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Friday, February 27, 2009

China scorns U.S. rights record in tit-for-tat exchange

Ah ! China ! always something stupid coming out of their mouths over there!
Hey Dickheads , we don't have a "Labor Camp" that we send people to when they speak freely !
We don't go to peoples homes and "Take" someone away never to be seen again , Because we think they are running a Blog that Practices free Speech !
Do we have a gun problem here ? Yeah ! But the fact that it is mostly by "Bad" people , And crazy bastards who commit a crime of their own free will !
Not by the Government , We are allowed to own guns to defend ourselves from these crazed people , and the Government if necessary !
Most of the people who are in prison deserve to be there ! And they went through a court system , and were sentenced by their Peers !
So China Shut the Fuck up will ya !

BEIJING (Reuters) - China maintained its scornful response to human rights criticism from the United States, throwing back assertions that Washington was culpable for racism, crowded prisons and torture.

The U.S. State Department sharply criticised China on Wednesday in its annual report on human rights across the world, saying its record "remained poor and worsened in some areas" in 2008.

In the now well-scripted tit-for-tat exchange over the issue, Beijing dismissed the criticisms as "meddling," but also late Thursday issued its tenth annual assessment of human rights in the United States.

That record was not good, said the report issued by the State Council Information Office, the government arm in charge of news and propaganda.

"The U.S. practice of throwing stones at others while living in a glass house is a testimony to the double standards and hypocrisy of the United States in dealing with its human rights issues," said the Chinese report.

The U.S. State Department report said detention and harassment of dissidents, petitioners, human rights defenders and defense lawyers rose with high-profile events such as the Beijing Olympic Games in August.

Citing details from U.S. newspapers and international rights groups that Beijing often dismisses as biased, the Chinese report described crowded prisons, racial inequality, poverty and gun violence that it said blighted the U.S. record.

In past decades, China's ruling Communist Party outright dismissed human rights as an alien and subversive idea. But now it is trying to persuade its own citizens and the world that Beijing has successfully advanced rights, especially through economic growth.

Washington should "face its own human rights problems with courage and stop applying double standards to human rights issues," said the Chinese report.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello, goodbye: Rare, little green comet streaking past Earth

It figures that when something cool is going on in space , I have clouds overhead !!!!!! Almost one year I have been in Texas ,IT'S NEVER FUCKING CLOUDY !!!!

Tonight, skies permitting, a greenish, "two-tail" comet that likely contains ice and dust from the beginnings of the solar system will offer a celestial spectacle on its first — and only — fly-by of our Earth.

Comet Lulin will make its closest pass to Earth (about 38 million miles), reaching its peak brightness and fastest apparent speed at 10:43 p.m. ET. You should be able to see it all night, from dusk until dawn, in either hemisphere, with telescopes, binoculars or even the naked eye if you're far away from city lights. It will appear just below Saturn, in the constellation Leo. Here's a sky chart.

Lulin, a remnant of the creation of the galaxy 4.5 billion years ago, will look like a tiny fuzz ball with two tails, one trailing and one pointing toward the Sun. But the latter is an "anti-tail," a rare optical effect. One other oddity: Lulin is orbiting "backward" compared with the planets.

The comet's color comes from a type of carbon and cyanogen, a poisonous gas.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Photo: Liquid Water Recently Seen on Mars?

National geographic news Liquid droplets seem to form and move on the leg of the Phoenix Mars lander, as seen in images taken on days 8, 31, and 44 (seen above from left to right) of the craft's mission.

Scientists think the water could stay liquid even in the frigid Martian arctic because of its high concentration of perchlorates, salts that acts like anti freeze.

You can bet that no matter what you think of this , and what scientists will say , their will be a lot of people doubting the findings !

Monday, February 16, 2009

Just breathe !

