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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rash of bomb scares is keeping Detroit squad busy

A new trend in Detroit? I have noticed there have been an increase in reports of suspicious pakages, and bombs lately, NOT in Detroit because you would not want the people around here to Know!
You might as well keep people in the dark over something like this.
A tool bag containing explosive materials discovered outside a federal building.

A backpack left behind at a TV news studio.

A suspicious object found at a scrapyard.

Those are just a few in a rash of bomb scares across Detroit in recent months.

The Detroit Police Bomb Squad has been called out about 25 times since the beginning of the year -- compared with about eight by this time last year, said Inspector Don Johnson Jr., who is in charge of homeland security, which oversees the bomb squad.

Sometimes, investigations reveal there was no threat. But increasingly, the squad -- which also assists other communities in the region -- is discovering explosive or incendiary materials when it has to render a suspicious device or object safe, Johnson said.

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