sorry I could not help Myself.

Pakistan's ambassador to the United States vowed Sunday that "heads will roll" following an investigation into how Usama bin Laden was able to hide out for years in a military city in northern Pakistan, as President Obama said the terror leader must have benefited from a "support network" inside Pakistan.

The comments are the latest developments in the diplomatic dance both countries have been performing since the U.S. raid on bin Laden's compound last weekend.

Top U.S. officials say they have serious questions for Pakistan's government and that an investigation is critical. Pakistani officials continue to criticize the Obama administration for crossing its borders for the raid without first telling Islamabad.

Pakistani Media Reportedly Outs CIA Chief

This happened a few days ago, Pakistan Tried to throw out the name of the CIA Chief of Pakistan; to bad it was the wrong name!
I don't think Pakistan wants to go down this road willingly, they are now trying to save face with their people, and at the same time appease the U.S..

With the U.S. demanding some answers as to how Bin laden was able to live right under the nose of the ISI, this can only get better!

The U.S. is investigating why Pakistani media broadcast the name of a man they said is the CIA’s Islamabad station chief and if it was an attempt to out the agent following the killing of Usama bin Laden.

The raid by U.S. Navy SEALs that resulted in the Al Qaeda leader’s death put further strain on the already tender relationship between the two countries. Pakistan has adamantly denied that it had any knowledge that bin Laden was hiding for years in a military city not far from its capital.

The alleged name of the Islamabad station chief -- one of the CIA’s most significant and sensitive assignments -- was first broadcast Friday by ARY, a private Pakistani television channel, The Wall Street Journal reported. The channel was covering a meeting between the station chief and the director of the Directorate of Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistan’s spy agency.

While the Associated Press learned that the name reported was incorrect, ARY’s Islamabad bureau chief told The Journal that not broadcasting the name would have hurt the story’s credibility.

There are currently no plans to withdraw the chief from assignment, and neither the CIA nor Pakistan’s spy agency would respond to the newspaper for comment.

Under fire, Pakistan's PM to address nation on bin Laden death

Even better than Killing Osama bin Laden Is the fact that now we see all kinds of trouble for Pakistan!
The People are Pissed, they demand answers, resignations and the obligatory "Death to America".

So is Pakistan going to be the next place for Muslim Unrest/Riots?

(Reuters) - Political rivals took aim at Pakistan's leaders on Monday over the killing of Osama bin Laden, compounding U.S. pressure over the al Qaeda leader's hideout, as the prime minister prepared to address parliament on the crisis for the first time.

Pakistan's main opposition party is stepping up calls for the prime minister and president to resign over the breach of sovereignty by U.S. special forces who slipped in from Afghanistan to storm the compound where bin Laden was holed up.

"We want resignations, not half-baked explanations," an official of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif's Pakistan Muslim League told the News daily.

Pakistan welcomed the death of bin Laden, who plotted the September 11, 2001, airliner attacks on the United States, as a step in the fight against militancy but also complained that the U.S. helicopter raid to kill him was a violation of its sovereignty.

Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani, who will make his statement when parliament sits at 1200 GMT, is expected to deliver a stern warning against further military missions inside Pakistan by foreign forces.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

17 die in attempted Iraq prison break

Apparently distraught, members of Al Qaida took their chances at escaping prison; they were very upset over Osama Being fed to the Fishes.

Unfortunately for them they were Killed just like Osama, With Bullets.

11 dead Al Qaida, 6 dead prison guards.

Associated press

BAGHDAD — The man accused of masterminding an attack on a Baghdad church last year wrestled a gun from a guard at a detention facility, freed his comrades and launched an hours-long assault that ended with 17 people dead, including a top counterterrorism officer, officials and witnesses said.

Abu Huthaifa al-Battawi, the man accused by authorities of plotting the October attack on an Iraqi church killing 68 people, nearly drove out of Baghdad's Ministry of Interior with fellow inmates before being gunned down by guards.

The melee at the sprawling compound raises questions about how a group of prisoners at what is supposed to be one of the most secure facilities in the country managed to launch such a fierce attack.

Taliban's Kandahar raid into second day

The Taliban is trying very hard to look like a bunch of badass's, two days of fighting is the most they have done in awhile.

