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Saturday, January 26, 2008

A homeless charity?

You know ,I understand my thought's are sometime's a little out there ! but I'm pretty logical in My thinking ! I watch a lot of new's programs { mostly fox } and the thing that bother's me is the commercial's ! I see alot of charity commercial's ,alot of them , allway's asking for money ! trying to get you to feel sorry for the poor little african kid's who need net's to stop ffrom being bitten by mosquito's while they sleep ! or the poor himalayan's who are beat down and need a school ! there's a damn charity for everything , all of these are outside the U.S. , not one for a charity inside the U.S.!!! Now I am a little calus when it comes to charity I believe alot of them are just there to make a buck for themselve's ! some do some good but really it's about how much they can make for themselve's ! A lot of charitie's want to push their religous belief's on the individual they are helping ! because they believe they are a better person than the one they are helping ! when you need help you dont really care about the religous aspects of the whole thing you just need help , capitalizing on the weak and down trodden through religion is dispicable ! sometimes people just need a hand getting back on their feet ! if the individual is a religous person then fine but if they are not then that's fine to ! they should not be looked at differantly because of their beliefs ! Now for my point ! why do these charitie's alway's go outside the U.S. to do their work ? sure it's a good thing , Im not against it , I just wonder why nobody help's the homeless people ?they have need's just like the people in africa ! what about the homeless children in the U.S.? its horrible to think about kid's living on the street's of detroit ! or any major city here ! why does nobody help them ? you never see a commercial begging for money to help the homeless people in the U.S. never ! To me thats just disgusting , this is why I am so down on religion , they just dont help out here , ( some do ,but most dont! ) I wonder if they think it is below them to help out the one's who live in their cities ? is it hard for them to deal with the one's that they can see? I would never help another country with their poverty problem's before I helped out here first ! To build a school in afganistan that the taliban will surely blow up with kid's in it ( maybe not now but ten years from now ? ) just does not make sense ! why not build a school to house the homeless children here ? why worry about chinese human right's violation's when they seem perfectly happy being kept down by their government ? when there are people on the street's here , It's cold in michigan right now ! why not help these people now ! IT is truly mind numbing to think about !. If I had the resources to do it I would build shelter's to help these people not some country that cant help themselve's ! help here first then when everyone who wants help has it ,then maybe help somewhere else ! not until then , It's just a thought !

Saturday, January 19, 2008

no license for you !

finally some sense out of michigan , no drvers license's for illegal's ! its about time someone makes some sense here ! it has gotten to the point of feeling beat down in this state , to much democrat influence ? alot of stupidity ! why would you hold back progress in a state that has the worst unemployment rate in the U.S. ? I dont know either , but they do it here ! giving licences to people that are not even citizens of this country , just is insanity , giving them health care is even crazier ,but they do that also . I pay alot of money to keep my insurance for a family of five , a illegal gets it for free ! with my tax dollars ! If I run out of insurance I cant get it for free ! I was born here {U.S.} why should they ? but they do , to many dems fighting for a vote ! thats how it happens , more and more welfare ! thats all they fight for. Entitlement,with my tax dollars , I say no more , turn them away they will go home and try it legally, no license , no insurance , no benifits of a real citizen , no nothing ! they will go home and try it legally ! maybe we can take things back like our construction jobs , yes we do like to do these kind of jobs ! I've been in the construction field for over twenty years , and now I have to worry about my job because of someone who does'nt even belong here yet ! not fair at all . Its a small start, but its a start maybe we will see some more of this kind of legislature that helps the U.S. citizens instead of hindering them to a point of extinction!!!

xbox 360

well finally have the damn thing figured out ! now my machine works like the fine tuned machine it was when it was new ! set the clock stupid ! thats the reason it would not save game progress . now Im back to playing games like crazy again !

Another child killing douchbag

In hawaii this time some F-TARD threw a small child off a freeway overpass to his death ! what a piece of shit ! I have one thing to say about this new trend of killing kid's one upmanship , KILL YOURSELF DOUCHEBAG! why kill a child ? kill yourself ,make everyone happy that you are gone ! If you hate life so much , just kill yourself , please,please, please , kill yourself , asswipe !

