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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pakistan army officer held for 'links with extremists'

One down, several dozen to go.
Pakistan or should we say Muslim countries are never to quick at getting to the bottom of the obvious, to many issues in the way.
Taqiya,Islam itself, the many goats,prayers five times a day, and the fact that most of these jackass's are considered good Muslims!
They considered Osama Bin Lade a good Muslim.
So how are they supposed to find the corrupt ones in the Military when they can't see the fact that the Taliban are bad guys and Military officers working with the Taliban are the bad guys too.

Islam the Religion of Stupidity.

A senior officer serving in Pakistan's army has been detained for alleged contacts with banned extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Brig Ali Khan is being interrogated by military intelligence, the army says.

"We follow a zero tolerance policy of any such activity within the army," a military spokesman said.

Brig Khan, serving at Pakistan's military headquarters in Rawalpindi, was detained last month. His family say he is innocent.

The brigadier is one of the most senior serving officers accused of links with extremists in Pakistan in recent years.

"He is under detention and an investigation is in progress for his contacts with a proscribed militant organisation," military spokesman Maj Gen Athar Abbas told BBC Urdu's Asif Farooqi.

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