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Friday, June 24, 2011

Google facing US antitrust probe

No surprise here, the Google spy network is known for their tactics of redirection and acquiring personal information.
Nothing will come of this though, Google is too big too do anything about and and the FTC... just a little bit too ignorant and blind to see anything.

So a big waste of taxpayer dollars to find out what we all know, and ultimately do nothing about.

US federal regulators are preparing to issue court orders to Google and other companies as part of a probe into practices in Google's search engine business, US media report.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is expected to open a formal inquiry within the next several days, the Wall Street Journal said.

The FTC is looking at whether Google manipulates its search results to steer users to its own sites and services.

Google has not commented on the matter.

Google's competitors argue that the search giant, which handles roughly two out of every three internet searches in the US, has used its dominant standing in search to improperly promote its other products, like mapping, shopping and travel websites.

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