Friday, January 18, 2008

xbox 360

I just received my xbox 360 back from wherever microsoft has them fixed at ! yeah ! but boy am I still pissed ! apparently they dont give you your unit back ,they give you a different one , not a new one ! refurbished ! thats fine ,it still has mine and my sons gamer profile and all our acheivements on it but , you can no longer save a game on it ! my poor son after playing lego star wars for an hour or so lost all his progress due to this problem ! he'is pissed off ! so am I , if I have to send it back they better give me more than 1 free month of xbox live or I may have to switch to a ps3 !!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

what would you do with a killer?

I dont know what the hell is up with all these murderers lately ? especially the child killers ! douchebags throwing their kids off bridges ,burning them ,drowning them ! all sort's of new ways to do it ! shooting your kids because they want to blend in with society ," stupid islamic thing there"and now another murdering scumbag rapist on the loose ! its absolutly crazy anymore ! what would you do if you got ahold of a child killer ?alone ? I think I would beat there ass for awhile before I called the cops ! its a lot less than they deserve , if captured alive they get a trial and when found guilty they get the rest of their life behind bars ,in most cases. They should not be allowed to live after being found guilty ! I watched a great movie once called "Citizen x " a true story about a russian serial killer / pedophile , and the cop who's entire career it took to catch him, it was a long slow movie , but the ending was the best ever ! they showed the man who comitted 53 or so murders{ most of them little girls , it was the only way he could get off} standing in the court room , and they find him guilty ! next scene is him walking down a hall with a cop on either side of him , then they stop , open a door to a small tiled room with a drain in the middle of it and they show the look of absolute horrer on his face as they push him in the room ! next thing is the sound of a gun cocking and then firing ! right to a black screen ! In other country's they deal with murderer's differently! especially child killers ! why pay for them to live the rest of their lives in prison ? when a bullet is much cheaper !

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fixing immigration

Yes fixing immigration, sounds like fun doesn't it ! well it will be ,when we get to see the faces of millions of illegal aliens when they start pooping themselve's over the new law's of America ! I've never understood the left when they pitch a bitch over the immigration issue , except for the fact that they are for doing away with all jobs performed by Americans , isn't it obvious . They are consistantly saying that no Americans want to do these jobs ,what a crock , they only want all the illegals here so they will vote for them ! thats why they are constantly pandering to them , why else would they cower to a non American , votes ,votes ,votes , thats all its about , a simple vote , regardless of who its from or who they hurt in the process ! Selling their fellow Americans is what it is and they dont care ! So we must fix this problem ! its really easy , though politicians make it hard ! first and formost , untie the hands of the way to few border agent's ! yes you heard that right , let them do their job the way it was meant to be done , #1- capture and detain all persons caught entering the us at the border and deal with them acordingly ( document and deport ) #2 - let them shoot back ! yes , SHOOT BACK , in America we are allowed to defend ourselves against bad guys wanting to do us harm ! why not the border patrol ? they are subjected to violence against them everyday ( being hit in the head with a rock can kill you in case you didn't know ) I just saw a report on the news about how there are over 1000 attacks per year ! maybe if the border patrol were allowed to shoot the scumbags that perpetuate these attacks they might think twice before picking up another rock! #3 - cut off any and all funds that go to these people that think they are entitled to the same benifits as an american , in most cases they want more than what we get ! no money no help thats all they deserve ! #4 - put into effect a law that punishes (severely ) any company that hires an illegal alien ( people without a verifiable I.D. ) no jobs no reason to stay here ! #5 - create and enforce a national standard I.D. card for American citizens ( a drivers license when your of age ) and then a migrant workers card ( one that entitles them to nothing but a job and the right to pay taxes ) . I'm sure there is much more to add but really its simple , nobody has the right to give my tax money to a non citizen , and an illegal does not have the right to MY job , we dont need to round them up and send them back , a few simple common sense laws will do this for us , its cheap , cut off their resouces and they will go home , then they can do the paperwork they are supposed to do ! cut off their right to medical help ( unless life or death situation ) and no more born here stay here status they will go home ! p.s I work for a hispanic owned company , no I'm not a racist , I just want my country and job back !!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

