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Monday, July 28, 2008

Attention crazy ass Muslims!

You have all been Brainwashed !

Wake up and smell our Freedom !
now Kiss my American Ass!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Texas Flood !

Here are some pictures of the area of El Paso that I Am Staying in the first one is Trans mountain Highway that was closed down on Saturday! this was a rock slide that happened in front of me !I was already taking pictures and caught it as cars were still swerving ! and lots of standing water and raging rapids !

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

South Sudan's Kiir joins calls to delay ICC warrant

Why is it some people want to protect criminals all the time ? I wonder how many you have to kill before it is O.K. to be arrested and tried for your Crimes?

KAMPALA (Reuters) - The International Criminal Court should delay the indictment of Sudan's president for war crimes in Darfur to allow time to implement a peace deal with former southern rebels, south Sudan's president has said.

In his first comments on the charges of war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity facing President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, his south Sudanese counterpart Salva Kiir urged The Hague-based court to defer its decision.

The ICC accuses Bashir of orchestrating a genocide that has killed 35,000 people outright, at least another 100,000 through slow death, and forced 2.5 million from their homes.

"There is no need rushing to take the Sudanese president to the ICC," Kiir, whose is also number two in the Sudanese government, told reporters late on Tuesday during a trip to Uganda.

"The announcement has been made, but we should have time to consult with the rest of Africa and the world," he said.

"The Sudanese government should be allowed to implement the accord signed with the South Sudan government and to negotiate with the fighting forces in Darfur."

Kiir was echoing calls by other African leaders and the peace and security council of the African Union, which asked the United Nations on Monday to delay the indictment for a year.

Bashir was due to travel to Darfur on Wednesday for a two-day visit, his first trip to the region since the ICC move.

The Arab League said on Tuesday that Sudan had agreed to try anyone it suspected of crimes in Darfur in Sudanese courts and would let observers from the United Nations, African Union and Arab League follow the proceedings.

The crisis over Bashir's possible indictment has raised fears for the fragile peace process in Africa's biggest state.

Khartoum and oil-producing southern Sudan's rebels signed a peace pact in 2005 that ended more than two decades of civil war that killed 2 million people.

Since then, the southern government and Arab-dominated north have struggled to implement power- and wealth-sharing protocols.

Like the former southern rebels, insurgents in Darfur who have battled Bashir's administration since 2003 accuse the central government of neglect and marginalization.

International experts say at least 200,000 people have died there and another 2.5 million been driven from their homes.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nozzle Rage!

having problems getting this video to embed ! but it is a must see !probably the funniest thing I have seen in years ! but sad because it is true!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chertoff: European terrorists trying to enter US

Hey Pelosi ,Reid , open your eyes !
From the AP

WASHINGTON - European terrorists are trying to enter the United States with European Union passports, and there is no guarantee officials will catch them every time, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Thursday.

Chertoff's comments on Capitol Hill comes as the country is entering a potentially vulnerable period with the presidential nominating conventions coming up next month; the presidential election in November; and the transition to a new administration in January — all of which may be attractive targets for terrorists.

In his last scheduled appearance before the House Homeland Security Committee, Chertoff said that the more time and space al-Qaida and its allies have to recruit, train, experiment and plan, the more problems the U.S. and Europe will face down the road.

"The terrorists are deliberately focusing on people who have legitimate Western European passports, who don't appear to have records as terrorists," Chertoff told lawmakers. "I have a good degree of confidence we can catch people coming in. But I have to tell you ... there's no guarantee. And they are working very hard to slip by us."

Chertoff and other intelligence officials have delivered similar warnings before, and he offered no new information about specific threats or an imminent attack.

Chertoff reiterated his concern that terrorists could sneak radiological material into the country on small boats or private aircraft. This material could be used to create an explosive device known as a "dirty bomb."

The Homeland Security Department has a strategy to protect against this small boat vulnerability and is testing radiation detection equipment in Seattle and San Diego ports.

Chertoff said that getting out a regulation to prescreen and enhance security of general aviation aircraft coming to the U.S. from overseas is one of his top priorities.

He also said he expects to approve new radiation detection technology this fall.

Responding to a question from Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, Chertoff dismissed any rumor that he is on a list of potential running mates for Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Chertoff quipped that the only list he has for next year is a list of vacations.

Chertoff's term as the country's second Homeland Security Secretary ends when a new administration takes over the White House in January.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ahh Texas!

yeah back in Texas ! woobidy fricken doo , insane heat , nasty little thunderstorms ,living here is a test of my sense of humor ! to the Wendys at Dallas fort worth airport , a big shout out to you guys , the best double with cheese I ever ate was from you guys ,good service , fast , what a job ! I know it is not saying much but some people can really fuck up a burger!

Going back to El Asshole !

One week at home was not enough ! way to many things left undone , and now I am at Detroit metro waiting to fly into Dallas, I can't wait to leave there again ! and I'm not even there yet!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

WOW ,what a Mess!

The world is a fucked up place !
You have these Muslim Douchebags all around the world ,trying to impose their will upon everyone unlike them !
The DickTater running Darfur finally brought up on charges of Genocide! and China comes out in his defense?
China regularly detains and beats then imprisons And beats again , any citizen who speaks out against them !
Hear at home , we have some messed up shit going on , gas prices are higher ,and congress wont budge on opening some drilling ,ANYWHERE, I guess when you want to talk to all the terrorists and make nice ,you don't give a rats ass about who pays your wages ,yes you fucking retards work for the U.S. citizens , and I'm pissed off , that you wont listen to us!
I would like to Know when it became cool to tear apart the United States ?
Terrorists want to kill US, lets kill them first!
oil prices are high ,lets drill at home so we can break away from the scumbags of the middle east, while we are also exploring alternative fuels and resources!
Also put major restrictions and taxes on any company who does buisness outside the United States ,so they will bring the jobs back here where they belong !

our Government needs to pull its collective head out of it's Gigantic Ass, and listen to the people ,they do work for us , and we can fire them !

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Home for a week !

AH yes ! Back in Michigan , yes the economy sucks ass !yes I don't have a job here ,but when I come home and actually see trees ,its a beautiful thing! My wife and kids add to the beauty of being here !Texas may have work but , it ain't Home! 7 Acres of peace and quiet,and no sand ! I LOVE IT !

The shores of Lake Huron ,Pinconning Michigan, the only place to get real Cheese!

Schools out , Gwar style!

Finished my first class on Friday! Boy did it suck !
now a mere 6 weeks off before the next one ! FFS!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Heading Home!

It's been 6 weeks since I've been home !
I hate to fly !
I miss my wife and kids , and have way to much crap to do ! and not enough time to do it in ! it should be a good week at home!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

To my wife !

You ever here a song that puts your thoughts into words?
Ship of Fools!

Friday, July 4, 2008

our Independence!

As you sit and watch the Fireworks,think about the meaning of the day ! our Independence, Men that were smarter and greater than any of us fought for this !
we should not take it for granted ,we should appreciate it !
We should not let any man ,woman ,country, or religion ,take this away from us !
Stand up for it, cherish it ,and don't let anyone take it from you !