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Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Jersey Father, Pakistan 'Honor Killing'

Members of Naurin's family were unhappy about her marriage to Rehman, a friend of the couple told the newspaper. Naurin was married previously, but her first husband committed suicide. Naurin subsequently refused to enter an arranged second marriage with her dead husband's brother.

Can the U.S. even do anything about this? I don't know if that kind of cooperation is there between Pakistan and the U.S..
And I think Pakistan probably does not even care that these two were killed, it was an Honor killing you know, Justified in Islam!


A New Jersey resident whose daughter and son-in-law were gunned down while on a trip to Pakistan was named as the chief suspect in their deaths.
Muzaffar Hussain is suspected of murdering his New York native daughter Uzma Naurin, 30, and her husband, Saif Rehman, 31, in an "honor killing," the Daily Mail reported.
Naurin and Rehman were shot dead Nov. 1 when their car was ambushed near the northeastern Pakistan city of Gujrat. The car's driver and several other passengers were uninjured.

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