crazy muslim party

An American pres' in a middle east country =PARTY! those crazy people are at it again ! just the thought of Bush going over there made me laugh , now they are starting to protest/party . it doesn't take much to set those idiots off , but it's a good laugh ! I just wonder what the final death toll will be ? it just makes me laugh anymore , every time they get a bug up their ass they are protesting , flush a koran =protest , draw a funny picture of mohamud = protest , tea time canceled =protest , it never get's old , I wish there was a way to tally all the people they have killed by protesting ,I bet we'd be shocked.... maybe not ! you would think they would learn that you should'nt kill your neighbor during protest time ! but there you go , my fault for thinking they can learn ! they havent in the past 1500 years , buncha ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008


This is what we are called ,by abunch of asswipes that live in the middle east , and here!, it doesnt hurt my feelings at all to be called an infidel , I kind of embrace it , it makes Me feel good to be something other than an asshole , but really who are these ass's that call us this? nobody ! nobody at all , they are a bunch of crazed religous people ,poor poor pathetic sheep ! radical muslim extremists, losers who cant deal with the real world so they are trying to change it by force ! well they can just suck it ! they dont have a word that describes the people that are like this ,only phrases, like, pieces of shit , major league douchebags !, waste of human and pig sperm, just to mention a few ,their are many more ! I will take infidel any day of the week , little do they know anyway, I myself will never submit to their's or any others rhetoric this whole religion of peace and love is just bullshit , just open your mind and your eye's at the same time ! it works for me ,I dont need a religion , I can do life by myself thank you very much !!! but still they want to kill me and you and everyone not like them , and then control the sheep to make happy ! WHAT A CROCK O SHIT!!! wake up and beat them back to their stoneage where they belong.

boating nimrods

how do you like those iranian numnuts that were efing with the U.S. navy in the persian gulf ? what are these guys thinking ? did they think they were gonna be able to do damage to those ships ,Ithink not ! intimidation ,yes ! really now , why would they be doing this ? they know they dont have a chance against a U.S. warship, its all just a test ,they are trying to see how far they can push us , probably not much farther than they just did ! hopefully the little mullah monkey's will wise up and stand down ! but if they do it again I think we might blow them out of the water !!! hey iran dont be an ASSHOLE!

attention whore's

what does brittany ,al queda , and the democratic party have in common ? there all attention whore's ! there absolutly digusting aren't they ! it makes you wonder what its all about , is al queda going to kill us or is brittany going to kill herslf , or are we going to end up with a president who will cower at the thought of terrorism ? ultimately killing us ! what the hell you going to do ? Im sickened every day I watch the news , you cant here squat about the good stuff because there talking about brittany and dr numnuts , or the numnuts running for pres ! there's alot more going on in the world ,like iran buzzing our ships in the persian gulf !!! but allI here is super tuesday, and hillary saying she's really for change , what a joke ! none of these assholes know what is going down in the real world , they all say there for the people when there not ,there for there own pockets ,or some special interest douchebag who has enough money to carry their dead ass's for years to come , what do they know about loosing there job , wondering how your gonna pay your mortgage ,if your gonna get a new job soon ,or is everyone just going to hire illegal alien's to do everything now ! give me a fucking break , they dont know shit , and they dont care . I cant wait till its all over then maybee things will normalize again . unless a democrat wins !!!!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

muslim douchebag

I hope they catch that bitch that wacked his own daughters ! maybe he will go for a gun and get shot in the balls by accident !! he deserves it ,as for any muslim that performs a so called honor killing , what a F 'd up cult that islum is ! squirm and burn asshole!!!

Red ring of death

o.k. I was fortunate enough ,1 week before xmas , to receive the red rings of death on my 360 that was not even 10 months old , total devastation, panic stricken I got online to find out what to do and after a week of trying I received a box to put my xbox in, pretty painless so far , I just sent it off today so hopefully it will be back soon ! they say about 4 weeks , ? , I hope so I am missing out on some sweet games ! now I'm down to playing my old xbox, pretty boring playing the same old games again!!!!!! sometimes life sucks !