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Monday, January 2, 2012

Al Qaeda, Taliban Call on Pakistani Militants to Join Clashes in Afghanistan

So who the hell has the U.S. been talking to?

And why the hell is the Obummer administration toying with the idea of releasing Taliban commanders and other Taliban rejects from Gitmo?

Some more Islamic Appeasement from the dipshits in charge I guess.

Prominent Al Qaeda and Afghan Taliban fighters asked Pakistani militants in a pair of rare meetings to set aside their differences and step up support for the battle against U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan, militant commanders said Monday.

The meetings were held in Pakistan's tribal region in November and December at the request of the Afghan Taliban's leadership council. They could indicate the militants are struggling in Afghanistan, or conversely, that they want to make sure they hit U.S. forces hard as the Americans accelerate their withdrawal this year. That could give the Taliban additional leverage in any peace negotiations.

"For God's sake, forget all your differences and give us fighters to boost the battle against America in Afghanistan," senior Al Qaedacommander Abu Yahya al-Libi told Pakistani fighters at a meeting on Dec. 11, according to a militant who attended.

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