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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Deaths at Occupy Camps Bring Pressure for Shutdown

With yet another death, these asswipes are now being told to leave.

And they should, acting like a spoiled rotten little brat is not the way to be heard.

These Fleabaggers have turned into a bunch of losers and rejects who are doing nothing short of terrorizing normal life for hundreds of thousands of people who do what they are supposed themselves and pay their bills.

Things will get worse.

Oakland police handed out eviction notices at an anti-Wall Street encampment and officials elsewhere urged an end to similar gatherings as pressures against Occupy protest sites mounted in the wake of three deaths in different cities, including two by gunfire.

Police first pleaded with and then ordered Occupy Oakland protesters to leave their encampment at the City Hall plaza where a man was shot and killed Thursday.

Officers acting at the direction of Mayor Jean Quan distributed fliers to protesters late Friday afternoon warning that the camp violates the law and must be disbanded immediately. The notices warned campers they would face arrest if tents and other materials were not removed, although the warnings did not say by when.

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