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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

China tells United Nations it protects human rights

Of course china does not violate Human rights !
The killing of innocent people because they want freedom (Tibetan monks)
putting people in forced labor camps , so they can be "re-wired" and in some cases never seen again !
Or the fact that Some people in China who do what Myself and many other people do "Blog" Are routinely taken from their homes and jailed "Indefinitely"
And to top it off , The policing of the internet , so much that most Chinese don't even know what is going on , only what they , The "Controller's " want them to Know !
Human right's , what a fucking joke !

GENEVA (Reuters) - China on Monday stoutly defended its human rights record, rejecting suggestions from Western countries that it uses torture and jails dissidents and insisting its policies are guided by the rule of law.

Backed by a range of Asian and African nations, it told the U.N. Human Rights Council that allegations it oppressed ethnic groups in Tibet and other parts of the country were political propaganda aimed at denigrating China's achievements.

"Ours is a state where the rule of law prevails," a top official of China's Supreme Court told the 47-nation Council, while the chief Beijing delegate said: "China is fully committed to the promotion and protection of human rights."

Officials from various government ministries took the podium to declare that the Chinese people enjoy free speech and a free press, that all ethnic minorities enjoy full rights, and that the country lives in peace and harmony.

They denied reports that the ruling Communist party runs "black jails" -- secret prisons where, Chinese dissidents say, it tortures opponents -- that any restrictions are placed on religious groups, or that China allows child labor.

"Ours is a state where the rule of law prevails,"

It's just a twisted rule of law !

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