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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Teen Survives Being Shot, Dangled From Bridge in Mexico

The luckiest man in Mexico today, he was tortured shot and then hanged from a highway overpass.
to bad he needs to go into hiding immediately before the cartel catch up with him in the hospital and finish the job.
They are still saying that it is about 35,000 dead in the cartel wars, but it is very close to 40,000, 35,000 does not sound as bad.

MONTERREY, Mexico -- A kicking, screaming teenager with a gunshot wound was found dangling from a rope over a busy highway Wednesday in the northern Mexico city of Monterrey. Police said another man alongside him was dead by the time rescuers arrived and a third was found dead below.

Witnesses told police a group of gunmen descended from a vehicle and hanged the men off a bridge around 10 a.m., stopping traffic along one of the busiest routes in Mexico's third-largest city, which has been plagued by drug-gang violence.

All three of the men had been shot and tortured, and their hands were bound with duct tape, according to a Nuevo Leon state police investigator who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the case.

The dead man, estimated to be in his early 20s, dangled lifelessly in a blue shirt and plaid shorts. Bound in his hands was bound a cellphone, a possible sign that he was considered an informant.

Police said none of the victims had been identified.

Two other men, one with a foot cut off, were hanged by their necks from a pedestrian bridge Sunday in Monterrey. Both died.

The city has seen a spike of violence since the Gulf and Zeta cartels began fighting for control of drug traffic there two years ago.

In the Pacific resort of Acapulco, police unearthed the bodies of two women and eight men in a mass grave Wednesday, officials said. Acapulco also has been the scene of bloody cartel turf battles.

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