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Saturday, January 21, 2012

What Is Going On?

No I have not been protesting the SOPA And PIPA But I am glad that the Morons trying to destroy the Internet have pulled their heads out of each others ass's and scrapped their plans for now (I'm sure they will Be back).

Everything is a bit upside down, I now work third shift, Full Time, and am a full time student, full time husband and a full time Father( or asshole depending on which kid you ask) free time is pretty much non existent.

Work is necessary, I am glad to have a job, school also necessary, I hate my job and would like a better one. the family life well that is always a struggle.

I am getting down to the last few classes in my degree(Networking) they are pretty involved and hardcore, if any of you have ever been into networking you may well understand, I have Had it up to my eyeballs with subnetting and TCP/IP, not to mention network design and analysis.

Either way, it is what it is, I have no free time.

So i will be blogging on a more limited basis, more link dumps than anything, but I will still post a few things here and there.

That is about it, that is what is going on.

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