I keep thinking that the Afghani Government will get tired of all the fighting and just go after the Taliban and slaughter them!
But I guess it is hard to Kill your friends!

Afghan security forces are battling Taliban insurgents for a second successive day inside the southern city of Kandahar.

Two security personnel and three civilians have been killed, and 46 other people have been injured.

Police say they have killed 14 Taliban fighters, some of them Pakistanis.

The Taliban deny the attacks are a response to the death of Osama Bin Laden, saying they had been planned for some time.

Saturday saw the insurgents launch co-ordinated assaults with suicide bombers and rocket-propelled grenades targeting government buildings.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

2 Muslim men pulled from plane bound for North Carolina

Maybe if we did not hear BS like this coming from Muslims...

“It will remain, with permission from God the Almighty, a curse that chases the Americans and their agents, and goes after them inside and outside their countries,”

Or maybe see this...

Or this...

Or maybe if we did not have to hear chants of Death to America, every time the Muslim world goes into a tizzy!

Get together with your People to stop the Insane Violence that is rampant in Islam and maybe things could be different! But keep denying what we all see and continue to do nothing about it... To bad, you all will continue to be hassled.

(CNN) -- Two Muslim men were removed from plane headed to North Carolina because passengers were uncomfortable, the Council on American-Islamic Relations said.

The incident occurred Friday on a flight from Tennessee to North Carolina.

Masudur Rahman and Mohamed Zaghloul were wearing the traditional Muslim attire, CNN affiliate WCNC reported.

They were headed to North Carolina for a conference on prejudice against Muslims, according to the affiliate.

U.S. probe to look at border concerns of Muslims

Not that any Muslims that lives in Metro Detroit aren't rude and Obnoxious people to any one other than a Muslim!
Not that Detroit area Muslims like many other Muslims around the world, act like there is never any terrorism coming from Islam!
Not that because of what some Muslims did on 9/11 has not changed how we need to be, and a continuing threat from Muslims trying to come into the United States to commit acts of terrorism cause us to be cautious as to protect everyone, (Including Muslims)

I find that usually the people that are constantly "Checked" by immigration and customs, are very rude and uncooperative to begin with!
Its not like any Muslim would ever try to make a point out of a situation that they created.

The Detroit Free Press
The U.S. government has launched an investigation into allegations that federal agents at several U.S.-Canada border crossings in Michigan repeatedly harassed, jailed and body searched Muslims because of their background or appearance.

In a letter sent this week to a local Muslim group, Margo Schlanger, the head of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties in the Department of Homeland Security, said her office has received accounts of "repeated handcuffing, brandishing of weapons, prolonged detentions, invasive and humiliating body searches at the border, and inappropriate questioning that pertains to religion and religious practices."

The complaints include incidents at the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit and the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron.

The investigation comes in response to complaints filed in March by the Council on American-Islamic Relations with the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security.

The council said it was concerned that agents were even asking people about their prayer schedules.

Yemen al-Qaeda head Anwar al-Awlaki 'targeted by drone'

A swing and a Miss!

To bad, it would be a very awesome if we could take out the rest of the Al Qaida leaders with drones.
yes it would be nice to capture them and bring them to trial, but we would never be able to enjoy justice that way.
The current Administration would pamper them in every way possible, it just would not be good.
So drones it is, think of how that would make the Muslim world feel then, if Al Qaida were never able to do anything again and we whacked em all withe some hellfire missiles.


A US drone attack in Yemen targeted but failed to kill one of al-Qaeda's most influential figures, US reports say.

The US-born radical Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki is head of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Two brothers believed to be mid-ranking al-Qaeda officials died in a drone strike in south Yemen on Thursday, Yemeni officials said.

The attack came just days after al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan by US Navy Seals.

The Pentagon refused to comment on the reports that Anwar al-Awlaki was specifically targeted in Yemen.

According to Yemen's defence ministry, the missile fired by the drone hit a car in in the province of Shabwa carrying two brothers, identified by Yemeni officials as Musa'id and Abdullah Mubarak.

But reports from Washington now suggest US commanders had believed they had one of al-Qaeda's most valuable targets in their sights.

