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Friday, August 5, 2011

Dozens die, thousands flee tank assault

Ramadan is a peaceful time for Muslims, a celebration, fasting throughout the day and partying at night.
What better way to celebrate ramadan than with tanks, firing live rounds into crowds and running people over, then gather the bodies and dump them in the river.

Islam the Religion Of Peace and Compassion.

Warning Graphic video of Bloddy bodies being dumped in a river.

Calgary Herald
Syrian troops killed at least 45 civilians in a tank assault to occupy the centre of the esieged city of Hama, an activist aid on Thursday, seeking to crush n uprising against President Bashar l-Assad's rule.

Thousands of civilians were fleeing the city, a bastion of protest against 41 years of Assad family rule surrounded by a ring of steel made up of troops with tanks and heavy weapons.

Electricity and communications have been cut off and as many as 130 people have been killed in a fourday military assault since Assad, from Syria's minority Alawite sect, sent troops into the city on Sunday, residents and activists say.

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