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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gibson: Feds Want Guitar Woodwork Done by Foreign Labor

Think that the Obamasiah and his administration are for American Labor... Think again.
They would like to see Gibson Guitars outsource some of their woodwork, making them not a true American made Guitar.

Its Bullshit, being a Guitar player myself and having a descent collection of several guitars (9 right now) all from different countries, Japan , even China,
I know china blows but my Schecter Hellraiseris an amazing Guitar.
The thing is they all use some sort of exotic woods, Gibsons are known for their beautiful maple tops, my favorite fretboards are ebony, I can go online and purchase from anywhere in the world any exotic wood and make my own Guitar or whatever.

The feds, especially Eric Holder, should suck Gibsons Nuts and say he is very sorry for being an Asswipe.

I buy American Guitars for their Qualities, and the foreign ones for theirs, I don't want the feds telling me I can no longer purchase a pure American masterpiece like a Gibson !

Gibson Guitar Corp. is claiming the Obama administration wants more of its woodwork done overseas, as a bizarre battle heats up between the government and one of the country's most renowned guitar makers.

The dispute started in 2009, when federal agents raided the company over suspect wood shipments from Madagascar. Gibson took that case to court but has denounced the administration with a vengeance after agents returned late last month to raid several Gibson factories -- this time out of concern that Indian export laws had been violated.

Though some reports on the dispute have cited environmental concerns, court documents suggest the latest battle boils down to a simple, non-environmental question -- which country is working on the wood?

Gibson's CEO has said repeatedly that the only reason his company is in trouble is because U.S. workers are completing work on guitar fingerboards in the United States. In an interview earlier this week, CEO Henry Juszkiewicz claimed that the U.S. government even suggested Gibson's troubles would disappear if the company used foreign labor.

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