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Monday, December 26, 2011

Suicide car bombing kills 7 in Iraq

So for those of you that thought that everything would be normal after the U.S. Military pulled out of Iraq (Mainly because that is what the radical Islamists said) You were all wrong!

The Violence will continue, Al Qaida will rise again along with even more radical clerics to be thrown in the mix; And Iraq will fall into absolute Turmoil.

It is the Islamic way, you can take out their dictators but they will be replaced by even worse individuals.

CBS news
A suicide bomber set off a car bomb Monday at a checkpoint leading to the Iraqi Interior Ministry, killing seven people and injuring 32 others, officials said.
The attack followed a series of bombings last week that killed up to 70 people in a single day, increasing fears about Iraq's future after U.S. troops withdrew this month.

Two police officers said the bomber struck during morning rush hour, hitting one of many security barriers set up around the ministry's building. Five policemen were among the dead, they said.

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