"We were hoping it was him," one unnamed US official told CBS News.

The reported attempt to kill Mr Awlaki is believed to be the first known US military strike within Yemen since May 2010, when missiles mistakenly killed one of Mr Saleh's envoys.

Friday, May 6, 2011

US missile strike kills 13 suspected militants

Maybe the Intel collected for Osama is paying off already, lets hope so.
If the Obamasiah Is planning to pull out of the war, like is being suggested, we should atleast give them something to think about as we do!

Non stop predator strikes!
MIRAMSHAH: US drones fired a salvo of missiles into a compound in Pakistan’s tribal district of North Waziristan on Friday, killing 13 suspected militants, local security officials said.

The attack came just four days after US commandos shot dead Osama bin Laden in Pakistan’s garrison city of Abbottabad, hundreds of kilometres from the tribal belt and just two hours’ drive from the capital.

“A compound and a vehicle were targeted by US drones in the Datta Khel area of North Waziristan killing eight militants,” a senior Pakistani security official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

“Eight missiles were fired on the targets located close to each other,” he said, adding that four other suspected militants were wounded.

8 killed in rocket attack in Quetta, SW Pakistan

The Taliban Threatened to retaliate against the U.S. for the Killing of Osama Bin Laden, And they have; to bad that they are killing innocent people to teach everyone a Lesson!

ISLAMABAD, May 6 (Xinhua) -- At least eight people were killed early Friday morning as unknown militants fired rockets at the people doing exercises at a soccer ground in the Hazara town of Quetta, a capital city of Balochistan province in southwest Pakistan, reported local English TV channel Express.

According to the local media reports, the attack took place at about 7 a.m. local time when six to eight unknown militants riding in two cars attacked the people who were doing morning exercises in a soccer ground in the city.

The militants first fired indiscriminately at the people in the ground, then fired three rockets at them, said eyewitnesses.

The attackers fled the scene after a brief fire exchange with the police. Police have cordoned off the area and the dead and injured have been shifted to nearby hospital.

Hospital sources said that some of the injured were in critical condition and the death toll could further rise.

Friday morning's incident is the third terrorist attack reported in Pakistan since the killing of the al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden in the country's northwest city of Abbottabad in an early Monday morning's operation conducted by the U.S. special task force. Pakistan Taliban (TTP) vowed to avenge the killing of bin Laden by threatening terrorist attacks in the country.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two killed in US drone attack Saudi Qaeda chief in Yemen

Sorry Yemen Al Qaida dudes, Due to the recent death of Osama Bin Laden there will be no more Virgins For any of you, or any one after you!

You will have to continue to be satisfied with pleasuring yourselves and each other!

Middle east online
ADEN - A US drone attacked a Saudi Al-Qaeda leader in southern Yemen on Thursday, but missed and killed two local Al-Qaeda members, a security source said.

The drone had targeted the Saudi as he drove to the home of local Al-Qaeda men, the source said, asking not to be identified. When the two local Qaeda men rushed out in their own car, they were hit and killed by the drone.

The defence ministry confirmed the killing of two brothers, Abdullah and Mubarak al-Harad, but did not elaborate on the circumstances of their deaths.

Witnesses said they saw a missile fired by an aircraft hit the two brothers in the province of Shabwa, where Al-Qaeda is well entrenched. The men died instantly.

A third person was wounded in the attack in the town of Nissab, the witnesses added

Bin Laden: Publishing images poses 'US security risk'

The problem is a lot of people still don't believe it!
So release the Pictures!

Mr President, don't be such a Pussy, man up and release the pictures, the Muslim world is going to riot either way; have you not seen the news lately?

President Barack Obama has said publishing photos of the dead Osama Bin Laden threatens US national security.

"I think that, given the graphic nature of these photos, it would create some national security risk," Mr Obama said.

Deadly bombing hits Iraqi police

More Muslims being taught a Lesson By other Muslims!
Whats that lesson...Who knows.
Where talking about Islamists here They make no sense.

A suicide bomb attack in Iraq has killed at least 16 people and injured more than 40.

The bomber drove a car laden with explosives into a police headquarters in Hilla, a city south of Baghdad.

