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Friday, October 10, 2008

How do you like the global markets now?

So ,the global markets are tanking !,I hope something good comes of this ,fortunately for me I dumped my credit cards and other bills years ago ,A slimming down of bullshit I really don't need !
But a lot of people did not ,and that's where the problem lies !
All you people who got those insanely stupid Mortgages , with those big fancy cars and maxed out credit cards , your kinda fucked aren't you ?
The problem with a global marke is that when One collapses they all collapse ,as we are seeing now with the U.S, economy in the toilet , and other markets around the world going down with it !
Big corporations like the Big three are on the verge of Bankruptcy ,Because a lot of people can't buy a new car ( and A lot of people but foreign pieces of shit )and they are now saying that the" Global auto market will collapse in 2009" What the hell are you going to do ?
The big bailout will not help the little guy it will only help the big corporations and banks and we have already seen some abuse with the bailout plan ,AIG and their big party on the taxpayers dime is a perfect example of why a lot of people and corporations deserve the ass kicking they are taking in the market, I have never been to a posh resort ,even when I could afford it ( fucking Elitist's )
Always screw the little guy , the ones who actually put the economy on track ,that seems to be the motto of the Government! we do most of the work (hands on stuff ,the dirty stuff )we struggle along milling about our daily lives, we spend when we need to spend , and sometime s when we don't ! and now with our tax dollars we get to help the rich and the stupid , how about throwing us a fuckin bone ?
If the government really wants to help the economy they should have sided with common sense! settle the minds of the people who make this country work , not the retards who screwed it up !
bank bailout out ? O.K. how about dividing all the money spent on the banks between all the mortgage holders and reduce our mortgages by that amount ? that would have impressed me , but did they do anything like that? NO ! And they wont because we have to pay our bills we have to get ourselves out of our situations! the big rich corporations , Mommy And Daddy government will wipe their ASS'S again !
how disgusting can it get ?
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