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Monday, September 8, 2008

Obama clings to narrow Mich. lead, poll says

I just hope that his lead slips away !
Barrack is out of touch like so many others in the Democratic Party!
Wanting to take away of our Gun's!
Wanting to talk with heads of Terror loving countries !
Wanting to tear down our Military
Just to name a few sore spots from Me!
But really I just hope Michigan realizes that Obama Lacks substance !
Change is Good , but not one that puts politics in a circle jerk with terrorist's
YOU CANT TAKE AWAY OUR GUNS!!! it is our right as Americans ,To keep and bear arms
punish the criminals not the people defending themselves!
The Military defends our freedom ,Support them ! fund them , give them what they want and need!

WASHINGTON – In the wake of the Republican convention, Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama appears to be clinging to the narrowest of leads in battleground Michigan.

Public Policy Polling of Raleigh North Carolina polled 1,147 likely Michigan voters over the weekend and found Obama holds a 47-46 edge over Republican nominee John McCain – well within the margin of error of three percentage points.

Is it a bounce from the convention or McCain’s surprising pick of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate? From the data, it appears that the Palin pick is clearly helping McCain in the race against Obama in Michigan – a state the Republican hopes to pick up in order to beat the Democrat.

Forty-five percent of respondents in the survey say they are more likely to vote for McCain thanks to the Palin selection (compared to 30 percent who said they were likely to back Obama for picking Delaware Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate). And accoridng to the polling company, the selection is actually bolstering support among Democratic men.

While 14% of self-identified Democrats in Michigan support McCain, the polling company says that group tended to include more middle-aged women before. Now, more than half – 61% -- are men, according to the poll. And 86% of all the Democrats supporting McCain say the Palin pick helps – as do 43% of independents (compared to 36% who say it makes them less likely to support McCain because of Palin).

And independents are a key in Michigan – possibly as much as a third of the electorate. Right now, according to the poll, they are up for grabs – where Obama once held a clear edge.

The poll shows independents split 42-42 with a huge chunk – 16% – undecided.

“There’s no doubt that the Palin choice shook up the race a good deal,” said Dean Debnam, PPP’s president. “The big question now is whether this tightening we’re seeing in Michigan is just part of a convention bounce or a sign that the state is going to be extremely competitive right through November. If it is, that spells trouble for Barack Obama.”

The Obama campaign responded to the poll saying, “Michigan is always a battleground, but as voters across the state hear from both candidates over the next two months it will become clear that this election is a choice between the Bush-McCain policies that have cost us jobs and Barack Obama’s plans to get our economy back on track. This election is about change verse more of the same, and Michigan is ready for change.”

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