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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Feds say 9 Mich. companies part of scheme tied to Hizballah

How nice.
No terrorist's here in Michigan, All Muslims are innocent in this State.

And if you believe that, you are an Idiot!

This is the reason why I will not trust Muslims and I do not patronize Muslim owned Businesses.

It is not because of any bullshit Islamaphobia, it is not because of any racism, it is because they can not be trusted; just look at what happened here, you may think you are just buying a car, but you end up helping to fund a terrorist group !

Eight car dealers in southeast Michigan, along with a Redford Township-based transport company, are part of a $480-million money laundering scheme tied to Mideast terrorist group Hizballah, federal prosecutors said.

According to a federal lawsuit filed in New York City, Oussama Salhab, the owner of Cybamar Swiss, the Redford Township transport company, "is a Hizballah operative" who was part of an effort to funnel part of the proceeds from car sales to the Lebanese group.

A manager at Cybamar said Friday that the owner was not available to comment.

The suit seeks the forfeiture of the assets of Cybamar. In addition, federal officials sought the forfeiture of used car dealerships in Detroit, Dearborn Heights, Lansing and Redford Township that sold vehicles whose proceeds may have ended up going to Hizballah.

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