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Monday, August 22, 2011

Assad Warns Against Military Invervention in Syria

I don't believe anyone wants to intervene in Syria, it is a shame what is going on but if there was going to be an intervention we would have heard talk of one by now; not just BS about sanctions.


Syrian President Bashar Assad said Sunday his regime was in no danger of collapse and warned against any foreign military intervention in his country as the regime tries to crush a 5-month-old popular uprising.

In his fourth public appearance since the revolt against his family's 40-year rule erupted in mid-March, Assad insisted that security forces were making inroads against the uprising.

"It may seem dangerous ... but in fact we are able to deal with it," he told state-run TV in a 40-minute interview. It was the first time he has agreed to take any questions, although the state-owned network is a mouthpiece for the regime.

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