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Monday, August 1, 2011

Fresh Uighur clashes in China leave 11 dead

Ah the Chinese are having a hissy fit again, the Uighers (Muslims) are just not happy with the way things are, so they gonna change it.

Not to worry though, the all powerful Chinese Government will take care of anybody creating a problem on the streets.

The Independent
Police shot dead four people yesterday in the far north-west of China, b to 11 the death toll in a weekend of violence in one of the country's most troubled ethnic regions.

The four died during clashes that injured more than 10 people in what the state-run Xinhua News Agency called "an eruption of violence" in Kashgar. On Saturday, seven people were killed and 22 injured in the same Silk Road city...

On Saturday night, two knife-wielding men hijacked a lorry in the city, killing the driver. They then reportedly rammed the vehicle into a crowd before getting out to attack people in the street. People who came under attack retaliated, and one of the suspects was killed and the other caught, an official said. The hijackers' identities and motive were unclear. Seven people, including the suspect, died and 22 were injured.

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