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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Iran moved nuclear material to bunker

Of course, it is what the Iranians do; hide stuff, lie, build nukes, lie...

No one should be surprised by this report, the signs have been their for a long time.
Diplomacy will not stop Iran, Sanctions have obviously done nothing; so what next?


Iran has started moving nuclear material to an underground facility for the pursuit of sensitive atomic activities, a U.N. nuclear agency report showed, a development likely to add to Western suspicions Tehran is trying to build a weapon.

The International Atomic Energy Agency document also said Iran had continued to stockpile low-enriched uranium (LEU) and one prominent U.S. think-tank said it had enough of the material for four nuclear weapons if it refines it further.

The information that Iran last month moved a "large cylinder" with LEU to the Fordow subterranean site was included in the U.N. body's most comprehensive report yet pointing to military aspects of Tehran's nuclear program.

The main finding in the IAEA report, which was leaked on Tuesday, was that Iran appeared to have worked on designing a nuclear warhead and that secret weapons-relevant research may continue.

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