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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

U.N. tells Syria to Stop It , you are not being very nice !

Yep, real tough words from the U.N., telling Syria that they are not playing very nice by killing all their citizens just for speaking out.

Syria will most certainly stop the bloodshed now...

The Christian Science Monitor

The United Nations Security Council overcame deep divisions Wednesday to unanimously approve a statement condemning “widespread violations of human rights and the use of force against civilians by the Syrian authorities.”

Expressing its “grave concern at the deteriorating situation in Syria,” the 15-member council stopped short of mandating any specific action by the international community to address the crisis. But it did call on Syrian authorities to grant full and unimpeded access to international humanitarian and human-rights agencies.

The council’s action took the form of a “presidential statement,” which is a step below a resolution. A resolution usually contains specific actions – like sanctions or authorization for outside intervention.

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