The attack took place during a shift change, when many police officers were outside the building. Most of the victims were police.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Abbas aide: Hamas doesn't have to recognize Israel

Oh the Irony of the News.
How does Jimaaaaay carter about this? He wants everyone to recognize the terrorists of Palestine as a legit government and state, yet Abbas says FU world we will not recognize Israel!

Yeah that is going to work Jimmy.
Did you talk to these guys about this Jimmy? Or did you just drop to your knees and service the whole bunch of em?

JERUSALEM (AP) — International mediators should drop their demand that the Gaza Strip's Hamas rulers recognize Israel, an aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Wednesday, just hours before his Western-backed government was to sign a reconciliation deal with Hamas.

The accord, to be inked in Cairo, would end a four-year rift between the bitter rivals and pave the way for a joint caretaker government ahead of national elections next year.

Israel has denounced the plan for Abbas' Fatah movement to join forces with Hamas because of the militant group's long history of deadly attacks against Israeli targets, and has equated the deal with a renunciation of peacemaking.

Like the United States and the European Union, Israel considers Hamas a terrorist organization and says it will not negotiate with a future Palestinian government that includes the Iranian- and Syrian-backed group.

It's not clear whether Western powers would deal with the new government that is to emerge from the unity deal. They've said they are waiting to see its composition.

The Quartet of Mideast mediators — the U.S., the EU, the United Nations and Russia — has long demanded that Hamas renounce violence and recognize the principle of Israel's right to exist.

Carter calls on international community to support Hamas-Fatah unity deal

Yes the Carter speaks again, And still in support of terrorists!
And he begs you to do the same!
Jimmy carter is a Huge embarrassment to the United States, If he loves Hamas and Palestine so much Maybe he should move there. ( maybe Jimaaaay and Superman could shack up together)
Former United States President Jimmy Carter hailed the Palestinian unity government and called on the international community to also support it as well in an opinion peace published by the Washington Post on Wednesday.

"If the United States and the international community support this effort, they can help Palestinian democracy and establish the basis for a unified Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza that can make a secure peace with Israel," Carter wrote in the op-ed. "If they remain aloof or undermine the agreement, the situation in the occupied Palestinian territory may deteriorate with a new round of violence against Israel."

Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah are meeting in Cairo on Wednesday in order to sign a reconciliation deal that would lead to an interim unity government.

The former U.S. president issued a statement on Friday commending the reconciliation, which he said would "begin the process of reunifying the Palestinian people."

Pakistan dismisses US raid fears

And Pakistan is only angry because we said anything about it, if nothing were to have bees said they could have kept spinning it around to the People!

Of course we kept the Info from them, The navy seals would have found nothing at the compound if Pakistan would have been notified.

Pakistan has hit back at US claims that it could not be trusted with details of the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.

Pakistani Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir told the BBC this view was "disquieting" and his country had a "pivotal role" in tackling terrorism.

Earlier, the CIA chief said the US had not told Islamabad in advance about the raid for fear it would be jeopardised.

The US also revised its account of how it took place, saying Bin Laden was not armed when his compound was stormed.

"There was concern that Bin Laden would oppose the capture operation and, indeed, he resisted," White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters on Tuesday.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Questions, threat linger after celebrations of bin Laden's death

The Taliban Wants Revenge?
They already have their people here?
HMMMM, I guess it would be smart for all Americans to Profile Every Arab Looking person Around them!

If we are to Live under threats like this we should be PICKING UP THE PACE in our attempts to take out the Taliban and Al Qaida, Take it to em We know where they live.

...But already, at least one threat of revenge has surfaced against the United States, which carried out the mission to eliminate bin Laden.

"We are proud on the martyrdom of Osama," Ahsan Ullah Ahsan, spokesman for Tehrik-e-Taleban Pakistan (TTP), said late Monday night. "We shall definitely take revenge (on) America as well as Pakistan, as they aided Americans in this operation. All the government functionaries are on our hit list. We shall never spare any one of them."

When asked how the Pakistani Taliban organization would carry out revenge on America, Ahsan said, "We already have our people in America, and we are sending more there."

Earlier, CIA director Leon Panetta said in a message to agency employees that terrorists "almost certainly" will attempt to avenge bin Laden's death.