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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Commie dinks !

The more I here and see about China, the more I dont like them !( their govt)
The Olympic torch has gone up to Mt Everest, but nobody knows where it is ,why ?
because there are no reporters there ! no media !no journalists !
the commie's are in full control!
A lot of people die on Everest , but we wont know if the torch bearer dies or not !(I'm guessing they have another copy of the torch ready to go )
other than that , they had a major train wreck that killed 70 and injured 400 plus , and that was kinda hush hush!
and the never ending problem of shotty ,toys , food and drugs , and their constant flood of inferior tools and supplies of every kind!
ever try to do something like prying concrete forms off of your work and have a Chinese pry bar break ? it's pretty fucking painful when it does !
In my line of work it's harder to get American made supplies !and it really sucks !
inferior supplies = inferior work !
the U.S. govt used to specify American products be used on their jobs , not anymore !
It's starting to become a real problem , and until we full on Boycott ! it will get worse !

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

list of Assholes!

Things have been real messed up for me lately! My family remains at home in Michigan but I'm here in Texas !
Now El Paso may be a nice city ? but from what I have seen in the past three weeks (granted not a lot , but some ) I no likey !
Very few polite people ! would be my first problem ! I have the same problem at home though !
mostly from the muzzy's I unfortunatly run into , I find myself walking out of a store when I see an arab running a gas station or a party store !
Racist ? No ! my choice as an American !
I think if you are going to come to America , you should try to be a decent human being !
not act like I am less than you or just some kind of peasant !your bucking for my American dollar !
Be polite !
So enter Texas ! What a mix of people here !
I love the southwest , I grew up in San Diego ! lots of diversity there !
here not so much , It feels like it should be Juarez ! very rude people abound out here !
It's simple - if you dont want to be treated like a piece of shit !dont be one !
If you dont want people to act different towards you dont act different !
People are People , dumb ass's are dumb ass's , dont be a dumb ass and be more like a person ?
problem solved !
but then a gain I am the biggest Asshole I know ! so dont take just my word !
So to all the immigrants who come to this country to work and make decent money because your country is a shithole !shut the fuck up and be polite !
If you are going to run a buisness in the U.S.A. be nice to the monkey who is spending his dollar !( and try to learn the language , we do )
all the rest of you , you are now on my list of ASSHOLE"S
" including the old lady who thought she could take cut's in front of me at the circle K on west dyer street! Hey bitch have a nice day!!!!!!!
All the rest of you ! you are now on my list of assholes !

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Report on Arrakis

I now have the pleasure of posting on ROA!
Kyros was nice enough to invite me to post here and there !
my first post, though not what I will normally post ! was an old school Maiden video!
please go and check it out !

Holy cow!

Two whole weeks in Texas and I am confused !
first off El Paso ,excluding the wind , sand, trash ,and an overall exclusion of english speaking people ! NOT SO NICE !
I grew up in San Diego !( santee ) Its not like I dont Know what a Hispanic pesuasion type person is !
but DAMMIT does everyone speak spanish here or what ?
Ethnic diversity never bothers me but , I feel like I'm in mexico !
Juarez , ( a shit hole in mexico ) is not far from where I am staying .
I will not go there !
its also filthy !
I was asked by a local what I would do If I moved here ?
I told him I would still speak english ( it is America !!!!!!!!!)
and then politetly told him that El Paso is the arm pit of the world !
I would never move here to live !
he was offended !
oh well ! you cant hide what is staring you in the face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

catching up!

I'm behind in everything , its going to take a while to get back on track !
I have no T.V. right now ( no news watching for two weeks now ) its like my "crack " so I feel like I'm in de tox ! luckily I got my wireless card so I can at least poke a little fun at something or someone so keep watching !

Blow me down !

WoW , Texas !
I've been through wind storms in Michigan before , but Texas has it beat !
First off , EL PASO is a pit ! I have only seen more trash in a dump ! it's everywhere here !
the desert is for the birds !
I have recently relocated here , michigan is out of work , so I came here with the company I work for !
besides the mountain climbing we have been doing ,this place sucks ass out loud ! I thought I would be able to get authentic mexican food ! what a joke , Taco bell is better !
maybe I should give it more time ( I will be here for a year ) but with crappy food this close to the border, I may snap !
well hopefully the wind / dust storms stop! ( were out at Mac greager range , nothing but desert!)
Ive eaten enough sand to last a lifetime!