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Friday, January 13, 2012

US marines identified in urination video likely to face court martial

This is total Bullshit!

Islamic rejects have cut of the heads of american prisoners when they have had the chance, these same type of islamic rejects that were pissed on have also been responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent Muslim men and women, thrown acid in the face of young girls who just want to go to school(and held them down while the acid did its job of painfully eating their skin away!

Yeah Pissing on these pieces of shit probably was not a smart thing to film, doing it: I agree with, they deserve nothing less!

But just remember Daniel Pearl, I don't know how many of you have seen the Video of his beheading: it was life changing, the sounds of the poor man drowning in his own blood as his head was slowly sawed off will ever haunt me!

So yeah, Islamic fuckwads like the the Taliban and Al Qaida deserve nothing more from our men in Uniform, If it were me I would have pooped on them too!
Four US marines identified by the military as the soldiers filmed urinating on corpses in Afghanistan are likely to face a court martial after an American military commander said such actions are a "grave breach" of the laws of war.

The Naval Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) has interviewed two of the soldiers featured in the video laughing and making snide remarks as they urinated on the bloodied bodies of three Afghan men, who have not been identified. It is not clear if the men were members of the Taliban.

In attempt to dampen the growing diplomatic storm around the abuse, the commanders of US forces in Afghanistan on Friday ordered American troops to treat the bodies of killed enemies and civilians with "appropriate dignity and respect".

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