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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Who's Looking Out For You?

Not the Obamasiah or anyone within his administration that is for sure.
Solyndra , The Banks , Wasted money on shovel ready invisible jobs, what next?

The Country is in a deep recession, and the dumbocrat party is starting to back the losers who are skanking up New York With their Hippie stink and filth, the Unions are behind the hippies now too!
The Hand basket to hell is overloaded.

L.A. Times
A top fundraiser for President Obama was far more involved in the $535-million loan guarantee to now-bankrupt solar equipment maker Solyndra than the administration had previously disclosed, according to newly released emails.

Steven Spinner, a former Energy Department official, was supposed to be recused from the decision to select Solyndra to participate in the agency's $25-billion program to back loans for renewable energy projects because his wife's law firm represented the company.

Emails released late Friday by the White House indicated that while he did not weigh in on granting Solyndra its loan guarantee, he may have done more than simply monitor the progress of government aid to the Fremont, Calif., company, which fired 1,100 employees and closed its doors at the end of August and filed for bankruptcy protection a week later, leaving taxpayers as a major creditor.

Solyndra has since become the target of FBI probes and congressional investigations.

The emails also stoked concerns voiced by critics of the loan program that the Obama administration gave out guarantees without adequate due diligence in its effort to create jobs in the renewable energy industry.

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