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Monday, August 1, 2011

Link Dump

I'm glad to say I will going back to work today, Not in construction anymore but in the auto industry.
But the sucky thing about it is how it will upend my schedule, School starts back up for me in three weeks, for the next three weeks I will be working days, on the same day school starts I will be sent to second shift...
No big deal right, wrong, To finish My degree, my classes are only offered at night, a major conflict to say the least.

So back to the academic adviser, no luck with that guy.

So I must change schools with only 5 classes to go !

So as such it is, posting may seem a bit odd, a lack of sleep, and serious stress will be on my plate till I get settled into a new job and shitty ass Classes like Fu**ing Algebra ( I hate Math ) because it is one of the only shitty classes I can take for now.

Despite Western Sanctions Against Syria, U.N. Quietly Extends Development Aid to Country
Man Apparently Drunk Gored to Death After Provoking Bull

4 Shot After George Clinton Concert(A unity in the Park Concert)

Bomb kills 11 at police HQ in southern Afghanistan

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