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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hazmat Crews Scrambled in N.Y.

Hazmat Crews will be descending on Zucotti park in New York today to clean up the Hazardous material spill that has occurred there. Raw sewage drug paraphernalia, trash and a large number of Rats have made the park unsafe for humans.

A Hazmat spokesman said that as soon as the Rats are removed they will begin the cleansing of the wretched filth that covers the Park.

New York City police plan to evict the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters -- if only temporarily.
The protesters, who have camped out in a city park for more than three weeks, will be forced out Friday so that city crews can help clean the area.
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg visited Zucotti Park in lower Manhattan on Wednesday evening and made the cleaning announcement, citing sanitation concerns from the park’s owner, reports.
Brookfield Properties, the owner of the park, had outlined its concerns in a letter to the city’s police commissioner, Ray Kelly.

Brookfield also raised concerns about shipments of “materials” to the park, which they say are unscreened.

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