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Monday, November 28, 2011

Occupy L.A, you want us to leave? we gonna Party instead.

"Until the grievances of the 99 percent are addressed to end corporate control of the system, the government and the media, Occupy LA will be here exercising our 1st Amendment rights,"
Yeah and they are going to put some dumbass smelly hippie like you in charge!

Oh these people just do not get it, life is not a party all the time; but they think it is. How about contributing to society like everybody else, instead of leeching off of it.

LOS ANGELES - Wall Street protesters in Los Angeles defied the mayor's early Monday deadline to vacate their encampment near City Hall, with about 1,000 demonstrators flooding into the area as the village of hundreds of tents remained standing as it has for nearly two months.
A celebratory atmosphere filled the night outside City Hall and the encampment near it: a group of protesters on bicycles circled the block, one of them in a cow suit, while organizers led chants with a bull horn.

"The best way to keep a non-violent movement non-violent is to throw a party, and keep it festive and atmospheric," said Brian Masterson.

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