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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Amusement Park Riot Over Muslim Head Scarves

You would not think that this would be happening here in the U.S., but there you go.

Muslims got Uppity and commenced to rioting in a New York Amusement park where there has been a ban on wearing headscarves on certain rides.

So why not start beating the shit out of people for it !

Islam the Religion of Ignorance of the Laws and rules Means it is O.K. for me to riot!

The Stir

Playland Amusement Park in New York was shut down Tuesday after a massive brawl broke out when Muslim visitors became angry after being told they couldn't wear head scarves on some of the rides.

The exact details of the incident vary (as you probably can imagine given the controversial nature of the dispute). But most reports say that the park was crowded with an estimated 3,000 Muslims celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr, a major Islam holiday at the end of Ramadan. The trouble began when women wearing Muslim hijab scarves tried to get on rides banning head coverings for safety reasons. The women said they were unaware of the safety regulations and asked for a refund. And that's when all hell broke lose ...

Members of the Muslim group began scuffling with park security officers; the police were called, the fight grew to 30 to 40 people, and, according to several witnesses, many Muslim visitors were hit, pushed to the ground, arrested, and handcuffed. All in all, two people were charged with felony assault, 13 people (including three women) were charged with disorderly conduct and assault, and two police rangers were injured. And, the park was forced to shut down for two hours because of the chaos.

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