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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Backwards politics and China!!!!!!

The political season always pushes me to the edge ! when I here that the two Candidates for the Presidency want to have a little circle jerk with China and Americans living in China!
Free trade is only free when it benefits both sides,What we have with China is not free or Fair!! it is you the United States ,While loosing all your manufacturing jobs to this Communist Country (China ) Will only be allowed to buy the inferior and tainted products of the previously mentioned communist country ! and you will like it ,that is all !!!!.
I say fuck these guys!, boycott their goods as much as possible ,yes it is hard ,but if you look hard enough you can get away from their cheap goods .
What better message to send than one of a broken economy,and hundreds of thousands of people without jobs ? Sound familiar ? That's what is happening here!!!!
help turn it around Boycott now !!!! see my other post at REPORT ON ARRAKIS

McCain, Obama call for closer U.S.- China relationship
BEIJING (AP) — John McCain and Barack Obama call for closer U.S.-Chinese cooperation on trade, the environment and nuclear proliferation in the upcoming issue of an American business group's magazine in an unusual effort to court voters abroad.

Neither candidate proposes specific initiatives, but both stress that the countries should work more closely to ease trade friction, combat global warming, improve military exchanges and block the spread of nuclear weapons to such countries as Iran and North Korea.

"A central challenge will be getting America's relationship with China right," McCain wrote in China Brief, the monthly magazine of the American Chamber of Commerce in China.

Said Obama: "We know that America and China can accomplish much when we recognize our common interests."

The magazine is due out Sept. 22, but the group provided advance copies of the one-page articles to The Associated Press.

It is the first time American candidates have been asked to write for the magazine, said Jim Ruderman, the group's spokesman.

The articles, aimed at American entrepreneurs in China, add to unprecedented efforts by presidential candidates to appeal to voters abroad. Both McCain and Obama visited Europe during the presidential campaign. They also give McCain and Obama an unusual chance to address Chinese leaders; the magazine is sent to about 1,000 Chinese officials, in addition to the group's 2,700 members, Ruderman said.

Neither campaign responded to requests for details of their efforts to court businessmen and other Americans abroad.

Trade and other ties with China have featured prominently in recent American elections but those issues have been overshadowed this year by Iraq and the slumping U.S. economy.

The groups asked the candidates in July to write about U.S.-Chinese relations after hearing little about them during the campaign, Ruderman said.

"We sensed there was a vacuum among our member companies and among business leaders in China, as well as Chinese officials, about what the two candidates thought about U.S.-China relations," he said.

In the articles, both candidates press Beijing for action on trade, currency controls and product piracy and to be more open about its fast-growing military spending. Obama also urges the communist government to improve its human rights record.

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