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Monday, September 19, 2011

Bomb Blast Targets Pakistani Police Official

Oppose those who kill in the name of their Religion and twisted beliefs and you too will be targeted for death, this is Islam.

Even woman and children do not escape the suicide bombers from the Taliban, so when are the people going to stand up against this? (they won't, they condone it)

Pakistani police say a suicide bomber has detonated a vehicle packed with explosives outside the house of a senior police official in Karachi, killing at least 8 people.

Officials say six of the eight killed Monday were police officers who were guarding the police official's residence. Authorities say a woman and a child were also killed in the explosion.

The targeted police official, Chaudry Aslam, survived Monday's attack.

Aslam is responsible for investigating militant groups in Karachi. He says he has received threats from Pakistani Taliban insurgents.

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