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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Attention "Palestinian" Protesters !

O.K. All you fucking retarded protesters ! You all need to take a pill ! If you love the scumbags in the Gaza strip ,You need to go there ! and fight ( I mean die ) with them ! Don't sit here in the United states and talk your shit ! your Muslim faith WILL fail ! it's in the nature of your cult ! You are all evil , Stupid , disgusting Turd harvesters !
Get a fucking life ! Go to that shithole Gaza ! hope you like it there ! it's pretty filthy , Much like other Third world countries !
You all have shown your True colors at your Violent protests ! Very un-American Of you ! Just go there and help out ! I believe they need it !
You know there is nothing wrong with disagreeing with an issue but you jackass's are taking it to the extreme end of stupidity ! who the hell do you people think you are ! If you feel so strongly about this conflict , Grow some balls And go there and help out !

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