Breathe ! It has been hard to do lately ! The past three years of my life I have watched my father wither away to Cancer ! The single most hardest thing I have ever done ! Now that He has passed away , I can almost breathe ! It is a relief of the worst torture I have ever witnessed ! A very cold thing to say ? Maybe ! But me and my family are relieved that he suffers no more ! So to the Man who whooped my lame ass into shape (Literally) I say goodbye ! R.I.P DAD !

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

China tells United Nations it protects human rights

Of course china does not violate Human rights !
The killing of innocent people because they want freedom (Tibetan monks)
putting people in forced labor camps , so they can be "re-wired" and in some cases never seen again !
Or the fact that Some people in China who do what Myself and many other people do "Blog" Are routinely taken from their homes and jailed "Indefinitely"
And to top it off , The policing of the internet , so much that most Chinese don't even know what is going on , only what they , The "Controller's " want them to Know !
Human right's , what a fucking joke !

GENEVA (Reuters) - China on Monday stoutly defended its human rights record, rejecting suggestions from Western countries that it uses torture and jails dissidents and insisting its policies are guided by the rule of law.

Backed by a range of Asian and African nations, it told the U.N. Human Rights Council that allegations it oppressed ethnic groups in Tibet and other parts of the country were political propaganda aimed at denigrating China's achievements.

"Ours is a state where the rule of law prevails," a top official of China's Supreme Court told the 47-nation Council, while the chief Beijing delegate said: "China is fully committed to the promotion and protection of human rights."

Officials from various government ministries took the podium to declare that the Chinese people enjoy free speech and a free press, that all ethnic minorities enjoy full rights, and that the country lives in peace and harmony.

They denied reports that the ruling Communist party runs "black jails" -- secret prisons where, Chinese dissidents say, it tortures opponents -- that any restrictions are placed on religious groups, or that China allows child labor.

"Ours is a state where the rule of law prevails,"

It's just a twisted rule of law !

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Report on Arrakis !

Today marks the One Year Anniversary Of Report on Arrakis !
Kyros , Has been a pleasure to Blog with ! I hope this keeps going !
I have not quite been helping for a year , but it has been a trip ! ROA , has grown fairly well , and I will strive to always do better , So that ROA will continue to grow ! Thanks for Reading !

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's for America Asshole !

A couple of problems with this ! I'm no Economist ! but I do work in the field of Construction ! Some things that some people don't understand is that when Companies like the auto industry Go down like they have , It affects Many other trades !
Trades like Carpet , hardware (Screws , bolts , latches ) tire , paint , glass , steel , plastic ! Many , many more ! Ultimately ,shutting down my trade ! When no one is making things their is no need for Buildings !
The auto industry does not make all their products themselves ! They contract it out !
Knowing this , Is it a good Idea to keep giving our Jobs Away ? Or allow Foreign Products into the country For use on American jobs over American Products ?
When we as Americans have to start worrying about what third world degenerate Country we have to prop up , We will lose ! That means everything ! It's happening right Now ! Senator McCain , You are officially on the wrong side of the tracks ! I almost believed in you But Now You are no better than the worst Leftist Libtard !

Senator McCain:
Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican, urged the Senate to go further and specifically bar any Buy American provision as part of the stimulus package. But senators rejected his amendment by a vote of 65-31.

"The Buy American provisions ... have echoes of the disastrous Smoot-Hawley tariff act," McCain said, referring to 1930s legislation often blamed for prolonging the Great Depression. "It sends a message to the world that the United States is going back to protectionism."

Protectionism ? How about kiss my ass !!!!!
Senate OK's softened "Buy American" plan

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate voted on Wednesday to soften a "Buy American" plan in its $900 billion stimulus bill after President Barack Obama expressed concern the original language could trigger a trade war.

Senators, on a voice vote, approved an amendment requiring the Buy American provisions be "applied in a manner consistent with U.S. obligations under international agreements."

The change gives Canada, Mexico, the European Union and certain other major trading partners some comfort they would be exempted from a strict requirement in the bill that all public works projects funded by the stimulus package use only U.S.-made iron, steel and manufactured goods.

The House of Representatives has passed a nearly identical Buy America provision without such a guarantee.