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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Afghanistan: Attack on Logar hospital kills 15

Of course and as usual the Taliban denies that this was them, Civilians were killed and the Taliban says they do not kill civilians.
They say it was someone with an agenda! Like the Taliban does not have an agenda.

Either way this is another case of Muslims Killing Muslims.

Islam, the religion of,If we don't kill you at your Bus stop or on the streets of a market, we will kill you in the Hospital!

At least 15 people have been killed in a car bomb attack at a hospital in Afghanistan's Logar province, local officials say.

Dozens more were hurt in the blast, some critically. Most of the casualties were civilians.

Militants often target Afghan state employees as well as foreign forces.

Officials blamed the Taliban, but a Taliban spokesman said it did not attack public places, adding the blast was caused by "someone with an agenda".

Provincial official Din Mohammad Darwaish said the death toll could well increase as there were people buried under rubble.

A large number of people had been gathering at the clinic, in Azra district, for weekly treatment, many of them women and children, he said.

"The target of the blast is not clear but what is obvious is that a hospital was attacked and civilians were killed," he said.

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