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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Baghdad bomb attacks kill at least 60

How nice!
Just goes to show that when left up to fending for themselves, Iraq cannot handle it!

Muslims cannot handle freedom and democracy!

Islam does not allow this, and this should show the world what Islam is truly all about!

We could have stayed in Iraq for ten more years and these asswipes would still lose their idiotic minds the day we leave!

Islam, the religion of complete and utter fucking morons!

A wave of at least 14 bombings ripped across Baghdad Thursday morning, killing at least 60 people in the worst violence in Iraq for months. The apparently coordinated attacks struck days after the last American forces left the country and in the midst of a major government crisis between Shiite and Sunni politicians that has sent sectarian tensions soaring.
The bombings may be linked more to the U.S. withdrawal than the political crisis, but all together, the developments heighten fears of a new round of Shiite-Sunni sectarian bloodshed like the one a few years back that pushed Iraq to the brink of civil war.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility. But the bombings bore all the hallmarks of al Qaeda's Sunni insurgents. Most appeared to hit Shiite neighborhoods, although some Sunni areas were also targeted. In all, 11 neighborhoods were hit by either car bombs, roadside blasts or sticky bombs attached to cars. There was at least one suicide bombing and the blasts went off over several hours.

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