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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Link Dump.

Hong Kong Freezes Megaupload Assets ( Scary now that the U.S. is trying to enforce our laws in Other Countries)(Leave it to the Obamasiah and his minions)

Nigeria violence: Many dead after Kano blasts (yep, more upity muslims killing innocent people)(Is it me or does it seem like the Muslim world would like to commit Genocide against all the people of the world unlike them?)

Taliban say Afghan soldier who killed French troops was a recruit. ( more reason to kill every Taliban member in the world instead of suck them off and talk peace with them, Get a clue Obama)

As Obama delays controversial Keystone oil pipeline, vast network of pipelines already in place ( One more reason that Pres. Obama Is a two faced lying s.o.s that is not good for the country)

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