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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Arab League turns to U.N. as Gulf observers quit Syria

This is funny stuff here.

Syria is killing its people at will, the monitors (not peace keepers) are quitting there observations because Syria will not heed the warnings.

They can not get an Arab solution that they are requesting, so now the U.N.

This all means that Muslim dictators are allowed to indiscriminately kill whoever they want and nobody can control them. And now they are ensuring the continuation of the killings by taking it to the U.N.. (Useless Nitwits)

And really, Nobody else in the world seems to care.

(Reuters) - Gulf Arab states withdrew their observers from Syria on Tuesday after it rejected an Arab League plan for President Bashar al-Assad to surrender power, prompting the group's chief to call for U.N. help in ending Syria's bloody upheaval.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem accused the League of plotting to engineer foreign intervention. Thousands of civilians and members of security forces have been killed in the 10-month-old uprising against Assad.

Despite Syria's anger, Moualem agreed to extend by a month the mission of the remaining Arab League observers who are monitoring implementation of a plan to end the bloodshed. But he scornfully rejected the League's latest proposal.

"Definitely the solution in Syria is not the solution suggested by the Arab League, which we have rejected. They have abandoned their role as the Arab League and we no longer want Arab solutions to the crisis," Moualem said.

"Heading to the Security Council will be the third stage in their plan, and the only thing left is the last step of internationalization," he told a news conference in Damascus.

"They can head to New York or to the moon. So long as we are not paying for their tickets it is none of our concern."

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