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Monday, August 15, 2011

BART external website hacked by anonymous protesters

Is it starting here now too?
provoking unrest in the streets seems to be an outside the U.S. type thing, but it may be starting here.
An anonymous hacker group's threat to shut down the BART website did not happen at the promised hour Sunday, but the group hacked into an external BART website that has more than 50,000 email subscribers and posted its logo on the home page.

Transit officials said they will close down the MyBart website, which is run by an external vendor, and inform all the members that their names, phone numbers and email addressed may have been compromised.

The transit agency remained on alert and was also working to thwart plans by protesters to disrupt the Monday afternoon commute at the Civic Center station in downtown San Francisco.

"We're making preparations to try to prevent any unsafe conditions on the platform," said BART spokesman Jim Allison. "I'm not going to discuss any specifics, other than to say we're preparing."

In a video manifesto posted Sunday, an international computer hacking group that calls itself Anonymous or AnonyOps instructed Bay Area residents to wear red shirts, masks and bring cameras to a planned protest at 5 p.m. Monday.

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