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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Weiner Has Been Exposed.

Exposed as a Lying little bitch, But he will not resign he says.
That's typical of a liberal ass clown to do something like this and then stand back and say , well I apologized so forget about it.

Sorry Dick, it ain't going away that easy.

Rep. Anthony Weiner faces an uncertain political future after the married New York Democrat admitted Monday in a stunning, nearly half-hour news conference that he had conducted "inappropriate" and sometimes explicit exchanges with six women he met online over the past three years.

Weiner apologized, saying he is "deeply ashamed," but has no plans to resign.

Yet the House leader from his own party, Nancy Pelosi, publicly called for an ethics investigation into Weiner's actions, and even if he were to be cleared of wrongdoing in such an inquiry, it remains to be seen whether voters from his New York City district will re-elect him to an eighth term in 2012.

Weiner expressed hope that he could win back the trust of his constituents.

"This was me doing a dumb thing and doing it repeatedly and then lying about it," Weiner said. "And that's all there is."

Weiner had claimed for days that his Twitter account had been hacked after a close-up underwear photo intended for a female college student in Seattle was posted publicly. That was a lie, he said Monday, explaining that he had "panicked" and created the story to conceal his actions.

Weiner said he takes "full responsibility" for his actions. "I have made terrible mistakes that have hurt the people I care about the most and I'm deeply sorry," Weiner said, as he proceeded to detail a host of indiscretions, though he said he never met in person with the women he contacted online and by phone.

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