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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christian call to prayer riles Muslims

Typical of radical Muslim loving Muslims. Dawud (I'm a real douchebag) Walid, would rather not see a christian prayer gathering in Dearbornistan especially one that addresses some of the problems in the area and the world.

If you have a pulse and you refuse to see what is happening in the world you might be a Douchebag too ! It takes a minimal amount of time to watch the news to see that in the Islamic World; their is some problems, it is painfully obvious.

Just look at all the firebombings, suicide attacks, Suicide bombings...

For Duhwud to deny this and get his panties in a bunch and call for all Mosques to elevate their security instead of joining the Prayer gig, and speaking out against the Violence in Detroit and the world that is carried out by bad people regardless of their beliefs; is nothing short of pure Ignorance.

Dearborn — The local head of a national Muslim civil rights group says a Christian prayer summit to be held at Ford Field next week promotes anti-Muslim sentiment and is warning local mosques to step up their security.
Dawud Walid, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations — Michigan, met Wednesday with Muslim activists to voice his concern over the rhetoric he fears could be at the center of the event Nov. 11.
"There's a bigger force or movement behind this prayer summit and how they're literally demonizing Muslims," he said.
But Metro Detroit pastors involved in the event say the gathering is merely meant to help Detroit, not target Muslims.
"I don't know anything about that," said Bishop Edgar Vann of Second Ebenezer Church. "People are coming here to pray for our city and that's what I'm concerned about. Christians will be praying, but it's open to anyone."

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