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Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim Jong Il, North Korea’s ‘Dear Leader,’ dies, leaving son as successor

Not so ronry anymore, but so Dead.
Kimjung Il has finally kicked the bucket and his son will be taking over as the new dear leader.
Watching the news today of Kim's death it was funny seeing the people of North Korea trying to be serious as they cried in front of the cameras, it was hard to tell if they were seriously upset; or seriously ecstatic over his death.

It is hard to believe that his people will miss him.

But now they have his son to look forward too.

Washington Post
Kim Jong Il, the North Korean leader who threatened the world with his nuclear weapons ambitions and suppressed his own people with imprisonment and isolation, left in the wake of his death Saturday an antiquated country with a power vacuum.

Kim’s death raises immediate questions about the future — and the stability — of perhaps the world’s most isolated state, which for six decades has been held together by the Kim family personality cult. Kim was deified by state media, described as the “Dear Leader.” A weeping television anchor Monday told North Korea of Kim’s death.

Security analysts and officials from Seoul to Washington have long believed that Kim’s death would double as a pivot point on the Korean Peninsula. But that poses a threat of its own, as North Korea tries to pass power to Kim’s youngest son, Kim Jong Eun, who is in his 20s.

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