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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More than 50 killed in Syria in 1 day

Pres, Assad has no intentions of stepping down, he is perfectly content with the struggle that has developed in Syria; and with killing whoever stands in his way.

50 here a dozen there, ever wonder how many Muslims in total are killed everyday?

A wave of violence killed more than 50 people in Syria in one day, many of them Syrian soldiers who came under attack from army defectors, activists said Tuesday.

The unrest in Syria is escalating as President Bashar Assad comes under mounting pressure — not only from the West but from his Arab neighbors, as well.

The U.N. estimates the regime's military crackdown on dissent has killed 3,500 people in the past eight months. November is shaping up to be the bloodiest month of the uprising, with more than 250 Syrian civilians killed so far, activists say.

Although activists say the uprising has remained largely peaceful, with street protesters calling for the regime's downfall, an armed insurgency also has developed in recent months targeting Assad's military and security forces.

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