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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

China aircraft carrier confirmed by general

The Chinese have an old Russian aircraft carrier the are remodeling.
Big deal, what is anyone going to do about it.
If they are this far along in their quest to build the biggest military in the world and they are just now getting their first aircraft carrier and one that they did not build in the first place, there is not much to worry about.
I'd say they are still a little behind the U.S Navy, we currently have 11, we built them all by ourselves.


The head of China's General Staff of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) has confirmed that China's first aircraft carrier is under construction.

Gen Chen Bingde refused to say when the carrier - a remodelled Soviet-era vessel, the Varyag - would be ready.

A member of his staff said the carrier would pose no threat to other nations.

The 300m (990ft) carrier, which is being built in the north-east port of Dalian, has been one of China's worst-kept secrets, analysts say.

Gen Chen made his comments to the Chinese-language Hong Kong Commercial Daily newspaper.

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