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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why I don't like Apple.

Nice stuff they make, Yes indeed
Very expensive compared to other high quality alternatives at a lesser price, You bet.

It is the attitude of Apple and to some extent their users, the never ending arrogance of the Apple corporation is a real turn off.

Apple can take all there tracking codes and their fake as police bullshit and shove it, I will stick with a wide variety of choices that are out there that allow me to do whatever I want with them.

Maybe Apple should send the ass raping police to its pathetic hipster,hippie douchbag employees house that set his iphone 5 down at a bar to go hook up in the bathroom with a prospective life partner.( no this is not what happened, it is my joke about it you know !)

Apple employees may have impersonated police when searching for lost iPhone

Well, this is sort of shady. You know that iPhone prototype that Apple lost (again)? It turns out that the "police" who visited "suspect" Sergio Calderón weren't police at all. They were Apple investigators. Yes, that is illegal.

Apparently the six investigators identified themselves as being from the San Francisco Police Department, and then proceeded to search Sergio's home and computers for any information regarding what's believed to be a lost iPhone 5. They also threatened him by asking him "Is everyone in this house an American citizen?" and said he was going to get into trouble. Everyone in his family is a legal citizen.

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