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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Five killed outside Juárez seafood restaurant

Over a hundred dead Already ! wow , the cartels are really pushing for another record year !
El Paso Times
A group of sport-motorcycle riders were shot and killed on Sunday night in front of a seafood restaurant in Juárez as the homicide total surpassed 100 deaths so far this year in the area.

The five men were found on the ground next to sport motorcycles at about 8 p.m. in front of La Gloria Beach restaurant on Avenida de la Raza, Chihuahua state police said. There were 54 bullet casings tallied by investigators.

The slain were indentified on Monday by state police as Marco Antonio Miranda Diaz, 37, Daniel Lopez Lopez, 27, Alejandro Prieto Gomez, 25, Isaac Chavez Cano, 25, and Marco Antonio Ramirez Medina, 25.

Violence has also been raging in other parts of the state of Chihuahua.

Over the weekend in Chihuahua City, five men believed to be from Juárez were slain when an estimated 100 shots from assault rifles were fired at their car, state police said.

Three of the victims were identified as Carlos Alejandro Gazon Duarte, 25, Cesar Orpinel Diaz and Francisco Javier Urias Ozuna, both 18. The other two men had not been identifed but were also believed to be residents of Juárez, police said.

And in the city of Camargo, more than 200 rounds shot up a recent-model pickup killing Mario Alberto Perez Flores, 20, and wounding another man whose name was not released, state police said.

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