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Thursday, September 25, 2008

More problems in China

Now they are starting to recall more than milk! A new recall on White Rabbit candy is now the new problem , I'm sure that if they keep digging they will find more products tainted with Melamine ( stuff we should not be eating ) China is Having some denial problems in not coming forward and openly saying that there is a problem ! which is more of a reason To not by their products they seem to intentionally put defective products on the market just to make a buck and now it is causing the loss of life (that they will not admit to )

BEIJING (AP) — Food recalls expanded in Europe and Asia Thursday as an industrial chemical linked to the deaths of four babies turned up in candies and other Chinese-made exports that were quickly pulled from store shelves.

In China, authorities were pulling White Rabbit candy from shelves in Shanghai and the southern province of Hainan. They were the first public reports of domestic recalls of goods other than milk products and milk.

In Hong Kong, tests on White Rabbit showed it contained an "unsatisfactory" level of melamine of more than six times the legal limit, according to the government's Center for Food Safety.

There has been no public announcement of a nationwide recall of the candy from China's safety watchdog. A woman who works at the propaganda department of the quality body, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, said that she did not know of White Rabbit candy being recalled in China. She did not give her name, as is common with officials in China.

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